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Explainer Videos for Business: Do Companies Need Them? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Originally published May 2, 2012  ·  Updated January 30, 2024
Explainer Videos for Business: Do Companies Need Them? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you’ve just started your business or have already established a steady income, you always need to update and work on your marketing strategy.

You have to spare some time to observe how other business owners promote their companies as well as products or services, then use what you’ve learned to help improve your own marketing strategy and increase the outcome of your production.

That said, many businesses still struggle in their early stages with bringing their products to their target market the right way. And if you’re running a small business or start-up of some sort, I’m sure you can relate to this.

The reason?

Mostly because most new businesses still have no clue about a high-performing type of content they can use to outsmart the competition and take their marketing campaign to the next level.

Don’t fret, though. There’s one budget-friendly yet effective marketing medium you can use to overcome the challenge: explainer videos.

You may have found all sorts of media that are worked in the past, but we believe there’s always an opportunity to grow for creative people who think outside the box.

Why Do You Need Explainer Videos for Business?

If you want to improve your online marketing strategy with new tools, amazing explainer videos are an out-of-the-box solution for you.

They combine moving text, graphics, animation, still images, and any other media you’d like to use to describe your business. Using an explainer video is a great way to help potential buyers understand what you do without having to read a chunk of text.

When it comes to design, there are a variety of animation styles for explainer videos to choose from whiteboard, motion graphics, 3D animation, kinetic typography, and you name it.

Essentially an explainer video is an easy way to guide your audience through the origins of your product while keeping them captivated with unique animation, catchy music, and resources of information.

In this blog, I’ll talk about whether you really need one.

Oh, also, let’s not forget about this staggering number on the video marketing statistics:

CISCO reports showed that at least 82% of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads by 2022. That’s an 88% increase in traffic share from 72.3% in 2017!

This means more and more people are watching videos, which is good news for your company IF you are using an explainer to promote your business.

Many businesses create products or services that didn’t exist previously. They often find difficulty in introducing their one-of-a-kind offers to the public.

While you can just write blurbs about your start-up and what you sell, that method isn’t as prominent as it used to be.

Let’s break down some essential reasons why explainer videos should be one of the must-have content for your business, regardless of your business size and what industry you belong to!

Explainer Videos Convey Information Faster and Better

Psychologically speaking, explainer videos simply obliterate texts and images when it comes to delivering information to your users.

Only 2 out of 10 people remember the information they read, and only 1 remembers what they heard.

To make it even worse, the average internet user now only spends between 10-20 seconds on a page if they don’t see a compelling reason to stay longer.

The first ten seconds are crucial in providing that compelling reason by clearly articulating your value proposition.

With that short period of time, you shouldn’t rely too heavily on text and still images since they aren’t truly compelling for most of your users.

Keep this in mind: Most of your users have neither the time nor the desire to investigate why they should take you up on your offer.

BreadnBeyond made an explainer video for Galaxy Digital that provides their offer within the first 15 seconds. Check it out:

In addition to being more visually attractive and attention-drawing, explainer videos work because the human brain receives visual information at a rate 60,000 times faster than textual information.

Explainer videos harness visual and auditory components to give your users a compelling reason to stay AND provide them with your value proposition.

Explainer Videos Take Your Pitch Everywhere

As a company in the luminous days (you know, because of screens everywhere) of everything online, I assume you’ve signed up your company for at least a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn account.

That’s already four different marketing channels in which you can make use of an explainer video.

Being digital content, explainer videos can take your pitch literally anywhere on the Internet.

You can share an explainer video on other platforms such as YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, and Instagram — basically, any platform that supports video sharing.

Besides, 70% of internet users are watching online videos.

So, go ahead and show them the best visual representation your business can have.

In the previous decade, having a video was secondary to and in support of a company’s textual marketing.

But things are different now, and it’s time to switch to using videos as the main form of marketing and text as a supplement for information that can’t be included in video format.

Explainer Videos are Better for Search Engine Optimization

You might not have noticed it, but websites with videos are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page.

video rich snippet google

If you were presented with a huge, inviting video thumbnail and a line of text, which one would you click first?

Of course the thumbnail!

Your video is 41% more likely to get clicks compared to text listings, and that’s one way to increase brand awareness and improve your website’s authority.

Explainer Videos Have Trackable ROI

Every marketing specialist knows that any investments you make must be measurable to know which are really worth investing in.

An explainer video is among the measurable ones.

The great thing about investing in an explainer video is that you can track its performance more easily and more thoroughly.

On YouTube, for instance, you can see the exact times that your video was watched. Using this data, you can further analyze which time of the day your audience is most active on the Internet.

One of our most successful videos, “What Is Pinterest?” has more than 100,000 view counts, and it has given us valuable insights into our YouTube audience.

