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White Label Video Service: Breadnbeyond Partnership Services

Whether you are an internet marketing agency, SEO expert, web developer, or fellow explainer video producer who running white-label video production, we would love to partner with you, as we have done with many agencies around the world.

Together, we’ve produced numerous outstanding explainer videos which tell a story about different kinds of businesses under the sun.

When you partner with Breadnbeyond you own and market the video, we will not promote, publish, or use any of those animated videos on our website.

Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy With Whitelabel Video Service

Why You Should Work With Us?

Hassle Free Production

You can enjoy your time with your clients while our team works for you behind the scene. No need to spend thousands on recruiting animators and training them. We take care of them so you can relax.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you're just starting up and are shooting for 1-2 explainer videos a month, or a dozen of explainer videos per week. We are ready to help you with our solution.

Yes, we need your help and expertise!

Fixed Price

We will provide you a set of fixed pricing guidelines, that's it. No hidden costs.

Quick Start

Your videos start immediately upon signing a contract. Need to get started with 3 videos in parallel? No worries, our team is always prepared to scramble.

Sounds easy! Let's do this!

Dedicated Account Manager

We assign an Account Manager to help you with all your needs, from production to after sales service. We are always ready to help you, email, phone, conference call, you name it.

100% Original Works

All characters, backgrounds and animations are custom made for you. You don't need to worry your client will found out the template you are using, because we don't use any.

Let's go. What's next?

Responsible in Quality Control

You can get directly involved in correcting quality. We implemented limited revisions that you can use. Get your videos until you find it awesome.

No Label, Branding Flexibility

White label services allow your business to customize the explainer video service with your own branding and logo. It gives you flexibility to promote the offering as their own.

Sounds easy! Let's do this!

Why Explainer Videos?

Add value to your own business, create videos that tell stories and help your client grow bigger.

A stream of additional income from existing clients. Explainer videos are easy upsell because of their ROI.

As attention span is shrinking, explainer videos always gets more love than a plain wall of text.

Example of Our Video Works

Advanced Cartoon Video

Watch video of AmTrust Claim

Advanced Infographic Video

Watch video of Infinera 800G

Premium Motion Graphic Video

Watch video of Plutus

Advanced Whiteboard Video

Watch video of LSC

Line Art Animation Video

Watch video of OFS CPA

3D Explainer Video

Watch video of Vapotherm

Premium Cartoon Video

Watch video of KeyOpp

Advanced Screencast Video

Watch video of ACCELQ

How Can We Help Your Business?

We offer a white label services for your agency. You communicate with the client at all times, and we will do all the heavy lifting to ensure you deliver quality work, in time. Watch your revenue grow while your expenses stay flat.

We also offer an express delivery option for a very reasonable fee. If you need to, our team is can handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Please understand that you should not ‘borrow’ our portfolio without any prior consent. Doing so and placing it on your website may create problems and confusion for our past clients, and that is certainly something that we would not like to happen. how we can help you.

Yes, I'd like to be a partner.

White Label Video: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer special rates for resellers?

Yes. Our white label partners are eligible for a special discount off our regular pricing, as long as we receive enough video projects to justify the discount. Let’s talk and see what we can do.

Can you send me examples of your videos so I can show them to my clients?

Of course. We provided several videos that you can showcase in your own portfolio or presentation. Prior to sending you the videos, we need to have a clear deal and a deposit of $500. The deposit will be used later for the first project you send our way, so this essentially costs you nothing.

As a white-label partner, what do I need to provide?

You need to talk with the client and provide the script and voice-over. You will communicate with the client at all times since you have direct contact with the client. We will take care of the mockup, storyboard, and animation phases.

If I need the source files for future editing or archive, will they be provided as well?

We don’t provide it on our package, but you can purchase our Source Files add-on for $297.

Can I ask you to provide the script and voice-over, so I can just sit down and relax?

Yes, we can do that for sure. Even though we won’t be able to offer deep discounts as we will need to spend more time working on the script and voice-over, normally this is less headache for you. Please do understand that the timeframe will be extended as well, since we will need more back and forth between us and the client.

Talk with Us!We want to know you, your clients, and understand how we can help you.

If you are just starting out and you are not sure how to begin with your project, don't worry, we have all the materials you need to get started.

PS: As this is so very critical to our further success — and therefore yours — I need to reiterate my request to please not download our videos and then upload them to your site claiming that they are yours without our prior consent.