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Popular Questions

How an explainer video can help me (or my business)?

By using an explainer video, you summarize the highlights of your product or your company in one or two entertaining minutes. Your potential clients view the video and quickly learn about you rather than having to read through many pages of an informative brochure or product page on your website. It’s the current and savvy way to present you and your business to the world of prospective clients.

How long should my explainer video be?

This really depends on where and how you plan to publish your explainer video(s). Latest researches suggest that attention span of internet users continue to decline, and if you want to put your explainer video(s) on your website, we really suggest you to consider having your explainer video for less than 2 minutes. If you REALLY have a lot to say it is usually a better plan to produce multiple explainer videos that deliver bite-sized information to your customer.

How can I place an order?

After deciding upon the specifics of the project you would like us to create, we will prepare a quotation for you. After receiving the quote and agreeing with the cost, you will then need to fill out our questionnaire to provide us with more details about your company and the information you want included in the explainer video. Once you have sent us a deposit for the project, we will ask you to make sure that we have discussed everything you want included in your explainer video.

How do I contact a sales representative to discuss about my explainer video needs?

You can get in touch with us by calling us at 877.619.3488, sending email to or fill up the Contact Us section that you can find at the bottom area of the site. We will be jubilant to assist you with all the inquiries you have.

When can I expect to get a response after I submit my contact form request?

We will respond your inquiry in less than 24 hours.

How long do you need to create an explainer video?

It depends on several things, primarily the duration and the complexity of the concept that you want to be put into the video. Usually it will be around 5 weeks.

What is the cost of an explainer video?

The cost, of course, depends on your needs; the style and duration of the video. Starting from $1,199 to $2,599 for the first minute, we keep our pricing low so even bootstrapped startups can work with us to create their own explainer videos.

What kinds of clients do you work with?

We work with companies of all sizes as well as individuals. We’ve worked with one-person startups and major Fortune 500 companies. As long as they let us do our best to help them achieve what they need, listen to our suggestions, willing to cooperate and providing us the creative space that we need to do our best, we serve all clients indifferently.

How large is your team?

Our team currently consists of 22 awesomely creative people in-house along with many talented independent contractors who support us with voice overs, music, and scripts. And we keep growing!

Do you partner with other professionals?

Absolutely. Our vision is to be the go to company for any individual and business around the world to when they need an explainer video, we need to work with the best people anywhere in the world. We also partner with our two sister companies: MilkWhale, to produce kick-ass infographics, and O2BRO for dynamite websites and mobile sites.

I need an explainer video for my client, can I partner with you?

For sure. We work with many explainer video producers by providing white label animation services for them, which they then resell to their own clients. Our services are completely confidential.

How many videos can you produce each month?

Our artists produce around 50 explainer videos each month. This number varies, of course, as do the intricacies and length of that explainer video. We are always striving to deliver results that exceeded our clients’ expectation.

Can you copy the style of Epipheo or Demo Duck for our explainer video?

Short answer: We don’t copy. Please see our portfolio to see what we are able to do.
Long answer: It might sound crazy, but we’d rather not work with you if you insist we use a particular style that is not our own. As every graphic designer has his own design style, so do ours. In order to create the very best product for you we request that you allow our team to use their unique talents. When you find something in our portfolio that looks compelling to you, we will absolutely work with you to produce the video that is best for your needs. We are proud to say that our team and clients have always found a creative chemistry together.

Can you incorporate a live video footage, like a product presentation or an interview?

We can incorporate any kind of video, but we need you to supply the video.

Would you send us source files for the animation?

Unfortunately, we’ve had some negative experiences in the past providing source files for the animation to our clients. If you have sensible plea, we can send you the source file with additional cost.

Our explainer videos contain proprietary cartoon illustrations and sound effects that we store in a common library. In this way you can rest assured that all of the source files for your personal video will be backed up and locked in a safe device. Whenever you want to create another explainer video, our creative team is always ready to help you.

Animation Styles

What types of explainer videos do you produce?

We’re best known for 2D Animation explainer videos. We can write and produce animation with our preferred styles, such as Whiteboard Animation, Cuttoons, Justoons, and Motion Graphic.

What is Whiteboard Animation Style?

Whiteboard animation is an animation style where the artist’s hand was recorded while drawing an illustration on a whiteboard (or blackboard, or something else that resembles a whiteboard). Our version of whiteboard animation is a digital version of the conventional whiteboard animation.

See sample video »

What is Cuttoons Animation Style?

This animation style resembles paper cutout animation, where cutout shapes arranged on a flat surface (usually paper), and continuously repositioned to explain about an idea. In Cuttoons video, the cutout shapes is digitally created and animated to ensure smooth and slick movement.

See sample video »

What is Justoons Animation Style?

