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Explainer Video for Insurance Products

The insurance industry is mostly about making sure that clients get to know the product they need, thus a highly-engaging marketing strategy is a necessity. That’s where explainer videos can help.

Explainer videos make it easier for insurance agents to define their following services, replacing a text-heavy wall of text in their written FAQ content with a short, easy to follow video.

Why Use Explainer Video for Your Insurance Products

Narrative-driven animation can clarify even the most complicated information about insurance policies.

Captivating characters pack quite a punch in combining a fun branding and service benefits.

Build your credibility, drive more leads, and helping to close more sales.

Extremely shareable format that allows easy distribution to online channels for more clients.

Case Study: AmTrust – New Claims Process

Insurance Amtrust



Animated Explainer Video




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How We Achieve This Solution

As an industry-leading insurance provider, AmTrust puts its client needs and requirements ahead of anything else. This is why addressing the client’s pain points in the claims process is necessary to help them easily relate with the narration from the get-go.

AmTrust does it’s best to make the claims process simple and effective. With an easy to understand animation, this video explains the whole process concisely, step by step, with everything that a client might need to understand the process.

Notable Features from the Video

  • By highlighting specific problems in the first few seconds, the video targets a definite specific group of people right from the beginning.

  • Motion graphic animation with characters helps to ease the techy explanation about AmTrust new solution. The animation brings dynamic and breathe life into an otherwise overwhelming text-based explanation.

  • A simple animated outline that moves slide objects in a sequence helps to tell a compelling story and make the viewers stay focused and engaged.

  • Pleasant soft colors and smooth transitions play a key role in creating an excellent flow, making sure the crucial message is easy to digest.

Case Study: AmTrust For the Opioid Epidemic




Animated Explainer Video




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Watch video of Amtrust

How We Achieve This Solution

AmTrust introduces its new solution for the opioid prescription crisis that often happens to employees. The narrative was set up with a strong introduction and established the main characters to tell a relatable story from the beginning. This is an effective way to catch the viewers’ eyes and perk up their ears from the first few seconds.

In the middle of the video, the viewers will listen to a brief explanation about how a prescription crisis can occur to some injured employees. It makes them more well-aware of the epidemic.

Then, the main highlight is what AmTrust offers to decrease opioid usage, improving injured employee outcomes, and reducing claim costs with a well-structured script that has a stunning sense of flow.

Notable Features from the Video

  • A compelling, heartfelt storyline makes it easier for the viewers to get a solid grasp on what the service is all about.

  • A fine-tuned script that flows in a logical pattern to make it meaningful, and compelling enough to retain viewers.

  • A casual, conversational voice-over encourages viewers to get immersed in the story and persuades them into liking the AmTrust services – tempting them to make an informed purchase decision.

  • The valuable information about opioid addiction makes the video more factual and less of a hard-sell.

Benefits of an Explainer Video for Your Insurance Product

Help Clients Understand the Service Quicker and Better

The insurance industry has tons of jargons, where the payment and billing, endorsements, policy coverage, can’t be quickly informed with a long wall of text on a website. This is where explainer videos came through the whole affair like a breath of fresh air. It helps the viewers to retain all the information about services in a matter of minutes.

Create a Concise and Sharp Video

Extended Outreach to New Clients

Explainer videos are incredibly shareable. It can easily be distributed across multiple digital channels for maximum impact. That makes finding and engaging new prospective clients is now all smooth sailing.

Get More Reach to New Clients

An Ideal Way to Cut Through the Digital “Noise”

With tons of different insurance products in the industry out there, an explainer video can make your insurance product stand out from the rest in such a competitive niche. The ability to tell a captivating brand’s story is what makes this highly-engaging type of video rise above clutter.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Bring Any Concept Come to Life Visually

Animation in explainer video can create any scenes in ways that no live-action cameras or real-life actors can. It helps your product or service to bring any concepts or ideas to life seamlessly. You can now tell a limitless, valuable story to give the video more quality, but less effort.

Visually Deliver Your Key Messages

Flexible for Any Budget Range

Explainer videos offer a flexible design style and conversational tone that suits the insurance industry with any kind of budget. From small agencies to big enterprises, an explainer video can be easily adapted as a powerful tool to get the business off the ground.

Get Maximum Results for Your Budget

Immersive Response from Clients

Simplicity and clarity are key in an explainer video, clients will easily remember and recall your insurance product. It makes it easier for them to get a slick, immersive video that gives a sense of the unbound possibilities of your insurance services.

Build an Everlasting Client Connection

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