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I chose you because you were no fuss. You said what you would do, and when you would do it by, and then you did it.
The end result was perfect. Can’t ask for more.

Clint Twomey, My Rewards
We got our video animated and produced for $2,000. That’s amazing because of the quality and turn-around time, when other vendors were quoting closer to $10K..”

Daniel Barnett, WorkETC

















Get A Firm Price TODAY—No Hoops To Jump Through

Alan Samuels, Lunch Pro

Breadnbeyond’s price was better, and the website and sales team were clear and upfront about the process, options and costs. There were no hidden fees or catches.

Alan Samuels, Lunch Pro

You can quickly calculate your exact cost with Breadnbeyond’s transparent “No Surprises” pricing—before you commit to spending a penny.

Just pick your package, choose your add-ons and get your price.

Each package includes everything you need, from the script to the voiceover talent and revisions to the storyboard and animations.

So the price you get is the price you pay—no surprise fees, no ongoing costs that just keep climbing and climbing...


Your Video, Delivered In 25 Days Or Less Or It’s FREE

You have a tight window to get your explainer video created—you can’t afford any delays.

At Breadnbeyond, we craft more than 30 explainer videos each month.

We have the entire process down to a science.

That’s why you get our Iron-Clad 100% On-Time Guarantee:

As long as you get your comments and changes back to us within 24 hours, We’ll deliver your video in 25 business days or less, or you don’t pay one penny.

Ross Page, Scooterino

Breadnbeyond developed an incredible animation for me in less than 30 days. The deadline was tight and I wasn’t sure they would be able to deliver but I was just blown away by the final product. And on top of that, they delivered with a few days to spare!

Ross Page, Scooterino

Trusted By Startups And Fortune 500 Companies

Companies from hot startups like Glassdoor to Fortune 500 companies like PayPal and NetApp picked Breadnbeyond to create their explainer videos.

That’s because Breadnbeyond has created more than 2,500 explainer videos for 800+ companies over the last 8 years.

No matter what you want your video to do, our production team has done it before and can steer your video to success.

Breadnbeyond is trusted by

  • Paypal
  • World Bank
  • IFC
  • BNP Paribas
  • Single Grain
  • Accenture
  • Wiley
  • Citadel
  • MGH
  • Sobanco
  • Olark
  • Threads
  • Paktor
  • Oaxis
  • GD
  • FuelBaby

Top Quality Animations At An Affordable Price

Ian Carnevale

Breadnbeyond blew away all expectations. Their work is phenomenal, and their customer service and attentiveness should be a standard for every business.

Ian Carnevale

Your explainer video is the public face of your company—it’s your one chance to make a good first impression.

Breadnbeyond offers 8 different animation styles, from clean and friendly paper cutouts to complex kinetic motion graphics. That means you can find the perfect animation style to fit your company and your budget.

And every frame of your video will get close attention from our team of 19 animators and illustrators, so you’re confident that you’re putting your best foot forward with your customers.


“You Have Mastered This Art”

David Little, Keywest Technology Inc

Your cartoon explainer videos are some of the best. Since you make these videos your focus, you have mastered the art.

David Little, Keywest Technology Inc
Mathijs D

Their design and animation skills are a very high standard. Our end product turned out to be FANTASTIC and totally delivered within schedule.

Mathijs D

NO Surprise Fees

Mikaal Abdulla, 8 Securities

The cost and production time from start to finish is superior to alternatives. This video company is very flexible and patient with changes without constantly charging more fees.

Mikaal Abdulla, 8 Securities

Lightning-Fast Response Times


Great quality and fast turnaround! Breadnbeyond worked with us through all our editing requests in a friendly and professional manner.

Jim Ramirez

I was getting vanilla proposals from many video production companies and freelancers. But the team at Breadnbeyond looked into what we wanted to do first. It stood out big—it showed that you cared.

Jim Ramirez

Best Value For The Cost

Alec Lynch, DesignCrowd

Patient, good communicators, professional, creative and skillful. I'm based in Australia and Andre and his team are the best agency we've used from South East Asia (for anything). Bottom line is value for money is incredible.

Alec Lynch, DesignCrowd

Brilliant Video, Now Converting More Visitors!

Björn A. Forsberg, FORSBERG+two

Working with the team at BreadnBeyond was a fantastic experience and achieved exactly what I was hoping for the project, converting more visitors to trial users by explaining the services quickly and simply. They are super organised to work with, making it easy for someone who has not done this type of thing before, and provided updates at each step of the process. The final demo video was brilliant, exceeding my expectations. I’ll definitely be using the team again when it comes time to create explainers for my other products. All the best, and thanks again!

Björn A. Forsberg, FORSBERG+two

Breadnbeyond has been working with hundreds of clients by providing them a brand new and unique content marketing solution: custom animated explainer video.

Animated explainer video is a simple and short animated video that is used to explain your unique and innovative ideas. It helps to educate your audience to understand better about what you and your company can offer to solve their case.

An explainer video often has a built-in Call to Action to encourage viewers to take action, and as a result, helping to increase your conversion rate. It can be used to explain various product/service across different industry.

Back in 2008, explainer video was a dark horse, a secret tool to get huge success to a paid marketing campaign.

Right now in 2017, video marketing is no longer a well kept secret, companies from low budget small startups to huge corporate campaigns are using explainer videos.

Everyday, people watch at least 30 minutes of videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media — both in desktop and app for mobile devices. Having an explainer video for your company helps to make your marketing campaigns more powerful, effective and engaging.

Explainer videos make businesses rank higher in Google search, that’s why it is one of the best tools to add more presence on the web.

An explainer video can be used anywhere in your website to avoid having a long winding sales page that nobody is going to read. A page full of text is boring, unimpressive and isn’t really appealing to share. How are you going to communicate your message if they don’t read it?

The combination between awesome animation, narration and music in an explainer video works wonder to overcome this problem. It contains the essence of a five thousand words article, presented in a short audio visual presentation — some of them are even less than 60 seconds.

Replacing traditional powerpoint presentations with a fun way to learn new things about a company, animated videos use colorful and playful characters to get your audience undivided live attention and stand out from other businesses in the competition.

So, what do you say we get going to dominate that market you are currently in and sign more customers? We are armed with a battalion of video maker and latest software ready to pull the trigger and support you.

If you aren’t sure yet, go check our Insider’s Guide to Choosing an Explainer Video Production Company. We have created a wonderful infographic to help you creating your first explainer video project.

More resources are also available online on our blog.