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Explainer Video for Fintech Business

Finance and technology have been growing closer in the past decade. The quick development of technology has sparked a trend where devices and software for financial purposes are developed quickly.

A knowledge gap can prevent people from understanding the value of your computer-based financial solutions. In order to introduce your financial innovations to a consumer base who aren’t tech savvy, you need a tool that breaks down complicated subjects into bite-sized information. This is where an explainer video can help educate your audience.

Why Choose an Explainer Video for a Finance Technology Company?

Explainer videos are educational tools that can help finance professionals understand the technologies being introduced to their day-to-day jobs.

Fintech firms are facing challenges introducing new technology along with new terms to a broad audience, including seniors. Explainer videos help break down new terms and technology into a simple presentation.

Animated explainer videos are practical tools to introduce innovations in the financial industry in a simple and understandable way.

Explainer videos are an engaging presentation tool that can be used to deliver a better pitch at a sales presentation.

Case Study: WizeFi - Your start-to-finish wealth-building system

Fintech Wizefi



Animated Explainer Video




YouTube, Facebook

Watch video of WizeFi

How We Achieved This Solution

WizeFi is a unique all-in-one service with an interesting concept. Making an explainer video for them was just a matter of deciding how to present a story that’s relatable to their target market creatively. We decided to use the “Meet the Fosters” in combination with a fluid motion graphic and a sprinkling of 3D animation.

WizeFi offers a companion app along with other subscription-based services such as consultation and education. We wanted to highlight each important feature within WizeFi’s app with distinguishable color -- hence the colorful tone. In addition to that, we made sure to mention their affiliate link, which is another interesting selling point for WizeFi.

Notable Features from the Video

  • The animation in this video is remarkably fluid, considering the number of on-screen elements it has.

  • Majority of the design from 0:35 to 0:59 referred to the actual user interface of WizeFi’s app.

  • We decided to use a 3D design for the smartphone you see in the video which enhances the overall visuals and brings more variety to the animation as a whole.

Case Study: Sage Pay - Simple, Flexible & Secure Payment Services

Fintech Sagepay

Sage Pay Ltd.


Animated Explainer Video




YouTube, Website

Watch video of SagePay

How We Achieved This Solution

Sage Pay’s e-invoicing is a straightforward service that helps businesses manage their financial administration. Almost all business are familiar with this challenge, and that’s why we didn’t want to spend too much time describing the issue.

We introduce Sage Pay as early as possible in this video to provide more time for other selling features. Throughout the video, we included a glimpse of how a transaction within Sage Pay will happen -- a brief tutorial video of some sort.

Notable Features from the Video

  • This video is really fast-paced due to the transition and progressive narration.

  • In addition to being an explainer video for Sage Pay’s service, the step-by-step explanation from 0:22 to 0:38 in this video can also serve as a tutorial.

  • Highlighting that there are only 4 steps to take in completing a transaction using Sage Pay shows the audience how user friendly the app is.

  • The final scene where all the invoice stacks disappear induces a sense of achievement that can be gained from using Sage Pay.

Case Study: 8 Securities

Fintech 8 Seccurities

8 Securities


Animated Explainer Video




YouTube, Website

Watch video of 8 Securities

How We Achieved This Solution

The fintech industry continually receives daily investments in its development. To make 8 Securities stay ahead of the game (now being rebranded as they are acquired by SoFi), we know that we have to work with brevity and creativity, and nothing does it better than motion graphic animation.

Considering that 8 Securities also appeal to Millenials and other younger generations, we focus on a clear, minimalistic design that can help viewers of all ages understand the service it offers. The endearing animated characters also enhance the visuals to showcase its features without actually saying them aloud.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Text overlay on the video helps the viewers to retain the message easily even when the video is muted.

  • Smooth transitions and motion graphics used in this video makes it easily noticeable across digital channels, especially social media.

  • User interface is shown to give viewers a sneak peek at how to use the service.

  • Uplifting background music adds a level of interest and fun without overpowering the core message.

Case Study: Collective Liquidity


Collective Liquidity


Animated Explainer Video




YouTube, Website

Watch video of Collective Liquidity

How We Achieved This Solution

The best way to deliver complex messages like this one is to use a minimalist, sleek animation. We used a white background to make the flowing motion graphics stand out while keeping everything slick and simple. It’s all about distilling the experiential elements for the viewer.

And aside from amazing graphics and well-suited background music, we created the video 100% laser-focused on its audience. The voiceover is written in a way that speaks directly to shareholders regarding both what the voiceover is saying and how he says it.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Get it down to a basic format, allowing you to focus on exactly what you want your viewers to see.

  • Focus on the benefits of using the solution from the first few seconds.

  • The voice-over includes the moments in between the words– those moments of connection rather than speed.

  • Highlight and emphasis key features by displaying texts on the screen. It improves the viewer’s experience without doing a total overhaul.

Benefits of Using an Explainer Video for a Fintech Company

Optimize Market Breach for Fintech Startups

An explainer video can be a powerful tool for companies within the financial sector who are looking at breaching the market with their latest tech implementation. They are particularly great for startups who are approaching marketing from a multi-platform perspective, as explainer videos can be used to breach virtually any market at once.

Breach the Market

Build a Future-Oriented Finance Professional User Base

The way people manage their finances is gradually shifting to technology-based methods. Technology is taking over everything, including the finances of our time while the accounting books are being stored away. Show that your company is an early adopter by using an explainer videos to introduce your financial products through digital marketing platforms.

Get Loyal Users

Showcase the Best Features of Fintech Innovation

The finance technology industry is full of fierce competition. There are plenty of great products being offered around the world. Show that your product has even more than what it takes to beat the competition by introducing its unique features with an explainer video.

Get Started Winning

Deliver a Simpler Pitch to Sell Your Products

Introducing your product while using financial terms like “Amortization”, “Home Equity Line of Credit”, “Overdraft Protection” or “Tax-Loss Selling” can be overwhelming for many – even finance professionals. Animated explainer videos help to add visual cues to help you deliver your pitch better.

Improve Your Sales Pitch

Demonstrate Actual Use Case of Your Financial Technology

Thousands of fintech companies rely on the text on their website’s homepage to describe what their products do. Make a difference – instead of telling people what your products can do, show them! Help them visualize how your product helps users manage their funds and get their invoices in order through animation. Our animated explainer videos are handcrafted from scratch to match anything your brand has to say!

Visualize Your Money App

Become a More Visible Fintech Company

The digital era helps us get more information easily, but with the flood of information on the Internet, it’s difficult to stand out. Make your accounting software and budgeting apps – or anything in between – stand out from the crowd.

Get Noticed on the Internet

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