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We produce animated videos that are simple, quick, and concise. We help you break down complex concepts into snackable chunks so you can communicate your messages more effectively.

Why Animated Videos?

Bring Abstract Ideas to Life

It’s challenging to demonstrate complex or abstract ideas (e.g., blockchain, DNA, virus reproduction, atomic structure, etc.) using live-action videos. Meanwhile, animated videos use fictional characters and intriguing voice-overs to make those highly abstract scientific concepts comprehensible. That is how you educate your audiences better.

Bring Fun and Lightheartedness

Animated videos put your audience in a learning environment while entertaining them at the same time. The attribution of human characteristics, emotions, or behavior to non-human entities like inanimate objects makes the story and explanation more engaging. Adding humor and parodies helps viewers focus, eventually leading to better learning outcomes.

How Can Breadnbeyond Help You

We are passionate about creating story-driven animated videos that will help educate your audience. We help to craft your messages and stories better than a fairy tale, so you can introduce your products or services in a charismatic and unobtrusive way. This way, you can break down even complex messages into snackable chunks to help audiences understand better the message you are trying to deliver.

Educate Your Audiences With Breadnbeyond

Concise and Straightforward

Animated videos simplify crucial information and bring any ideas to life with a little effort. The shorter your messages are, the better audiences will understand them. This can help improve engagement and retention.

Set the Tone

Animation is a tone-setter. Appealing visuals and thought-provoking sounds are capable of establishing a tone for your message. By setting the right tone, you can help audiences to understand and retain the message better.

Tell Intriguing Story

We craft a set of continuous pictures being played in quick succession that get audiences hooked as it conveyed a story. This storytelling helps with learning because stories are easy to remember.

Improve Retention of Complex Concepts

Our animated videos simplify otherwise complex ideas and information, making them easier to understand for your audiences. It helps you illustrate everything, from human or machine anatomy to economics or geographical events.

Add a Comic Relief

Animated characters are a comic relief that can help break up complicated explanations with a bit of humor. People love humor as it makes the learning process less serious. Well-delivered humor keeps audiences’ attention from dwindling and makes them more likely to recall learned information.

Expand Your Reach

Animated videos make your content more appealing to audiences of all ages, from professionals to even teenagers. It makes it much easier for you to expand your reach and educate more people about your message.

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