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Explainer Video for Apps and Software Business

The app and software industries are experiencing rapid growth as a result of the rise in popularity of smartphones and computers in a global marketplace. It goes without saying that competition within the software development industry is fierce across every major operating system (eg. iOS, Android and Windows).

Using an explainer video to introduce software or an app can make your product or service more accessible for your target market, as well as help familiarize your existing audience with new features.

Why Choose an Explainer Video as an App or Software Development Company?

An animated explainer video can also act as a tutorial for users.

A visual introduction to software or a new app helps to convert new users and get them to stay.

An explainer video also helps to familiarize new users with the user interface (UI) of an app or software.

An explainer video is visual, which is crucial when showcasing an app and selling its features.

Case Study: HealMate




Animated Explainer Video




Website, Youtube

Watch video of HealMate

How We Achieved This Solution

HealMate is a health assistant app that allows you to track your habits and systems to help you recover real soon. As the healthcare industry has a crowded market place, we considered using animated 3D elements to make HealMate stand out from the crowd.

Explaining the related jargon can also be quite challenging in the industry. One of the best ways to explain this in an explainer video is by delivering messages that resonate with viewers on a personal level.

In this case, we create a narrative-driven story that introduces Celine as the main character to make viewers easily relate to her lifestyle and problems and offer them a solution.

Notable Features from the Video

  • The video starts with a compelling story, addressing the problem right from the first line to nail the attention.

  • A smooth transition of motion design combined with trendy color adds up to the efficiency of this video.

  • Well-executed storytelling technique in this video makes it versatile and shareable across digital platforms.

  • Within only a tight minute and seventeen seconds, viewers can retain all the crucial information and get eye-pleasing visuals as entertainment at the same time.

Case Study: PawHi - A Pawsome Community Where Dogs Are Family!




Animated Explainer Video




Website, Facebook

Watch video of PawHi

How We Achieved This Solution

PawHi is a one of a kind platform that connects dog lovers, can it get more wholesome than that?

The first thing that we had to figure out was how to communicate this wholesomeness to viewers. We decided to use pastel colors for our palette and combine as many colors as possible without ruining the aesthetics of each scene. For the music, we chose the liveliest track that we have in our library to further amplify the joyful message of the video.

We spent most of the video building a scenario that PawHi will be helpful in. After the 0:50 mark, we began to talk about the features that PawHi wanted to showcase -- and that’s pretty much it!

Notable Features from the Video

  • Dogs! We decided to feature many breeds of dog in the explainer video.

  • The combination of colors in this video is one of our favorites.

  • Due to the overall joyful tone, this video is easier to digest by viewers.

  • One of the characters in 0:49 is a visual representation of our illustrator, who drew everything in the video!

Case Study: Zuju Digital


Zuju Digital


Animated Explainer Video




Website, Facebook

Watch video of Zuju Digital

How We Achieved This Solution

We created this screencast animation for Zuju Digital, which is built with high-end HD video-capturing software in combination with light animation and professional voice-overs. A mock-up of cell phones is used to display the screen-capturing.

Additional effects like shadowing and zoom-in/out are added. All these small details help the viewer understand how the football community platform functions and how they can best use it.

Notable Features from the Video

  • The video viewer can see the platform's experience (i.e., where to navigate and ease of use).

  • Highlight all essential features and how users can access them.

  • Include short animated sections between screen recordings for smooth transitions and typography / animated text to highlight important points.

  • Consistent visual branding (the green football field background, football-themed background music, announcer-like voice-over) helps clearly communicate information. It retains the viewer’s attention for a more extended period of time.

Benefits of Using an Explainer Video as an App or Software Development Company

Showcase the Real Use Case of Your Apps

There are millions of apps available on various marketplaces right now. An animated explainer video helps to demonstrate and illustrate the real-life situations where your apps can be useful. Our explainer videos help you deliver a better first impression and get more users compared to using a text-based campaigns. In fact, 81 percent of people only skim the content they read online, while videos attract 300 percent more links than text-only posts.

Get More Users

Onboard New Users

An animated explainer video can be designed to include a short and essential tutorial that users may need to use your app optimally. Humans are naturally visual learners. In fact, 90% of information in our brain is visual. Having a visualized introduction for your apps that includes a visual tutorial? Perfect combo to inscribe your apps in people’s memory!

Start Visualizing Your Apps

Spark an Viral Online Discussion Loop

A short and sensational video has a better chance at entering a viral loop among Internet users. Our animated explainer videos have all it takes to qualify as share-worthy content: a nice animation, relatable storyline, short duration and ultimately your innovative apps!

Share Your App Online

Highlight the Unique Features of Your Apps

There is a great chance your app is not the first in the industry. But no doubt your app has unique features that other apps don’t. Leverage the uniqueness of your app to beat the competition by highlighting unique features using one of our custom-made animated explainer videos, made from scratch just for you!

Win the App Market

Build a Loyal Flock of Users

Animated explainer videos can be used as a user-nurturing tool. You can use an explainer to introduce the latest updates and extra features that you add to your apps. Or create animated screencast tutorials to keep new users from leaving your app because they’re too complicated!

Build Your User Base Now

Deliver a Simple Explanation for Your Sophisticated Apps

You can’t help showing off all the useful features in your apps. However, introducing so many features at once is a nightmare for first-time users, also known as Information Overload! Our animated explainer videos will help you simplify the process of introducing your feature-rich apps by cutting out unnecessary words and turning them into memorable visual cues!

Create an Explainer Video

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