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Explainer Video for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The Cryptocurrency industry is growing exponentially and it’s even more complex than you think. The competition within the industry is just as complicated as the technology behind it. There are new ICO’s, trading platforms, and conversion portals launching around the world.

As the Blockchain market is blooming, more newcomers are arriving from the non-tech-savvy side of the world. Companies in the industry have to make themselves presentable to the world.

Introducing, animated explainer videos.

Why You Need an Explainer Video for Your Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Company

Using an explainer video in the cryptocurrency sector can be especially helpful as it can help provide a viewer-friendly description of complicated Blockchain-based innovations.

Colourful animation helps people to understand the concepts behind the product, rather than getting overwhelmed by complicated industry-related jargon.

Their short, bite-sized format helps to simplify the concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchains, making them easier to comprehend, despite their complexity.

As an eye-catching visual content, explainer videos are handy to reach a wider market for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain based services.

Case Study: Zeux




Animated Explainer Video





Watch video of Zeux

How We Achieved This Solution

We started the video by addressing the most common issue with investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency: confusion and hassle. There are many different apps that people need to use to manage and put their digital money to use. After making sure that all problems were properly introduced, we brought in Zeux. We created this video with the purpose of highlighting all of Zeux’s functionality in a fast-paced showreel to induce a hype to interested viewers.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Majority of this video was created in 3D-style animation.

  • Due to the rich features of Zeux, we had to compress each section into a 3-5 second period.

  • The music we used in this video was designed to build a hype gradually from start to end.

  • The screens you see at the end of the video are Zeux’s actual user interface.

Case Study: MOVA - The Supply Chain of Tomorrow




Animated Explainer Video




Website, YouTube

Watch video of MOVA

How We Achieved This Solution

Cryptocurrency is on the rise, and making MOVA stand out from hundreds of other cryptocurrency platforms is quite an exciting challenge.

MOVA is proud of being the futuristic supply chain that the world needs right now. Based on that, we started the video with a supply delivery problem that takes too much time. On the first minute, we focused on describing problems with the connection, or lack thereof, among suppliers in the world. Once we felt the problems were clearly communicated, we introduced MOVA.

Because cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are still too complex for many people, we squeeze in as much information about MOVA’s features as possible in order to minimize the information gap.

Notable Features from the Video

  • There are three scenes in this video that emphasize MOVA’s dedication to being the connectors of suppliers from around the world. You can see them in 0:00-0:05, 0:40-0:45, and 2:00-2:10

  • The type of voiceover in this video is calming and slow-paced, which is the perfect type to explain a rather complex subject, such as MOVA’s services.

  • In 1:30-1:40, you can see one of MOVA’s unique features; the option to either tip or penalize senders for their services. The display on the right is actual UI from MOVA’s app.

Case Study: Tokky - Redefining the Gift and Discount Card Industry




Animated Explainer Video





Watch video of Tokky

How We Achieved This Solution

For this project, we went with one of the most proven storytelling methods: problem - solution approach. With a complex topic, like blockchain technology, Tokky needs a simple, unsophisticated storyline that actually can help them to convert.

We start lightly with how gift card industry is bloated and reeks of growing cost, and then explain how blockchain technology can help to ease the burden by eliminating costs, without compromising the security.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Tokky needs people to easily recognize their branding. To do that, we created colorful scenes, characters, and settings that would resonate with Tokky’s audience.

  • It can be tempting to go into too much detail when you’re explaining blockchain technology as there are so many concepts to explain, we produced a script that’s quite long, and then condense it to a 1:30 second video.

  • With it’s “sophisticated” concept, we created a balanced pastel color palette with a hint of lavender and salmon color that remained consistent throughout the entire video.

Benefits of an Explainer Video for Your Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Company

Convert Your Website Visitors Into Investors

In the cryptocurrency world, people keep browsing for new ICO’s websites and cryptocurrency related portals like trading, mining and exchange platforms in search of a beneficial investment. With an animated explainer video, you can explain the process and stages to invest in your ICO and convince them to take the next step!

Start Converting

Spark Excitement to Your ICOs

Seeing is believing. People are reluctant to pay or invest if they’re not convinced. Show people what your cryptocurrency product offers and you will be surprised. Nine out of ten people find that seeing a product video online helps in deciding whether or not they will spend money on a product – and 73% of them make a purchase after seeing a product video. You should be able to draw the conclusion here.

Start a Buzz for Your ICO

Simplify the Blockchain Technology for a Better Pitch

Saying that Blockchain technology is complicated is an obvious understatement. Many people who are interested on investing in crypto startups are afraid because they don’t know how cryptocurrency works. Convince them to invest in your ICO and get them to use your trading platform using explainer videos. Each of our videos are designed to help people understand a product and how it works in a simple and entertaining way.

Get an Explainer Video

Engage Cryptocurrency Investors to Join Your ICO Airdrop

There are hundreds of ICOs out there and if yours has no way to be noticed, you won’t get enough investors. Our animated explainer videos are multi-platform tools that you can use to spread the word about your coin and everything exciting about it anywhere on the Internet.

Gain More Investments

Showcase the Superiority of Your Blockchain-based Apps

Blockchain technology has many features that the current banking systems are lacking. If you build an app based on Blockchain technology, make sure to include all features in a detailed list of benefits. Our animated explainer videos can help you put a spotlight on features that your Blockchain-based solution does better than the rest of your competitors combined.

Start Creating a Video

Establish a Strong Presence Where Your Audience Is

The majority of cryptocurrency startups don’t gain significant traction because they spend their resources building a presence in the wrong place. Conduct your research before hastily starting any marketing campaign. Our animated explainer videos are multi-platform tools with superb ROI that can be used on virtually any marketing platform on the Internet!

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