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Explainer Video for Cybersecurity Industry

The explainer video is a handy way of explaining techy ideas, like cybersecurity, with feeling and nuance you can’t get with a text-based explanation. From illustrating how the solutions work to showing the types of cyber threats, anything can be simulated in an explainer video. This is what makes it a staple for many cybersecurity companies.

Why Use Explainer Video for Your Cybersecurity Company?

Combination of eye-pleasingly visuals and narrative-driven storytelling keeps viewers engaged while providing all the knowledge about cybersecurity.

Explainer videos are incredibly shareable across digital platforms, leading to an optimized promotion.

Concise explanation helps viewers to understand the importance of the services better and faster.

Explainer videos help in arousing emotions among the viewers that will make it memorable to them.

Case Study: FortifyData

Cybersecurity Fortify Data



Animated Explainer Video




YouTube, Website

Watch video of FortifyData

How We Achieved This Solution

The video starts by highlighting target viewers' pain points to grab their attention and hold it. After the viewers get a grasp on the problem, the video smoothly introduces FortifyData as a worth considering solution.

Considering that FortifyData already has complex information about the service they offer, we use a clear and simple background to simplify the explanation. With stunning motion graphic animation, all the useful features of the service can be easily understood even for a viewer who's not familiar with the industry.

Notable Features from the Video

  • The concise script and straightforward narrative powers the explanation and makes the video so compelling.

  • The video uses the service screen and user interface to show what the user experience exactly looks like.

  • The motion graphic with smooth transitions makes every scene attractive to look at.

  • The color scheme follows an extremely simple pattern, using trendy color but keeping it minimal to make it easy on the eye.

Case Study: Trustifi

Cybersecurity Trustifi



Animated Explainer Video




YouTube, Website

Watch video of trustifi

How We Achieved This Solution

Trustifi is an encrypted email service that offers a solution for sending emails that are secured, tracked, and certified. This highly-engaging explainer video uses a combination of facts, statistics, and services features to drive the story.

At the beginning of the video, we briefly explain the cyber attack to support the cause of Trustifi services. It helps the viewers to have a solid understanding of why they need to use Trustifi to their advantage. And it does it with endearing animated characters that make the explanation even more entertaining without getting bogged down by the minutiae of how the service does its work.

Notable Features from the Video

  • The polished voiceover follows the actions of the video, making it much easier for viewers to stay focused on the content.

  • The useful information, in the beginning, makes the video isn't strongly focused on hard-selling the service, but also educating the viewers as well.

  • The background music is very inviting, which works seamlessly with the content of the video.

  • The concise explanation about its security options and benefits is a 360-degree view of the Trustifi's capabilities.

Benefits of Using Explainer Videos for Your Cybersecurity Solutions

Introduction Made Easy

It's quite challenging to convey information about software or cloud management-related through text alone. But, explainer videos offer a fun, entertaining way to explain how your cybersecurity service works.

Find Your Target Users

Showcase the Benefits

The appealing visuals of explainer video effectively engage potential users and familiarize them with your cybersecurity service. Therefore, viewers can seamlessly understand how the service makes their life a bit easier.

Show Off the Benefits Your Service Offers

Tell Valuable Stories

Explainer videos use compelling stories to build a more personal connection between viewers and your service. That way, you'll be able to glue their attention to the screen for minutes and influence their purchase decision.

Tell Your Brand Stories

Build Brand Trust

Showing your potential users that you actually care about them and understand the cybersecurity issues they're facing can build trust within them. In this case, explainer videos offer you an opportunity to show the users that you genuinely want to solve their problems, and then you can explain how your service could help them.

Connect With Your Potential Users

Versatile and Incredibly Shareable

Explainer videos can be used in a variety of ways and for a variety of different purposes, from pitches to your website content to email marketing. And since explainer videos can sum it all up, seamlessly – it's an ideal medium for quick posts on social media channels.

Create a Highly-Shareable Video

Make You Stand Out From the Rest

With eye-catching animations, explainer videos can differentiate your service from your competitors. While others are fighting tooth and nails to explain their cybersecurity service in such flowery words, you can efficiently deliver the core information through a simple yet powerful video.

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