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Breadnbeyond’s Manifesto

Our Three Cs:Communication, Concision and Clarity

We believe that every explainer video should reflect our customers' core values.

Therefore, we communicate to understand exactly who our customers are.

We also believe explainer videos work best when concise with only the most meaningful points made memorable.

We work hard to make these clear and simple, like distilled water.

Our Dedication to Quality

We love beautifully handcrafted animations.

And we believe the best explainer videos are handcrafted by expert artists, who we don’t micromanage.

We create valuable and timeless products, that we can look on with pride in the distant future.

To say, with all our heart, that we’ve produced the best.

Lending a Helping Hand to Our Customers

We love helping our customers solve problems, using the technologies we’ve mastered.

Making it our mission and dedicating time to communicate with them.

To produce the most valuable explainer videos for their business.

In fact, we go the extra mile to build long-lasting relationships with happy customers.

Keeping Customers Involved

We commit to involving customers at every stage of our production process.

We value their feedback and that they can help us create the best possible videos.

We communicate to keep them happy and give a good understanding of what comes next.

And we work independently to create work of the highest quality.

Our Sharing-focused Philosophy

We’re open-minded about what we can learn from the world.

We come from Indonesia, a country with a vast cultural background.

Which has taught us to love gaining and sharing knowledge.

This allows us to deliver the best possible value to our clients.