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Explainer Video for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

At Breadnbeyond, we believe in the power of decentralization and security offered by the blockchain technology.

This is not only limited to helping our customers produce their blockchain-related videos, but also by using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in our daily lives.

From playing games like Town Star and Decentraland, to managing our own cryptocurrency investment portfolio that have significantly grown in 2021. We believe in the technology behind the cryptocurrency by accepting payment in ERC-20 to our digital wallet.

Our blockchain and cryptocurrency animated explainer videos can help explaining the main concept behind this industry. And if your product is for public use, we understand how to explain it to non-technical people in easy-to-understand English terms. After all, our goal is to assist businesses explaining their hard to understand ideas and making it common practice to communicate in a more visual way.

If your product is all about technical stuff for engineers, we can explain it with animation style that fits your brand voice while carrying the weight of the features.

All this makes us different. A little less talk, a lot more action.

If you own a blockchain startup and would like to talk and see how we can help you, click below.

What is Blockchain?

Many people struggle to understand the concept of blockchain. Well, it’s a quite techy topic after all. That’s why visualization (such as whiteboard, motion graphic animations, infographics, etc.,) is involved to break down the abstract explanation.

In very basic terms, blockchain technology is a shared database that is managed by a global network of computers— that can be programmed to record and track anything of value, from financial transactions to medical records or even land titles.

At this point, you might be wondering, “but, we already have processes in place to track data, don't we?”

What makes blockchain so special, then?

We need to break down the reasons why blockchain stands to revolutionize the way we interact with each other. We’ve created an ultimate guide to dive into more in-depth about blockchain technology, how it works, how it will change the world (beyond cryptocurrency), what problems does it resolve, and how it can be used. See the guide along with an infographic here: The Ultimate Guide to Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain Emerging Trends

The blockchain industry is fast-paced and ever-evolving. It’s so much more than cryptocurrency now.

Here are some of the emerging, exciting industry trends that are here to stay.

Blockchain Games

Blockchain gaming emerged as one of the fastest-growing (and most lucrative) niches within the industry in 2021.

The idea of the metaverse has been gaining traction, and many promising play-to-earn gaming projects flooded the industry to capitalize on this huge opportunity.

We can say that the blockchain game is a lighthearted, smooth way to bring more users to the crypto ecosystem. Those games would actually incentivize players with built-in rewards or financial gains for their gaming skills, time, and efforts.

For gamers, who can’t afford to miss on the opportunity to make money from your hobby?

If you’re interested in dabbling in blockchain games and earning crypto or non-fungible tokens (NFs), here is an ultimate list of blockchain games you should definitely check out: 80+ Popular Blockchain Games to Play and Earn.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFT)

Non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs, have been among the most buzzed terms in the blockchain industry recently.

These digital tokens have disrupted the digital world and industries. We’re seeing NFTs are being adopted by more and more industries as diverse in gaming, entertainment, finance, art, and even healthcare.

It all makes sense since the concept of NFT itself plays well with today’s human needs of ownership and authenticity.

With billions traded over non-fungible tokens and a solid community behind this sophisticated technology, we can see that the potential applications of NFTs are near endless.

Blockchain Startups

Blockchain was once a not-so-familiar buzzword in the digital space.

Today, it has become a legitimate disruptor in a myriad of businesses from different industries.

The versatility and decentralized nature of blockchain are attracting an increasing number of businesses of all sizes.

There are a lot of startups that are bringing new ideas and creativity to the table as well as making the most innovative use of the digital ledger.

Educational Crypto Videos

Blockchain explanation is complicated. It’s so complicated that you have to use an analogy to make the explanation much easier to digest.

In this situation, blockchain and crypto companies may face the challenge of explaining the complicated concept to non-tech-savvy audiences.

Most of the time, those 5,000-word ultimate guides or colorful infographics just won’t cut it. A more effective medium is needed to give everyone with different tech knowledge levels a solid understanding of the concept.

That’s where educational cryptocurrency videos are becoming popular.

Many blockchain and crypto companies invest in explainer videos to simplify the concept in an exciting story that entertains audiences and even turns them into loyal customers.

