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Employee Onboarding Videos

Communicate your company’s core values by providing new hires with onboarding videos so they know what to expect and what they actually need to do.

What Are Employee Onboarding Videos? App Demo Videos

An employee onboarding video is a fun and informative video explainer that helps new employees get acquainted with their organization.

They often talk about the company culture, values, policies, benefits, and important contacts, providing a visual and engaging medium for new hires to learn and feel welcomed into their new work environment.

Sometimes, they feature real employees sharing their experiences and insights working in the company.

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Why Use Employee Onboarding Videos?

Videos integrate new employees into a company more effortlessly, making more streamlined onboarding processes. The new hire is provided with the easy-to-digest knowledge, training, and support they need to become productive team members from the get-go.

Benefits of Employee Onboarding Videos

A well-crafted onboarding video helps acclimate, engage, and retain the new hire. Engaged employees are more likely to stick around since they develop a sense of belonging from day one. This, in turn, will motivate them to do a constant great job and reduce turnover.

A company that invests in an onboarding video for their employees shows that they care and are worth working with. You can make an impactful first impression on the new hire, which later can boost your company’s overall reputation and credibility.

Employee Onboarding Videos

Elements of an Effective Employee Onboarding Video

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating the best, most effective onboarding campaign. But most of the time, a well-crafted onboarding video can take the campaign to new heights by including these key elements:

Welcome Message

A well-crafted employee onboarding video often begins with a warm welcome from the CEO or a senior executive. This emphasizes the importance of the new employee’s role and expresses excitement about having them on board.

This creates a sense of value and belonging right from the start, making the new employee feel welcomed and valued.

Proper Company Introduction

A great onboarding video shares a brief overview of the company’s history, highlighting key milestones, achievements, and any significant growth or transformations.

This provides context and helps new hires understand the company’s journey and evolution. That’s how new hires can gain a deeper understanding of the company’s background and purpose.

Instill Company Culture and Values

Present the company culture and core values, then elaborate on each one. Use examples or anecdotes to illustrate how day-to-day work values are lived out.

Employee onboarding videos can also be designed to clearly articulate the company culture statement or motto. It helps companies explain the company culture and how it shapes the work environment.

Organizational structure

It’s always better to introduce the company’s key departments, teams, and roles. A great onboarding video will act like a trailer video, where you showcase the different teams, their functions, and the roles within each team.

It will also explain how teams depend on each other’s work and how their efforts align with the company’s overall goals. This helps the new hire understand how they interconnect and collaborate to achieve common goals.

Contact Information

A good employee onboarding video provides contact information details for key personnel, such as HR representatives, IT support, managers, and mentors.

This way, new hires know who to reach when they have any questions or concerns. This shows that the company values open communication and helps new members quickly integrate into the organization.

Employee Onboarding Videos

Actionable Practices for Employee Onboarding Videos

Here are some comprehensive approaches that ensure a positive onboarding program experience, accelerate the integration of new employees, and contribute to their long-term success within the company.

Set the Tone

It’s important to go beyond a generic welcome message to set the right tone for new employees. Use the first few seconds of the video to convey a warm and personalized welcome.

Incorporate visuals that reflect the company’s culture, such as office spaces, team interactions, or company events. This helps create a positive first impression and makes new employees feel included from the start.

Show Them How Things Actually Work

Demonstrate how tasks are performed, processes are executed, and systems are utilized within the company. This can include screen recordings of software applications, walkthroughs of physical workspaces, or simulations of typical work scenarios.

By providing practical demonstrations, the new hire can better understand their roles and responsibilities, accelerating their learning curve and reducing confusion.

Integrate Your Mission, Vision, And Values

Dedicate a section of the video to clearly articulate the organization’s purpose, long-term goals, and core values. Use storytelling techniques and engaging visuals to demonstrate how these elements translate into everyday work and align with the employee’s role.

Emphasize the importance of these principles in guiding decision-making, fostering a positive work environment, and achieving success as a team. This integration allows the new hire to understand the larger purpose behind their work and creates a sense of shared values.

Establish Real Relationships

To foster real relationships, include video introductions from key team members, including supervisors, colleagues, and mentors, if applicable. You can also share employee testimonials that highlight the fun, positive experiences and the supportive culture within the organization.

Encourage the new hire to connect with their colleagues by including information about social events, team-building activities, or employee resource groups.

Include Mentorship Programs

Highlight any mentorship or buddy programs that exist within the company. Emphasize the benefits of having a mentor or buddy and how they can support new employees in their transition.

Including video clips of mentors or buddies sharing their fun experiences and offering guidance can further enhance the sense of support and camaraderie.

Benefits of Employee Onboarding Videos

High-Performing Platforms for Sharing Employee Onboarding Videos

Here are some places you can use to share and distribute your employee onboarding videos to make them more accessible to the new hire or even all the internal team members.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Many companies have an intranet or an LMS platform specifically designed for internal communication and training purposes. This is an ideal place to share employee onboarding videos.

New hires can easily access them at their convenience, and the videos can be organized within specific onboarding modules or categories.


You can create a private or unlisted channel on these platforms and share the onboarding videos with new hires.

This allows for easy access and playback across devices, and the platform’s robust video streaming capabilities ensure a smooth viewing experience.


You can send the videos directly to the new hire via email. Attach or embed the videos directly to the email or provide links to where the videos are hosted.

Consider using email marketing tools or employee communication platforms allowing personalized and targeted email distributions.

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