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Customer Onboarding Videos

Empower new customers to get the most out of your services using the perfect onboarding message with engaging videos, enabling them to quickly sprint without any hassle.

The Right Tools for The Right Tasks

Help Users Adopt the Services Faster

Customer onboarding videos help users understand your services better. It acts as a virtual tour guide that provides new users the knowledge needed to get the most out of your services. It enables them to jumpstart their experience using your service, and a better understanding of how to use the service better as they go.

Less Need for Customer Support

Customer onboarding videos allow new users to see the value in your solution and lay out a roadmap for success right off the bat. This way, you and your support team will resort less and less to support in the future.

How You Can Use It?

With a carefully-crafted onboarding video, you can effectively guide and educate customers on what to do and how to do it with a seamless onboarding flow. It helps you showcase your service in action and creates an “aha” moment for your new users. That’s how they can move forward with your service and use it efficiently to reach their goals.

Benefits of Using Videos for Customer Onboarding

Increase Users Engagement

The best way to have tons of satisfied users is to solve their problems. Providing customer onboarding videos gets your service one step closer to your goal, making your solution approachable and easier to use.

Reduce Customer Support Cost

Customer onboarding videos provide reusable onboarding flows that help to reduce customer support costs. Let’s avoid having your customer service team answer the same questions again and again.

Lower Risk of Churn

In this era, a user’s first-ever interaction with your service can determine their response, either love at first sight or decide to never visit your website again. With the right customer onboarding videos, you can help potential users to set clear expectations, enjoy the process, and more likely to stay with you for a long time.

Higher Chances of Retention and Renewal

Customer onboarding videos make it easier for your users to understand how to use your service and enjoy getting the most out of it. Keeping loyal repeating users is definitely the way you want to get more revenue.

Allow Self-Service Onboarding Process

Engaging customer onboarding videos allow new users to take control over their initial experiences with your service and to learn how to use it on their terms. They can play the video anytime to familiarize themselves with the service at their own pace.

Offer Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Customer onboarding videos make it easier for your new users to get comfortable using your service from the get-go. Once they are satisfied with your service, it would be much easier for you to pitch other relevant or additional services to them.

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