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Non Profit Organization

Make your target stakeholders feel that they’re part of your mission by visualizing how their involvement can directly make a difference.

The Right Tools for The Right Tasks

Gain More Exposure

Nonprofit videos can help you boost campaign awareness and expand your reach. The engaging medium is highly shareable across websites, social media, video sharing sites, and other digital platforms. The more eyeballs you catch, the higher your chances to increase the fundraising.

Educate Target Stakeholders

Video is a great way for organizations to show impact, tell stories and educate people about their missions. It’s been long understood by marketers that combining visuals, sound, and action creates the most engaging medium that can give people better understanding so they're convinced to take action.

How You Can Use It?

Nonprofits have a variety of potential stories to tell, including behind-the-scenes looks at volunteers, staff, or rescues. You can use videos to share those thought-provoking stories, let the people you serve tell their own stories, and turn your impact report into an engaging narrative. It's a powerful medium to build interest, create meaningful connections with target stakeholders, and drive donations.

Benefits of Using Videos for Nonprofit Campaigns

Stand Out From the Crowd

A well-tailored nonprofit video makes you stand out from the crowd so that you can rally the most support for your cause. You can add catchy animated characters and personality to differentiate your campaigns from others.

Share Your Expertise

By combining both visual and audio elements, videos make it much easier for you to share insights and experience that informs and inspires your target stakeholders. It shows them that you're really a professional and expert in your mission.

Connect With Stakeholders Emotionally

Videos provide you with a storytelling method that allows you to build an emotional connection with your donor, supporter, or volunteer. You can evoke emotions in the story so the messages are delivered in the most engaging way possible.

Share Your Missions Effortlessly

With nonprofit videos, you can let more people know about your organization and its mandate. It helps you seamlessly illustrate how the organizations really work and why viewers should take a part in it.

Build Trusts

Using nonprofit videos, you can showcase what problems your organization is currently solving and illustrate the main points about how it's working to solve the problem. This way, you can establish credibility and trust — which can lead to more donations.

Put a Face on Your Organization

Nonprofit videos are a handy way to turn a faceless, impersonal organization into a humanistic one that is authentic and approachable. In other words, it's a powerful medium to create originality and authenticity.

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