You might have seen a bunch of explainer videos about blockchain or cryptocurrency on your social media feeds, pre-roll ads on video-hosting platforms, or authoritative websites.

Why You Need an Explainer Video for Your Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Company

A crypto animation video can be helpful to explain about the concept of cryptocurrency as it can help provide viewers a friendly description of complicated Blockchain-based innovations.

Colorful animation helps people to understand the concept and application behind the boring product, rather than getting overwhelmed by complicated industry-related jargon.

Its short, bite-sized format helps to simplify the concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchains, making it easier to comprehend, despite the complexity of its underlying platform.

As an eye-catching visual content, an explainer video is always useful to reach a wider market for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain based services.

Case Study: Planet Finance


Planet Finance


Animated Explainer Video





Watch video of Planet Finance

How We Achieved This Solution

We start the video with a straightforward question about how Gamma works. The voice narrator explains the basics accordingly, including the definition of Gamma and how it works in the finance ecosystem.

We continue by introducing the Green Planet and revealing the role of Gamma and its benefits in the ecosystem. The sequential explanation makes viewers retrieve information easier.

We use space-like animation to represent Gamma in the planet finance. Minimalistic yet trendy visuals are able to portray key points delivered by the narrator.

Notable Features from the Video

  • The sequential explanation helps viewers comprehend the materials better.

  • The objects illustrations portray key points to help viewers retain crucial information.

  • The Smooth movements and well-designed motion graphics are very pleasing to the eyes.

  • The Subtle sound effects help deliver information more interestingly.

  • Formal tone voice-over and not-too-heavy choice of words are easy to understand even for beginners.

Case Study: PRISM




Animated Explainer Video





Watch video of PRISM

How We Achieved This Solution

We start the video with a brief explanation about Defi. When a viewer has an idea of what the key concept is all about, it would be much easier for them to understand why they need PRISM.

We keep the visual minimalistic as the script or voice-over breaks down quite a complex explanation. While viewers focus on the message, we make sure that they have such a simple yet eye-pleasing visual that helps them retain crucial information.

Notable Features from the Video

  • The right voice-over tone and pace to help even a complete newbie better understand the message.

  • The subtle music we used in this video was designed to help viewers retain the message from start to end.

  • Flawless motion graphics with 3D elements that only professionals can create.

  • The well-designed concept gives the video a professional, trendy look.

Case Study: Multi

Cryptocurrency Multi



Animated Explainer Video





Watch video of Multi

How We Achieved This Solution

Multi is a margin-first digital asset trading platform. With this animated explainer video, the company has taken its marketing game to the next level.

It's hard for some of you to understand cryptocurrencies entirely right off the bat. But, with the help of motion graphics animation, the explanation can be seamlessly simplified so viewers can retain it better.

With all other cryptocurrency services out there, we're aware to make multi stands out among its competitors. That's why we use a unique color palette to attract viewers' attention and keep the explanation as concise as possible to make them stay.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Using very basic sentences, the narration utilizes the visuals to guide the viewers to understand the content.

  • The conversational voice-over makes it easy to explain all features painlessly and deduce how exactly multi can benefit its user.

  • The numbers that show on the screen can help the viewers to remember the crucial information.

  • The uplifting background music really sets the vibe. It's inviting and heartening to listen to, while also being ideal for every scene.

Case Study: Tokky - Redefining the Gift and Discount Card Industry

Cryptocurrency Tokky



Animated Explainer Video





Watch video of Tokky

How We Achieved This Solution

For this project, we went with one of the most proven storytelling methods: problem - solution approach. With a complex topic, like blockchain technology, Tokky needs a simple, unsophisticated storyline that actually can help them to convert.

We start lightly with how gift card industry is bloated and reeks of growing cost, and then explain how blockchain technology can help to ease the burden by eliminating costs, without compromising the security.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Tokky needs people to easily recognize their branding. To do that, we created colorful scenes, characters, and settings that would resonate with Tokky’s audience.

  • It can be tempting to go into too much detail when you’re explaining blockchain technology as there are so many concepts to explain, we produced a script that’s quite long, and then condense it to a 1:30 second video.