Justoons is our animated cartoon video, enhanced with some 3D or advanced animation as needed.

See sample video »

What is Motion Graphic Animation Style?

A Motion Graphic animation usually consists of moving icons, typography, and flat 2D animation that was popular with the flat design movement on popular website’s User Interface.

See sample video »

What is the difference between Motion Graphic and Motion Graphic Plus, or Justoons and Justoons Plus?

Animation Plus, whether it is Justoons Plus or Motion Graphic Plus, used a more advanced technique than regular animation to produce more fluid, seamless animation. In short, we spend more time producing the Plus version, which is why it should look better.


Do I need to pay for deposit before starting the project?

Yes. A deposit is required for all projects above $500. For projects that cost less than $501, you will be asked to pay in full before we begin the project.

Where do I pay?

We use PayPal to process our payments. If you would rather not use PayPal, you can also pay through Credit Card or Wire Transfer.

How do I get confirmation after I send the payment?

We will appoint a dedicated Account Manager for your project, which will confirm the payment once the finance received it.

What if I want to cancel the project, do I get my money back?

Refunds are available only when we are still working on the script. Once you receive an initial draft of the script, you may ask for a refund at this point, and only at this point. If you ask for a revision of the initial draft, it signifies that you already accepted the story, and will move forward with our service. We will gladly make revisions until you are satisfied (within the limits of the package that you choose). After we have moved forward with the storyboard, it is no longer possible for us to refund the deposit for the project.

Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Do you offer discounts?

There are discounts if you give us ample project, please contact our sales representative for more information.


Can you produce my explainer video in [any incredibly short amount of time] if we start tomorrow?

Most likely yes, with some limitations. We put a lot of work into scripting, but animation is still the most time-consuming part of the process, please do understand that rushing a project means that there’s always a chance that we won’t be able to use our best possible talents. Note that there is an additional rush fee to do this.

Who writes the script?

We do, after researching and reviewing published and internal documents and presentations, and interviewing subject matter experts (usually it will be you or your company’s leader).

Who manages the project?

You’ll be working with the account manager appointed for your project. He/she will provide you with timely update and work on your feedback with our creative team.

Who chooses and directs the voice talent?

You choose the voice actor, we direct (since we wrote the script, we know what it should sound like). Some words will need to be pre-recorded and delivered to us to avoid incorrect pronunciation.

What is the process of making explainer video?

In short, we have 5 different steps to get your animated explainer video done, which is explained in more details here. It will be different for each project, but this article should give you idea of how it works. You will receive a customized schedule before we start.

What is the difference between Mock-up Drawing and Storyboard?

Mock-up is just a glimpse about of the illustration style and what the storyboard would look like. Storyboard is a fully developed illustration that should give you an idea of how the animation would look like. Both are still images, which will illustrate how we would visualize your message.

What is the best way to send revision?

Email is the best way for us to take instructions from clients. The reason for this is that it puts everything in writing and creates a record. In this business that is really important especially given that an average job has more than 50 emails in it. Memories fail even the best of us.

When can I get the final video file?

After we received all payments from you, we will send you the video without a “SAMPLE” watermark on it. This will mark the completion of the project. If you need help on uploading your explainer video(s), please contact our sales representative to let us know where you want to upload this specifically on your website, our IT department will work their magic for you.

White Labeling

I want to resell your work, can we work together?

For sure. You will be the one who communicating with the client at all times, and we will be communicating with you. We request that you provide us the script and voice-over. Turn around time will be approximately 5 weeks. You will have three revision opportunities on the storyboard and two for the animation. The final deliverable project will be in 1280px X 720px MP4 (H.264) video format. When you partner with Breadnbeyond the video copyright will be fully yours. We will not put your video in our portfolio nor claim it as ours.

Do you offer special rate for reseller?

Of course, we have special rate for reseller that is below our retail price. Contact for more information.

If I am reselling your service, can I provide the script and voice over?

You will be the one who communicating with the client at all times, and we will be communicating with you. You have direct contact with the client, and it is easier for you if there is any change needed on the script and/or voice over. We would like to request you to provide us with the script and the voice over.

Can I ask you to provide the script and voice over?

We can provide the script and voice over with additional cost if you are purchasing our reseller package.

What things I shouldn’t do as a reseller?

Please understand that you should not “borrow” our portfolio without any prior consent. Doing so and placing it on your website may create problems and confusion for our past clients, and that is certainly something that we would not like to happen. If you are just starting out and you are not sure how to begin with your project, please contact us and we’ll help you.

As this is very critical to our further success – and therefore yours – I need to reiterate my request, please do not download our videos and then upload them to your site claiming that they are yours without our prior consent. We will vigorously protect our intellectual properties.

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