On premium platforms (such as Vidyard and Wistia) you can get more complex data about your video’s performance, such as how many re-watches come from the same user or the full viewership rate of your explainer video.

Explainer Videos Show Your Brand’s Culture and Personality

Explainer videos can emotionally engage your users with a 100% controllable visual representation of your company.

Using the market research you’ve done before, you can handcraft your script, illustration style, sound effects, music, and final call-to-action specifically to resonate with your audience.

In addition, should you find any mishap during the creation process of your explainer video, animated explainer videos are easy to modify down the line.

Explainer Videos Can Fit Any Marketing Campaign

An animated explainer is not only the perfect content for your website but it can also be shared through email campaigns and added to your business presentations or face-to-face pitches.

Not to mention that explainer videos are also engaging AND mobile-friendly, thus they’re perfect for social media.

Basically, with a single investment in an animated explainer video, you’ll get a one-for-all tool to show off your company’s brand, culture, and product all at once.

Animated explainer videos are also a cost-effective investment that generates true branding, boosting conversion and sales, and can also be used in every kind of online campaign.

On top of that, there are plenty of different styles of animated explainer videos. So, make sure you pick the best animation style for your company.

Most explainer video production companies have different project packages that you can choose from, here’s an example of ours.

explainer video pricing and packages

Creating an Effective Explainer Video

A video can be called effective when the viewer can understand the message conveyed completely. Creating an effective video is very important. It is the key factor for video marketing campaign success.

Keep it simple. An effective explainer video is around 45 – 90 seconds. A long video that goes past your audience’s attention span is not going to work well.

Another idea is to place important content first to make sure the audience won’t miss it. Try to get the most important elements of your message explained in the first 30 seconds of the script.

An explainer video must contain a “call to action” in the video. So, the audience knows what to do after watching. If the audience has to visit a website address, make sure to write the web address clearly at the end of the video.

How Do You Know If You Need an Explainer Video for Your Business?

Every business starts when the founders find an idea to solve a problem.

Whether you run a construction company, car rental, or book publishing firm — you believe that your business is the best solution for your customers, but remember — you have competitors!

Now, the question is: how can you assure your potential customers that you offer better solutions than your competitors?

Show Them! Don’t Tell

Your potential customers receive many promotional messages from many enterprises. That’s why you have to:

  • Attract potential clients to look at what you offer
  • Explain to them how your brand works to solve their problems better than your competitors.

These two tasks are not simple.

Basically, people tend to only seek the information they need. An animated explainer video is a content that helps you provide that information through a well-written script.

Using a quality explainer video for your business can dramatically increase sales and conversion rates. And guess what, your audience will also be able to share your message with other people they know who may need your product.

Explaining something you also sell can be tricky.

You want to sell something or deliver ideas to your audience, but mere words can’t explain everything.

It can be a difficult task to do if you have a new product or a startup business.

An animated explainer is the best way to achieve the goals above.

You can create a video that is informative, yet interesting and fun. You can create a story with characters, play with texts and animated silhouettes, or use another innovative idea!

Animated Explainer Video Purposes

An animated video can help you explain what you do to your audience easily and in an engaging way.

Animated explainers might cost a big portion of your marketing budget because let’s face it, video production is very time-consuming — not to mention the required software licenses.

But making an animated video guarantees you a high Return On Investment (ROI).

In short, you should consider creating an explainer video for your business if:

  • You want to distinguish your service from your competitors
  • You want to excel in video marketing
  • You want to engage visitors to your website
  • You want to have a strong social media presence (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc)
  • You offer new products
  • You want to introduce your company
  • You want to make your website look awesome (if you put it there)
  • You want to deliver ideas that would be better presented through animation

So if you are planning a new company, working on a new product, or thinking about an innovative campaign to maximize your business capacity, including explainer videos in your promotion budget will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

We created an infographic that will help you decide quickly whether your business really needs an explainer video. Feel free to embed it on your site, we’ve pasted the embed code just below the infographic!

Explainer Video For Your Company Infographic

<div style="clear:both"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img src="" class="img-embed" title="Explainer Videos for Business: Do Companies Need Them? [INFOGRAPHIC]" alt="Explainer Videos for Business: Do Companies Need Them? [INFOGRAPHIC]" width="800" height="9615" border="0"/></a></div><div>Courtesy of: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Breadnbeyond</a></div>


We’ve seen explainer videos around the Internet, and they are very popular because they actually work. Why, exactly?

In a nutshell, here are the reasons why explainer videos work:

  1. Explainer videos deliver information better and faster.
  2. Explainer videos are more compact and shareable.
  3. Explainer videos are an easy-to-track and multi-purpose investment.

I hope this article sheds some light on your understanding of the value of visual content for your company, especially startups looking for breakthrough content to boost their growth.

At Breadnbeyond, we offer a wide range of animated explainer video packages that are tailored to boost your company’s sales in the next campaign. Click on the banner below!

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