  • With it’s “sophisticated” concept, we created a balanced pastel color palette with a hint of lavender and salmon color that remained consistent throughout the entire video.

Case Study: Plutus

Cryptocurrency Plutus



Animated Explainer Video




Website, YouTube

Watch video of Plutus

How We Achieved This Solution

We are fully aware that cryptocurrency is such a complex topic to understand. That's why we rely on simple yet elegant animation to break down what Plutus offers in the cryptocurrency industry.

The motion graphic animation used in this video explains how Plutus integrates cryptocurrencies into everyday life concisely, without having to cram every little bit of information down the viewers' throat.

The detailed sound effects emphasize what's on the screen and are used to engage viewers, tempting them to watch the video all the way through.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Fine-tuned and concise script makes the whole information on this blockchain explainer video much more digestible.

  • Key messages and value propositions are placed in the first 20 seconds so it can grab more eyeballs and perk more ears up form the get-go.

  • Calming blockchain animation, combined with relaxed voice-over make the narration easy to understand, helping viewers to understand what Plutus is all about.

  • At the end of the video, there's a clear CTA to guide viewers on how they can purchase and enjoy the service.

Case Study: Zeux

Cryptocurrency Zeux



Animated Explainer Video





Watch video of Zeux

How We Achieved This Solution

We started the video by addressing the most common issue with investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency: confusion and hassle. There are many different apps that people need to use to manage and put their digital money to use. After making sure that all problems were properly introduced, we brought in Zeux. We created this video with the purpose of highlighting all of Zeux’s functionality in a fast-paced showreel to induce a hype to interested viewers.

Notable Features from the Video

  • Majority of this video was created in 3D-style animation.

  • Due to the rich features of Zeux, we had to compress each section into a 3-5 second period.

  • The music we used in this video was designed to build a hype gradually from start to end.

  • The screens you see at the end of the video are Zeux’s actual user interface.

Benefits of an Explainer Video for Your Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Company

Convert Your Website Visitors Into Investors

In the cryptocurrency world, people keep browsing for new ICO’s websites and cryptocurrency related portals like trading, mining and exchange platforms in search of a beneficial investment. With an animated explainer video, you can explain the process and stages to invest in your ICO and convince them to take the next step!

Start Converting

Spark Excitement to Your ICOs

Seeing is believing. People are reluctant to pay or invest if they’re not convinced. Show people what your cryptocurrency product offers and you will be surprised. Nine out of ten people find that seeing a product video online helps in deciding whether or not they will spend money on a product – and 73% of them make a purchase after seeing a product video. You should be able to draw the conclusion here.

Start a Buzz for Your ICO

Simplify the Blockchain Technology for a Better Pitch

Saying that Blockchain technology is complicated is an obvious understatement. Many people who are interested on investing in crypto startups are afraid because they don’t know how cryptocurrency works. Convince them to invest in your ICO and get them to use your trading platform using explainer videos. Each of our videos are designed to help people understand a product and how it works in a simple and entertaining way.

Get an Explainer Video

Engage Cryptocurrency Investors to Join Your ICO Airdrop

There are hundreds of ICOs out there and if yours has no way to be noticed, you won’t get enough investors. Our animated explainer videos are multi-platform tools that you can use to spread the word about your coin and everything exciting about it anywhere on the Internet.

Gain More Investments

Showcase the Superiority of Your Blockchain-based Apps

Blockchain technology has many features that the current banking systems are lacking. If you build an app based on Blockchain technology, make sure to include all features in a detailed list of benefits. Our animated explainer videos can help you put a spotlight on features that your Blockchain-based solution does better than the rest of your competitors combined.

Start Creating a Video

Establish a Strong Presence Where Your Audience Is

The majority of cryptocurrency startups don’t gain significant traction because they spend their resources building a presence in the wrong place. Conduct your research before hastily starting any marketing campaign. Our animated explainer videos are multi-platform tools with superb ROI that can be used on virtually any marketing platform on the Internet!

Get a Superb ROI

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