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Customer Onboarding Videos for Fintech Companies

Getting customers is easy. Keeping them is the real challenge. For fintech startups, customer retention is an uphill battle, but customer onboarding videos can help.

The Right Tools for The Right Tasks

Customer Onboarding Videos

Lower Customer Churn Rates

In this digital world, people expect speed, convenience, and personalization at the touch of a button. When they invest in a fintech product but can’t see any values right off the bat, they’ll leave to find a better fit. Onboarding videos instantly show them all the values and make them stick around.

Customer Onboarding Videos

Build Trusts

With tons of fintech companies and services out there, people need to make sure they invest in a legitimate one and don’t get scammed. A professional and well-polished customer onboarding video can boost your credibility and generate more trust from your target customers.

How You Can Use It? App Demo Videos

Many fintech solutions may have high numbers of customers, but that masks the fact that most engagement dwindles within weeks. Customer onboarding videos come in handy to translate initial interest into long-term activity, so product adoption can happen quickly.

Benefits of Using Customer Onboarding Videos for Fintech Companies

Allow Customers to Self-Educate

Many fintech companies make the mistake of assuming customers will figure out how to use their fintech solutions easily. Onboarding videos make sure no customer is left confused in finding out what the solution is all about.

Level-Up the In-house Customer Support

If you rely only on your internal customer support team, you run the risk of having long ticket queues, longer resolution times, and overwhelmed staff. Customer onboarding videos eliminate repetitive tasks.

Benefits of Customer Onboarding Videos

Give a Human Touch

All too often, fintech companies get obsessed with technology, and personalization suffers. By combining both animation and voice-over narration in an onboarding video, your customers will never lose the human touch.

Remove Friction with Simple Forms

Nobody likes wasting time with forms. If your registration form asks for too much, those precious potential loyal customers will slip off the hook. Simplify the process by using well-polished customer onboarding videos.

Benefits of Customer Onboarding Videos

Ease Security Concerns

When it comes to money, security is paramount to your customers. Customer onboarding videos can be a great way to add some safety precautions. This assures them they are working with a trustworthy company.

Increase Transparency

Customer onboarding videos help your customers understand what solutions they will get. This also includes the features and other solutions you provide (and don’t). By being transparent, you help them to set clear expectations.

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