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Explainer Videos for Fintech Companies

If you want to scale and sustain your fintech business, branding is the ultimate answer. Explainer videos come in handy for building and strengthening your fintech brand.

The Right Tools for The Right Tasks

Explainer Videos  The Right Tools

Grab Attention Instantly

Explainer videos involve animation that grabs attention almost instantly. It stops potential users on their course and makes them pay attention to your visuals and the subsequent messaging. This is a powerful way to engage a younger audience that’s always in a rush and has a limited attention span.

Explainer Videos - The Right Tools (2)

Show the UX/UI

For fintech apps, explainer videos can show the dashboard and give potential users a glimpse into the user interface. This will help them understand how they can get the most out of the apps. Providing them with a visual makes them understand why they should make downloads in the first place.

How You Can Use It? App Demo Videos

Fintech products or services need to be clearly communicated in order for potential users to have a solid grasp of the concept. Explainer videos offer a digestible format to deliver your complex messaging using a combination of striking visuals and audio elements.

Benefits of Using Explainer Videos for Fintech Companies

Encourage More Downloads

You can add explainer videos to your landing page, the home page, or app store listing on App Store/Google Play. This will help potential users to understand the fintech app and gain confidence to hit the download button.

Stands Out In The Crowd

There’s a good chance you and other fintech businesses have a similar marketing strategy. Explainer videos help you separate yourself from them. They give you opportunities to show your brand voice and personality.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Create Engagement

Fintech explainer videos have long been used as a way to tell effective stories. With appealing visuals, they can turn quite techy topics into more snackable, digestible chunks of content.

Enhance Value Proposition

Animated fintech explainer videos can help explain and highlight your key features and add more value to your products or services. This collectively enhances your value proposition, which subsequently creates brand-building opportunities.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Make a Lasting Impression

Fintech explainer videos have more retention value owing to engaging visuals and storytelling elements. This will create long-lasting impressions and top-in-mind awareness, helping you develop a strong brand identity.

Expand User Reach

Explainer videos are a versatile type of video. They can be designed for audiences of all ages and knowledge levels. You can reach out to more mainstream potential users for your fintech app or products.

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