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Explainer Videos for Healthcare Products

Healthcare is a billion-dollar industry with thousands of top-tier companies sharing the field with each other. As one of the necessary industries in the world, needless to say, competition will always exist.

This industry develops with the world. As technology advances, there are better medicines formulated and innovations are developed to improve the way people look after their health. In order to keep the world healthy with your latest innovation, you need to make sure they know what it’s for with an explainer video.

Why Choose Explainer Videos as a Company in the Healthcare Industry?

An explainer video can help your audience visualize the best practices to staying healthy instead of giving a text tutorial that can be misinterpreted.

The scientific side of the healthcare industry can be complicated. An explainer video can break down the most complicated subjects into bite-sized pieces.

Spreading awareness of critical health issues through the internet is much more efficient with explainer videos.

Its colorful and eye-catching elements makes an explainer video an engaging tool to show your awesome apps, gadgets, services or other health-related products to the market.

Case Study: Finalytics

Healthcare Finalytics



Animated Explainer Video





Watch video of Finalytics

How We Achieved This Solution

Finalytics is a niche service that aims to help medical facilities and professionals claim their insurance receivables on time. Since their target market is already clear, we decided to begin the video by addressing the medical provider directly. We proceeded to list their issues and outline the ways that Finalytics can solve them, rather than beating around the bush. We made sure to highlight the notorious labor-heavy insurance revenue cycles that require manual data input.

This is where Finalytics offers a helpful solution as an automated insurance revenue cycle platform. Finalytics’ great business model itself is what makes this video such high impact and engaging for their target market.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Because of the tempting offers given by Finalytics, we decided to create the visual to complement the narration to amplify its effect.

  • This video can be broken down into only two halves due to the abundance of issues to address and features to highlight.

  • In the first half of the video, we focused on showing viewers the issue with manually entering information each insurance revenue cycle. The intention here was to amplify the impact of Finalytics’ introduction.

  • The second half of this video explains how Finalytics works along with various features that come with it.

Case Study: ClearlyDerm

Healthcare Clearlyderm



Animated Explainer Video





Watch video of ClearlyDerm

How We Achieved This Solution

We already know one of the skin problems that most people have is acne, so we decided to go with a statistic on that. Next up is the problem introduction, where we highlighted that a proper diagnosis can significantly improve acne treatment, but doctor visits can be inconvenient – and that countertop products usually worsen the problem. Having done a proper problem introduction, we presented ClearlyDerm as a super convenient solution to consulting an expert about acne problems from the comfort of your home.

Notable Features from the Video

  • ClearlyDerm obviously handles more than just acne problems. Acne is the most common skin problem that can relate to almost anyone.

  • “Clear skin is just a photo away” is the simplest way to paraphrase what ClearlyDerm offers.

  • The color palette in this video was developed around ClearlyDerm’s logo.

  • The second half of this video explains how ClearlyDerm works, including follow-up consultation and prescription handling.

Benefits of Explainer Videos for Companies in the Healthcare Industry

Simplify the Healthcare Product Pitch to Get More Customers

Issues related to healthcare are often difficult for patients and people in general to understand. An animated explainer can be designed to create characters and objects to convey information to viewers in a simple and concise video.

Simplify Your Product Pitch

Demonstrate Your Expertise Through Education

You can build a reputation as an expert in the healthcare industry by educating people using animated explainer videos. There are many topics about health and well-being that people still don’t fully understand. Show your expertise by educating them about those topics and earn their respect as an industry expert.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Introduce the World to a Better Life with Your Health Products

Promoting a healthcare or medical related digital product through blatant advertising is nothing but common. An explainer video can help you create a useful and informative marketing campaign that educates the world about the health benefits that can be achieved with your products.

Introduce a Better Life

Show How Your Medical Products Work Visually

Help your audience visualize how your latest flagship CT Scanner works better than the last generation to let customers know that it’s worth every penny they are paying you. Or, you can show how your medicines work on a molecular level effectively using animation.

Show Your Product Visually

Explore the Online Marketing Route to Promote Your Medical Facilities

Search engine marketing and social media marketing are the two routes that can attract more people into picking your clinic as their go-to facility. With explainer videos, you can approach various online marketing channels with just one video.

Market Your Facility Online

Boost Your Company’s Brand Awareness Online

At a time where digital content is flooding our smartphones, creating an eye-catching video is an efficient way to stand out from others. An animated explainer video can be customized to stand out from other content and get an improved brand awareness online.

Boost Your Brand Awareness

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