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Customer Onboarding Videos

Empower new customers to get the most out of your services using the perfect onboarding message with engaging videos, enabling them to quickly sprint without any hassle.

What Is a Customer Onboarding Video? App Demo Videos

Customer onboarding videos are like friendly guides businesses use to welcome and familiarize new customers with their products or services.

Think of them as virtual tour guides, providing step-by-step instructions, product training, and helpful information to ensure customers have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

These videos are designed to introduce customers to the key features, functionalities, and benefits of a product or service after they make a purchase.

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Why Use Customer Onboarding Videos?

Customer onboarding videos help new customers transition smoothly into using your product or service.

They eliminate confusion and reduce the learning curve by providing clear instructions and demonstrations. This leads to a positive initial experience, increasing the chances of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Customer Onboarding Videos

Customer onboarding video engages visual and auditory senses, making it easier for customers to comprehend complex concepts and processes.

By presenting information in a visual and interactive format, this format facilitates a better understanding of your product’s features, benefits, and usage. This will help minimize the initial churn.

When you provide a free or discounted product trial, customer onboarding allows your trial customers to understand and appreciate your product marketing’s value.

Showcasing tangible benefits during the onboarding phase, right from the beginning of their trial, increase the chances of these customers transitioning into paying customers.

Customer Onboarding Videos

Elements of an Effective Customer Onboarding Video

As they say, first impressions are usually the ones that last forever. That is what makes a customer onboarding video.

Quick Product Tutorial

A well-crafted customer onboarding video provides a concise and focused tutorial that guides customers through the essential steps of using your product.

It breaks down complex processes into easy-to-follow instructions, allowing new customers to grasp the basics of your product. With a quick tutorial, new customers can confidently navigate your product from the start.

Knowledge Bases

The customer onboarding video should direct customers to relevant knowledge bases or help documentation to find additional resources and information.

Including links or references to comprehensive guides, FAQs, or support articles in the video enables customers to explore further at their own pace.

Remember that the goal is to empower customers to deepen their understanding and maximize their usage of your product.

On-Screen Annotation and Highlights

A well-thought customer onboarding uses on-screen (often animated) annotations and highlights to draw attention to important elements or actions within the video. These visual cues can help customers better understand key features, navigation steps, or specific points of interest.

By emphasizing crucial information through on-screen annotations, you make it easier for customers to follow along and retain the most important details. This visual reinforcement enhances the clarity and effectiveness of the onboarding video.

Core Benefits

Customer onboarding videos highlight your product or service’s core benefits and value proposition.

It clearly communicates how it addresses customers’ pain points or fulfills their needs. Some businesses also use this video content to showcase real-life examples or success stories to demonstrate your product’s positive impact on their lives.

Customer Support and Resources

At the end of an effective customer onboarding video, there’s contact information for customer support channels. Whether it’s email addresses, phone numbers, or support ticket systems, it makes it easy for customers to reach out for assistance.

This helps build trust and reassures customers that reliable support and resources are available whenever they need further information and guidance.

Customer Onboarding Videos

Actionable Practices for Customer Onboarding Videos

Know Your Audience and Personalized

Every customer you engage with will have a unique set of needs. The more you can tailor your onboarding video to meet these needs, the greater the success rate you’ll achieve.

The best place to start is to create customer personas to understand the problems customers are trying to solve, the issues they might encounter, and more about how your product or service will fit in their lives.

Don’t Ask for Everything At Once

Asking for onerous amounts of information during onboarding is a surefire way to switch off new customers. Avoid overwhelming the customers with an extensive list of tasks or requirements right from the start.

Instead, focus on guiding customers through a manageable and progressive onboarding process. This incremental approach reduces complexity and improves overall satisfaction, making the onboarding process more enjoyable for customers.

Manage Expectations

Before a customer begins the onboarding journey with you, they should know what to expect. From the beginning of your interactions with a new customer, it’s best to be clear about what they will get using the video.

Show the customer what to expect to be doing throughout the onboarding process and how far through the journey they are.

Drive Emotional Connection

Customer onboarding videos might seem like welcome videos. But it is also used to keep new customers stick around. Make sure your onboarding video content highlights the core benefits from the get-go.

This will make sure your customers make the most of your product or service and don’t miss out on any features that might influence their likelihood to remain as your customer.

Support Set Up

The most important part of the onboarding experience is teaching your customers how to use and get value from your product.

When using the video, it’s crucial to give them a quick tour of the key features one by one. Annotate any walkthrough with hints and tips to ensure they get the best from each step.

Benefits of Customer Onboarding Videos

High-Performing Platforms for Sharing Customer Onboarding Videos

Welcome Email

Including customer onboarding videos in your welcome email is a powerful way to kickstart onboarding. As one of the first interactions with new customers, the welcome email sets the tone for their journey.

Embed or linked relevant onboarding videos directly within the email to provide immediate guidance and introduce key features.

In-App Messages

Utilize in-app messages to deliver onboarding videos directly within your product or service. When customers log in or perform specific actions, strategically place targeted messages that guide them to relevant onboarding videos.

These messages can provide step-by-step instructions, highlight important features, or offer tips and best practices.

Customer Support Page

Incorporate customer onboarding videos into your customer support page or knowledge base. This is an excellent location to provide customers with comprehensive onboarding resources.

Organize the videos by topic or feature, making them easily discoverable. Customers who seek assistance or have specific questions can access these videos for visual guidance and support.

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