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Employee Onboarding Videos for Apps Companies

In the app industry, onboarding a new user is different than onboarding a new hire. Whether it’s a new software developer or SEO specialist, employee onboarding videos make it easier.

The Right Tools for The Right Tasks

Employee Onboarding Videos

Easy to Follow

Employee onboarding videos are full of introductions and instructions– except it’s more engaging and retainable than text-heavy handouts. With the help of visuals, new hires can understand their job desk and your app company culture. This makes the whole onboarding process seamless.

Employee Onboarding Videos

Enhance HR performance

With the help of employee onboarding videos, the HR department doesn’t have to do mundane tasks in the onboarding process (i.e., introducing the team, listing all the policies, giving an office tour, etc.). New hires understand what your app company is all about and how they can contribute to the team.

How You Can Use It? App Demo Videos

An app company consists of a variety of teams in different departments, from software development to marketing. Each of them needs to be on the same page from day one. That’s why onboarding videos can be a great tool to ensure every employee understands what they should do.

Benefits of Using Employee Onboarding Videos for Apps Companies

Showcase Company Culture

Employee onboarding videos introduce new hires to your company’s missions. It helps them understand what your app company stands for and how everyone does their jobs. This helps them feel welcomed from the get-go.

Eliminate First-Day Anxiety

The first day at work is intimidating. Employee onboarding videos help new hires understand their new job, team, and company. It gives them peace of mind and makes them less nervous.

Benefits of Employee Onboarding Videos

Cut Onboarding Cost

You don’t need to invest in one-on-one training that can cost you extra bucks. Employee onboarding videos are shareable and repurposable, helping you to cut some budget for the onboarding program.

Set Clear Expectations

When employee onboarding videos are provided, new hires know exactly what to expect from your app company, including their job desk. No negative impression left that might affect their perceptions

Benefits of Employee Onboarding Videos

Help New Hires Settle Down

A well-created onboarding video allows new hires to obtain clarity on their job objectives and forge a good relationship with other employees. This process can result in more positive performance reviews.

Create Memorable Onboarding Experiences

A memorable onboarding experience not only makes employees feel welcome but also helps them gel with existing organizational family-like teams. This will end up in a harmonious organizational setting and a positive reputation.

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