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The Visual Guide to Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency [Infographic]

Originally published November 28, 2018  ·  Updated April 5, 2023
The Visual Guide to Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency [Infographic]

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is a decentralized ledger of all transactions in a peer-to-peer network. It was invented by a group/individual with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Blockchain allows transaction and data verification without going through a central certifying authority.

How Does the Blockchain Work?

Blockchain processes transaction requests by broadcasting it to a peer-to-peer (P2P) network made up of computers known as nodes. The nodes will verify and record the transaction — this can be in the form of cryptocurrency transaction, records, contracts, or other information.

Once the transaction is verified, the nodes create a new block of information to be added to the blockchain. People create new block and add it to the existing blockchain — at this point, the new block can’t be tampered with anymore and the transaction is complete.

Blockchain Implementations

Here is a list of startups and companies who use blockchain technology as the foundation for their products.

Blockchain Trading Platforms

Blockchain helps trading platforms to improve their security and reduce costs which are otherwise necessary, like server maintenance.

Examples of blockchain-based trading platforms:

  • WeTrade
  • Binance

Blockchain Based Logistics and Transport

Since the data in a blockchain can’t be altered or lost easily, it’s more efficient to track the supply chain and transport history.

Examples of blockchain-based logistics and transportation platforms:

  • CargoConX
  • MOVA
  • Arcade City

Blockchain Based Healthcare Companies

The healthcare industry uses Blockchain-based technology to digitize and share access to health records in order to improve inter-facility treatment for patients.

Examples of blockchain-based healthcare apps:

  • Finalytics
  • Medicalchain
  • Nebula Genomics

Blockchain Based Payment Gateways

Payment gateways were definitely one of the first industries that bloomed rapidly along with the popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Examples of blockchain-based payment gateways:

  • Bitpay
  • CoinBase
  • CoinGate

How Blockchain Startups Breach the Market

The blockchain is an awesome invention, but it isn’t really well-introduced to the world. Even the inventor’s real identity is unknown!

The limited understanding from the general public about blockchain is one of the problems that cause many blockchain startups to disband. The blockchain is already a complicated invention as it is. It is often the case that such a complex subject overwhelms people and discourages them from trying out a new product.

Educative visual content such as infographics and explainer videos are super effective at breaking down complicated subjects like blockchain into bite-sized pieces of information.

  • Approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners. By using an explainer video for blockchain startups, you can communicate your idea better to your audience.
  • 90 percent of all the information transmitted to our brains is visual – this means that our brain is more used to receiving information that’s tied to an illustration.
  • We are able to grasp a visual scene in less than 1/10th of a second. Compared to reading an entire blog post about blockchain, a 1-minute explainer video should be more than enough to introduce the concept to your audience.
  • Visual aids in the classroom improve learning by up to 400 percent. Videos and infographics can definitely help your audience understand blockchain.

The Infographic for Blockchain Startups

Below is an infographic on why blockchain is future-proof technology that can be applied beyond cryptocurrencies as it’s famous. You will also learn everything you need to know about the mysterious invention. With this infographic by Breadnbeyond, you can learn how blockchain startups should overcome their marketing problems:

Blockchain Technology Infographic

<div style="clear:both"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img src="" class="img-embed" title="The Visual Guide to Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency [Infographic]" alt="The Visual Guide to Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency [Infographic]" width="800" height="12695" border="0"/></a></div><div>Courtesy of: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Breadnbeyond</a></div>

Finally, we can help you simplify your blockchain-powered product or service explanation using a fully customized, easy-to-digest video. Define your goal, choose your video style, and let us do the rest. Start by clicking the banner below!

Blockchain Explainer Video