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Explainer Video for Online Learning

Explainer videos simplify complex subjects and transform text-heavy online learning reading materials into easily digestible visuals. With its easy-to-understand animation, it automatically translates a short video and makes it a better learning experience as learners retain more information seamlessly.

Why Use Explainer Video for Your Online Learning Company?

Demonstrate procedures to assist in effective learning.

Captivating visuals with concise explanation ideal for visual learners.

Animation that easily communicates abstract concepts.

Engaging way of learning that can easily spark learners' creativity.

Case Study: Fluentize




Animated Explainer Video




YouTube, Website

Watch video of Fluentize

How We Achieved This Solution

Considering that Fluentize is an online platform dedicated to ESL/ EFL teachers, we thought motion graphic is such an ideal animation to communicate the perk of its service. By adding suitable audio and elegant motion, the information will be more acceptable and understandable for the teachers.

Fluentize aims to help teachers create lessons that are educational, engaging, and entertaining-- all in one, so we also make sure to highlight all the useful features in a concise and easy-to-digest way.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Every teacher problems explained with story-driven characters.

  • Most of the video talks about the features that Fluentize offers as an end-to-end solution for ESL/EFL teachers.

  • As a features-packed online platform, Fluentize allows teachers to sign up for free. This interesting offer is highlighted with a clear CTA at the end of the video.

Case Study: Mandarin Minds

Mandarin Minds

Mandarin Minds


Animated Explainer Video




YouTube, Website

Watch video of Mandarin Minds

How We Achieved This Solution

The first thing that came across our mind before we made this video is: “How do we differentiate Mandarin Minds with other mandarin courses?”

The idea of using cartoon characters that tell a compelling story shows consistent results during our brainstorming sessions, and the client accepted our proposal.

We decided to use a casual, easy-to-listen narration so the parents can easily understand what makes Mandarin Minds a worth-considering online mandarin course for their children. Using relevant uplifting background music went well with a friendly voice over.

Within a minute, the video concisely delivered all key benefits of Mandarin Minds seamlessly.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Addressing the problem right from the first line to catch the target viewers’ attention quickly.

  • A dynamic cartoon animation presented in vibrant colors to keep the viewer engaged.

  • A straight-forward explanation with the conversational tone of voice-over shows how the Mandarin Minds handles problems.

Benefits of Using Explainer Videos for Your Online Learning Business

Easily Accessible to Multiple Devices

Explainer videos make it easier for learners to connect with the content in a meaningful way. They can access it anywhere, with any kind of modern devices. Explainer video provides immense flexibility as they’re no more restricted to standard school hours.

Create Highly-Accessible Courses

Reduce Training Cost and Time for Learners and Teachers

Since explainer video production is budget-friendly, you can offer video-based courses without having to burn a hole in your pocket. For learners themselves, they can save much more of their time and energy since they have the freedom to choose when and how they want to learn.

Save Your Time and Budget

Build a Fun, Enjoyable Yet Critical Learning Environment

Using animation to communicate ideas and concepts makes learning fun and enjoyable. An animated explainer video offers the learners with an engaging visual that can connect to their emotions, to relax them, and encourage them to develop critical thinking at the key topic.

Start a Fun Learning Environment

Improves Knowledge Retention and Easier Memory Training

Explainer videos provide learners with endearing animated characters and riveting stories, enabling them to easily pay attention to the course. The help of those aesthetically pleasing characters and story make learners retain more crucial information with little effort.

Improve Learner’s Retention

Creates a Positive Attitude Towards Future Training

Explainer video creates a positive learning environment that improves the overall learning experience. And when the learners know that the courses are fun and engaging, they’ll become more confident to trust the courses and willing to keep learning through it.

Build Long-Lasting Relationship With Learners

Sparks Learners’ Creativity With Narrative-Driven Gamification

As explainer videos are interactive, the scope of gamification increases. You can use the video to elaborate the course with gameplay like quick mini-quizzes, trivia, and more. It not only effectively engages the learners for a long time but also can easily spark their creative genius to solve such problems.

Spark Learner’s Creative Genius

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