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Employee Onboarding Videos

Communicate your company’s core values by providing new hires with onboarding videos so they know what to expect and what they actually need to do.

The Right Tools for The Right Tasks

Demonstrate Roles and Responsibilities

Employee onboarding videos help new hires learn the company policies and show them their job duties in a more effective way. Videos are a great medium to demonstrate how things are done internally. They can better understand their roles and responsibilities from day one.

Increased Employee Engagement

By providing new hires with an employee onboarding video, they can learn more about companies they work for at their pace. This is how the onboarding video can increase employee engagement. They can pause the video to take notes or even rewind it if they need it.

How You Can Use It?

With employee onboarding videos, you don't need paperwork and handbooks of detailed company operations. You can utilize the onboarding video to give new hires more flexibility and ease their anxiety in learning about their roles and even staff members. That's how they can feel ready more than ever to start their first day at work.

Benefits of Using Videos for Employees Onboarding

Ensures Workforce Compliance

Employee onboarding videos help you set the tone for the employee’s experience in the workplace in a short period of time. Employees don't have to spend hours just to read compliance paperwork.

Boost Employees Productivity and Performance

By watching an onboarding video, employees know exactly what to do and how to do it. This can help them stay motivated and productive which can lead to an increase in your company's performance.

Make New Hires Feel More Valued

Providing new hires an onboarding video helps them to feel welcomed and valued. It also allows employees to create a stronger sense of belonging since they can learn your company’s core values effortlessly.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Videos make employee onboarding much easier. This way, employees can feel happier and satisfied. Higher employee satisfaction means fewer problems with job turnover and stress.

Cultivate Teamwork, Mentorship, and Leadership

Onboarding videos add a human element to connect employees on an emotional level. They can feel acclimated to the workplace and motivated to go after roles within the company.

Maintain and Enrich Organizational Culture

Onboarding videos demonstrate how employees can interact with and influence the culture through their actions and attitudes at work. When done correctly, it can help boost your company’s reputation among your employees and beyond.

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