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How to Make Awesome Videos for Youtube to Attract More Audience

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How to Make Awesome Videos for Youtube to Attract More Audience

Video is the leading marketing content in today’s age. YouTube is the most popular video streaming service. YouTube has over 1.8 billion logged-in users every month, and 75 million people in the US watch videos online each day.

Creating quality and compelling video content is a challenging task. Making an awesome video that will attract audiences and turn them into subscribers is even more challenging. Let us discuss some of our useful tips to attract more viewers to your channel.

Create A Channel Trailer

If you have a YouTube Channel, it is time to highlight your channel with a captivating trailer. A Channel trailer is a short video introduction that is displayed at the top of a YouTube Channel Page for non-subscribed visitors. Giving your viewers a glimpse of what your channel is all about can entice them to play the video a few more seconds.

Keep It Short

The average attention span of viewers in online videos is 60 seconds. A channel trailer should only be about 1-2 minutes long to maintain the viewer’s attention. If you can do it in less than one minute, the better. Videos that are only one up to two minutes get the most engagement and clicks. You don’t need to bore your viewers.

Add your Twitter or Instagram handle to let the viewers know more about you. It’s a great way to update your viewers when your upcoming video content is going to come out.

Show A Sneak Peek

To show a sneak peek, assume the viewers don’t know you yet. Come up with a quick video that will answer who you are and why would they want to sign up or subscribe to your channel. Establish a compelling reason why they should come back for more videos or subscribe to your channel.

Include clips or previews of your older videos or even upcoming content so the viewers will want to watch more videos and hit the subscribe button. Don’t show everything, in any case. Build curiosity to encourage more views on your video content.

End With a Call To Action

At the end of every video, say a few words and ask your viewers to like and subscribe to your channel. You can invite them to click on your other videos or other links that are relevant to your video. Make an annotation or cards on your video and link it to a different URL (playlists, other videos).

Hire A Video Producer

There are channel trailer templates online that you can use. However, when you run out of ideas, you can get a different perspective from a professional video maker. Get help to make that awesome channel trailer.

Here at Breadnbeyond, we study and understand your target audience to create a compelling channel trailer. After all, a channel trailer can make or break a new subscriber. Why take a risk when you can create a surefire way to earn new subscribers?

Keep The Subject In Focus

The camera should not be too close to the subject/speaker as it will make them blurry or out of focus on the video scene. So set and maintain a distance. There should be enough distance between the camera and the subject/speaker.

Keep the subject within the frame, even as they move. If you’re shooting a dynamic shot, use the manual focus as you follow the subject. Following a moving subject takes practice versus using the autofocus.

Aperture setting likewise plays a significant role in the focus. The higher the aperture, the background, and the subject will be both in focus. Lower or wide aperture creates a bokeh effect, which makes the background blurry or out of focus, and the subject is sharp.

Focus selection is a camera feature that allows you to select which area in the viewfinder you would like to focus on. This feature ensures that the selected area will be as sharp as possible. You can use Single Point or Dynamic Area to set the focus point manually or Auto Area to let the camera focus on the subject automatically.

Have A Simple Background

Choose a background that will be able to communicate your message to your viewers. Use a seamless paper backdrop if you don’t want your viewers to let you know where you are (if you’re ashamed to show your messy bedroom).

Some strategically choose a moving background to show authenticity. An example would be when a reporter is on the field, or if you use your office with people working as your background.

Avoid eyesore or clutter in the background as viewers tend to shift their focus away from the subject. Before you hit record, make sure that the background or surrounding is clear of nuisance and won’t mess up your video composition.

Use Rule of Thirds and B-Roll

The rule of thirds is an essential composition technique for photography and video. It breaks up the frame into a 3×3 grid. The rule of thirds is used in paintings, designs, pictures, and films, especially in landscape orientation.

On the other hand, B-roll is the process of using alternative footage spliced together with the main footage. What it does is that the alternative footage complements the main footage or the story you’re presenting. A typical example is when you’re narrating a story, or when you’re doing an interview. It would be too boring to watch at the person talking. B-roll is what makes it exciting and engaging for viewers.

Have High-Quality Videos Using Editing Software

Editing software is one of the must-have tools. Gone are the days where only producers have them. Amateurs or anyone at home can purchase a nice rig, install a video editing software and learn how to use video editing apps. You can apply some techniques to make simple videos impressive and more entertaining.


iMovie is a consumer-grade video editing software for iOS and Mac. It has basic features in video editing and is easy to navigate. Anyone can create and generate titles and put effects on video in just a few clicks. Best to use for simple birthday videos or travel videos.

Videos made in iMovie are easy to share in any platform, like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Mac or Apple TV, or export it as a file.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a professional video editor app that is part of Apple’s Pro Apps. Final cut pro has more effects, transitions, features, and options for editing high-quality videos. For example, when you have to create video advertising or business presentation video.


Filmora is a video editing app for the beginner or casual editor. Filmora can be installed on Windows and Mac desktop or laptop. It has similar features with Final Cut Pro, but lacks some features. Like you can’t create closed captions for hearing impaired, import 360-degree video.

The Key To Attract More Audience

It’s great when you attract audiences to your channel for the first time. However, to maintain these same audiences is another thing. When you create consistent video content, viewers subscribe to your channel. Moreover, with a significant subscription, your channel earns its reputation and credibility. Thereby attracts a new batch of audiences.

Use a consistent theme, provide real value, and don’t merely aim to create a viral video. Be unique and creative.

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