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App Demo Videos for Fintech Companies

With the emergence of buy-now-pay-later, neo banks, and contactless payments, fintech apps are in high demand. Thus, demo videos help new users understand what the app offers.

The Right Tools for The Right Tasks

App Demo Videos

Guide New Users

From digital banking to managing investments, fintech app demo videos familiarize users with key features. Using screencast and motion graphics animation, the video gives them a walkthrough of UI/UX and a step-by-step guide to ensure that no users are left hanging.

App Demo Videos

Make New Users Feel Valued

App demo videos help users to focus on the benefits they can receive and experience from the fintech app they use. By combining both visual and audio elements, demo videos make the onboarding process less frustrating for users of all ages and backgrounds.

How You Can Use It? App Demo Videos

The fintech industry can be quite complex to understand for laymen. And when we talk about building high-performing fintech apps, ease of use should always be the key. Providing app demo videos is a great way to educate new users and introduce them to the app quickly.

Benefits of Using App Demo Videos for Fintech Companies

Boost Users' Confidence

Some potential users get cold feet when they download and use a fintech app because they think it's going to take a while to learn. App demo videos make it clear what they can expect from the app and how to use it.

Easily Tailored

Whether it's live-action videos or animated ones, the sky's the limit when it comes to connecting with target users using demo videos. The tone of your script, voice-over style, and even visual style can be easily tailored.

Benefits of App Demo Videos

Shows Your Creative Side

Fintech app demo videos can be so much more than screencast animation and a voice-over. You can include other visuals that represent your brand or stab at some humor to create top-in-mind awareness.

Interestingly Present Your App

With thousands of other fintech apps out there, why should people use yours? App demo videos show your unique selling points, highlight key features, and showcase your competitive advantages.

Benefits of App Demo Videos

Retain More Users

Fintech app demo videos show users what the app is all about and how they can make the most out of it. They’ll know their way around your app and become less frustrated by the learning curve.

Convince More Users to Download

Whether you place your fintech app on Google Play or iOS App Store, a detailed demo video will showcase your app more effectively than some screenshots. This will boost downloads.

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