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Boost your viewers retention rate by turning those boring and overwhelming data into story-driven videos with animated videographics.

The Right Tools for The Right Tasks

Get Complex Data Across

Delivering statistical data in a visually interesting way is quite tricky. You need to get those numbers relations across effectively while making sure that you do not overwhelm your audiences at the same time. Videographics are an engaging visual representation of compiled data that is put forward in a graphically appealing and easy-to-understand way.

Retain Audiences Better

Gone are the days where audiences have to scroll through a whole batch of data and statistics to get to the juicy bits. Videographics combine both stunning visuals and intriguing audio elements to tell the audience story-driven messages. This storytelling method encourages them to digest the data better.

How You Can Use It?

A well-crafted videographic provides the audience with valuable information while entertaining them at the same time. It is a short, informative type of video that helps your audience digest your reports or statistical numbers better in a matter of minutes. You can use kinetic typography animation to bring those data to life in a way text or static images can’t.

Benefits of Using Videos for Your Brand

Visualize Complex Data

Videographics typically translate poll and survey data beautifully into animations. Not only does it become a highly compelling visual that will get people’s attention, but also makes information much easier to interpret.

Enhance Audience Understanding

In the digital age, audiences definitely want to pick something that’s simple and quick to consume. Videographics are well-known for their conciseness to deliver data-driven messages effectively within minutes. This, as a result, will increase audience retention.

Sell Without Being Salesy

Videographics are engaging and make your audience listen to what your brand speaks. Through story-driven narrative, it aims to offer them information and data they need, making them feel comfortable and valued while interacting with your brand.

Evoke Emotions

With animations, videographics offer a lighthearted way to elicit the emotional responses you want to evoke from the audience. Thus, it would be much easier for you to communicate an array of feelings so you can connect with your audience emotionally.

Encourage More Shares

Videographics are extremely easy to share across multiple platforms, from your website to social media profiles. When your audiences find your videographics informative and worth sharing, they will immediately share them with their friends and family.

Create Top-In-Mind Awareness

You can create a good impression for your audiences using professional-looking videographics. The information you tell through visuals will stay in the minds of your customers for longer and result in better brand recall.

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