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Explainer Video for Real Estate Business

The real estate industry is a gigantic business that generates billions of dollars annually. The competition within the industry is fierce all year round. This tough competition requires real estate agencies to come up with innovations and better deals for their products.

These innovations and offers are often overlooked by buyers. And despite the money that it generates, real estate business is rather bland. Wouldn’t you agree?

Why Choose an Explainer Video for Real Estate Agency

An explainer video for real estate agency is a tool that will provide spotlights for innovations so buyers won't miss out on them.

The colorful animation to present state-of-the-art apartments, houses, or condominiums is a unique approach to draw more attention.

Explainer videos are short and bite-sized, which will make even the most complex subject easier to comprehend by non-professionals.

An explainer video is visual, which is crucial in showcasing a property and its selling features.

Case Study: Inhaus


Inhaus, Inc


Animated Explainer Video




Facebook Page, Instagram

Watch video of inHaus

How We Achieve This Solution

It’s often the case that people can’t get their hands on their dream home because someone else got to it first. Inhaus emphasizes their strength in making their users the first to know about any open house nearby that fits their personalized criteria. That’s why we chose this feature as an opening line for Inhaus’ explainer video.

Their house-matching feature is also a strong selling point from a user experience perspective, which is why we chose to dedicate a whole scene for it. The rest of the video highlights other selling features and offers such as budget adjustment and 50% rebate. Lastly, we wanted to maintain Inhaus’ modern and minimalistic brand persona throughout the video.

Notable Features from the Video

  • In only 1 minute, this video highlights most of the key features that Inhaus offers.

  • The opening monolog line for this video highlights the main problem that house-searchers face.

  • At 0:15, this video presents how actual interface within inhaus’ personalization screen looks like.

  • The characters for this video are designed to look like modern house-searchers (a.k.a millennials) who are the core target audience for Inhaus.

Case Study: Blue Frog Property Management


Blue Frog Property


Animated Explainer Video




Website, Youtube

Watch video of bluefrog

How We Achieve This Solution

Bluefrog Property Management is unique in the way they approach the market: they have an array of services that are related one to another. Their services connects property renters and property owners -- but since their main target market is property owners, we decided to highlight the benefits that they can get from using Bluefrog Property Management’s service.

Obviously, we used blue as dominant color for this video because it matches their company’s name and logo. In this particular video, we wanted to give a glimpse on how everything will be done from initial meeting with Blue Frog all the way to rent collection and analysis.

If you’re still curious what else we can offer for your real estate company, read more here: Harness Real Estate Video Marketing to Take Your Business to the Next Level.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Dominant color blue to match the company’s name and logo.

  • This video highlight the cold hard truth from the beginning: “It’s become more difficult for buyers to afford a home today” which is a strong hook to get people’s attention.

  • It breaks down the process using Blue Frog’s services in order to help viewers understand how the gears turn.

  • Because of the narrow color palette in this video, we went all out with unique transitions and sound effects throughout the video.

  • There are several accidental puns in the Call-to-Actions (CTA) e.g: “... then leap forward and leave your cares behind with Bluefrog”, “So, get a jump on the market.”

Case Study: KeyOpp




Animated Explainer Video




Website, Youtube

Watch video of KeyOpp

How We Achieve This Solution

We believe that concept-driven explainer videos will not only break down complex topics but also engage the viewer all the way through. The video revolves around KeyOpp benefits for their users.

Since KeyOpp has a lot to say, we make sure that we don’t overwhelm the layman. We use a friendly voice-over combined with fantastic motion graphic animation, creating a stunning flow. Our focus here is to make the video a stunning treat for the eye, and it covers everything viewers need to know about KeyOpp.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Professionally-designed cartoon animation with characters.

  • Every scene in the video has carefully crafted sound effects to represent every action of the characters accurately.

  • Screencast animation is involved in showing viewers what the interface looks like.

  • A clear CTA at the end gives viewers an idea of what they should do next.

Benefits of an Explainer Video for Your Real Estate Agency

Get More People to Buy Your Properties

In this digital era, the problem for old-school real estate agencies is their online accessibility – or lack thereof. Most people are already too comfortable at their apartment to go outside and scour the neighborhood randomly for open houses. Meet those people halfway. Our animated explainer video is a great tool to start building your online discoverability and get more buyers for your properties.

Convert More Homeseekers

Simplify the Process of Owning a Property

We know that the process of buying a house, renting an apartment, or leasing a commercial space is complex and tedious. More than 35 percent of home buyers are first-time purchasers – and they’re nervous because it’s the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. Our animated explainer videos can help educate home buyers in a simplified way and direct them to your agency in the process.

Get More Home Buyers

Connect with More Homeseekers Online

When visitors come to your agency’s website or social media page, they want to know more about how your agency works. Our animated explainer videos help you introduce your agency in a different way with eye-catching animation. From there, you can direct them to where they could connect with you to find out more about buying your properties.

Connect with Homeseekers

Advertise Your Agency Anywhere

Animated explainer videos are a multi-platform tool that you can use to advertise your agency anywhere from local county Facebook Group to big-bucks advertising on the Timesquare’s billboard.

Get an Explainer Video

Make Your Agency Stand Out from Others

Our animated explainer videos are colorful and eye-catching, which helps your agency to stand out in the flood of corporate-looking advertisement from other real estate agencies. We’re not experts in developing properties, but we know how to make awesome animated videos that get people excited to look for houses and apartments listed by your agency.

Make Your Agency Stand Out

Rebrand Your Real Estate Agency to The Future

As the digital age dawns on us, your real estate agency needs to shift from local paper ads to data-oriented digital campaigns. Our animated explainer video is a way to dip your toes into the online marketing world.

Rebrand Your Agency

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