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Employee Onboarding Videos for Insurance Companies

An insurance company is all about trust, and there is no better way to build trust within your own team than with a personalized employee onboarding video.

The Right Tools for The Right Tasks

Employee Onboarding Videos

Give New Hires a Warm Welcome

A personalized onboarding video can show new hires that the company is excited to have them on board and make a great first impression. This will create a great first impression and eliminate any first-day anxiety– which can speed up the onboarding process.

Employee Onboarding Videos

Provide an Overview of What to Expect

New hires may not be familiar with the insurance industry or the particular company’s processes, so providing an overview in an onboarding video helps ensure that they are up to speed on the basics. This way, you can prevent any common errors many new hires make.

How You Can Use It? App Demo Videos

For insurance companies, onboarding videos can be a powerful tool to introduce new hires to their role and the organization as a whole. These videos provide an effective way for employees to learn about company culture and policies and become familiar with different departments.

Benefits of Using Employee Onboarding Videos for Insurance Companies

Introduce Company’s Values

Onboarding videos can introduce new hires to the company’s culture, values, and mission statement in an engaging and efficient manner. This will help them adapt quickly to the new environment.

Introduce Them to the Team

An onboarding video provides an opportunity for new hires to meet their team and get to know them better before starting day one. It would make it easier for the whole team to collaborate and engage with each other.

Benefits of Employee Onboarding Videos

Explain Company Policies & Procedures

A well-made onboarding video can quickly explain company policies and procedures, so new hires have a better understanding of what is expected of them. Making it clear helps them understand their job description better.

Outline Company Culture & Values

Onboarding videos can also give new hires an insight into the company’s values and culture which helps them make informed decisions about their career path in the insurance industry.

Benefits of Employee Onboarding Videos

Familiarize Employees with Benefits

New hires should be made aware of the benefits available to them as soon as possible, so an onboarding video can outline these and provide any additional information required in a matter of minutes.

Promote Cross-Departmental Collaboration

An insurance company’s success depends on the successful collaboration between departments, and an onboarding video can introduce new hires to the different areas of the company.

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