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We craft animated videos to build excitement and engagement with your product, even before it even hits the shelves.

Why Animated Videos?

Full of Eye-Pleasing Motions

Our brain pays a lot of attention to color and motions. Animated videos include both to give your audiences a sneak peek at what your new items are all about. It would be much easier for you to attract eyeballs and introduce your new products or services with animated videos. By building the hype in the first place, it can ensure a solid awareness of your new items that can lead to a successful launch.

Reduce Marketing Cost

Animated videos help you reach out to more people, from Gen Z to older generations. Funny characters and story-driven narrative are appealing to wider audiences, making the content more enticing to share. And the more people share it, the higher your chances to reduce overall marketing costs.

How Can Breadnbeyond Help You

We can help you craft various types of animations from scratch to boost your product launch — from classic cartoon animation to the latest motion graphics to explain your new items concisely and to the point. With animated videos, we’re not going into great depth about every aspect of your new items. We can simply get the word out there and catch people’s attention so that they’re familiar and excited with your upcoming items and product launch.

Build Hype for a New Product Launch With Breadnbeyond

Create a Buzz Around New Products

Our animated videos are created as a way of generating buzz around your new product launch. We help and work closely with you to take your product launch from good to great by attracting more audiences and sparking their curiosity.

Set a Clear Expectation

You can give your audiences a picture of what your new products are going to look like and how it helps them solve their problem. It helps you generate more trust as the audience has reasons why they need to buy the new product.

Show, Don’t Tell

Animated videos allow you to show audiences how your new product works in action and how using it will solve their problems. This helps them clear up any concerns and questions they may have.

Make It Engaging for Variety of Audiences

Our animated videos help you to engage a variety of audiences—from those who are eagerly waiting to those who barely know your brand. The more it appeals to broader audiences, the more chances you'll have to get more people "queuing up" for the release.

Set Your New Product Apart from Competitors

Using unique animated characters, easy-to-understand animation styles, and professional voice-over, we help you highlight your selling points so you can stand out from your competition and make your audiences eagerly await the launch day.

Get an Initial Feedback from Your Audience

With our animated videos, you can get a solid grasp of how your audiences react to your new product. You can incorporate those responses into your overall marketing strategy to ensure product launch success.

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