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Video Showcase


Just cartoons. Justoons displayed a wonderfully animated and moving characters to explain your product or service.


EFFE helps you find available coupons and vouchers for your favorite outlets throughout the city. Continue reading


VidMail brings your personality back into the sales process, whether you are following up a new sales prospect, or just confirming an appointment. Continue reading


Tired of having to haul your new, king-size mattress upstairs by yourself? iDream has you covered with foldable, two-sided mattress. Continue reading


Metabolomic Medicine personalizes your medicine approach to trace chronic diseases at cellular level. Continue reading


Passtime InTouch is among the most secure theft recovery and GPS tracking for your vehicles. Continue reading

Humble Till

HumbleTill is a cloud-based sales solution to help you track your sales and monitor stock. Continue reading

Luxe Herbal

Luxe Herbal is your solution to prevent and stop hair loss with all-natural herbs ingredients. Continue reading


Mireya is a goodwill organization where you can donate and help the hardest working and the brightest minds anywhere in the world. Continue reading


Sirvoy is a property management system that helps your day to day running of your properties. Continue reading


The Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America teams up with Allergy Standards Limited for a better health awareness. Continue reading


HistoWiz is an automated research tool to help researchers with their histology. Continue reading


PreciseFP is a leading client profile builder and forms tool. Continue reading

Digital Marketing platform


Optimate is an AI-powered optimization and automation tool for a better digital marketing. Continue reading

Demio Video


Demio is is a hassle-free webinars platform that puts your audience as priority. Continue reading


Say hi to HelloQpon, a cool new app to collect redeemable digital coupons. Continue reading


Relay2’s Assisted Living

Relay2 provides wireless service that can assist you in living a healthier and better life. Continue reading



DriverReach is a platform for drivers to find driving jobs with hundreds of companies to choose from. Continue reading


Grand-Flo’s ManageSales

Grand-flo’s ManageSales helps you manage and automate your entire salesforce. Continue reading


CloudCar powers futuristic driver assistant that connects your car and your life. Continue reading


Waach is an all-in-one tool that helps you upload, publish, share and track your videos on multiple online platforms. Continue reading


ClearCast offers you a crystal-clear recording of your podcasts and other audio streams. Continue reading

Relay2 internet


Relay2 is a fast, cloud-managed Wi-Fi provider to help you save every moment online. Continue reading

Dogether app


Dogether is a brand new to-do app that helps you meet more people around you to hang out with and make plans together! Continue reading

Service Design

Service Design group is the expert at turning products into services for a better company growth. Continue reading


Prepp is a free mobile app that connects students with peer tutors at their university. Continue reading


Windscribe is an innovative solution that grants you a free, secure and unrestricted internet browsing experience. Continue reading


AppZen is a budgeting tool that automates your expense report audit using artificial intelligence. Continue reading

Oaxis Bento Speaker

Oaxis Bento Speaker is a revolutionary wireless speaker that uses electromagnetic induction instead of bluetooth. Continue reading


Tandem is the only platform that empowers Creators to easily manage inbound brand opportunities like a pro. Continue reading

Extra Tiny Homes

ETH is your way to owning a small rentable living place to save up more income without doing any extra work in Hawaii. Continue reading

DesignFit Interior

DesignFit is an Australia-based interior designer that’ll design your exciting and human-centered workplace. Continue reading

Lifeline by Dentma

Lifeline by Dentma is the solution for dental practitioners to help their follow-up activities on patients and scheduling their treatments. Continue reading

property app


Haus is the place you need to find your perfect home without going to hundreds of open-house and property events. Continue reading

orderly emails shopify


OrderlyEmails is your affordable and simple solution to create vibrant emails for your Shopify store, in minutes. Continue reading



DriverReach is the #1 platform for drivers to find driving jobs with hundreds of companies to choose from.
Continue reading

Acne consultation

Clearly Derm

ClearlyDerm gives you proper and personalized diagnosis of your acne problems. Continue reading



Giving to charity is sometimes a real hassle to deal with, Charityvest simplifies your giving to charity experience. Continue reading

abacus cloud

Abacus Cloud

Abacus Cloud is a nifty cloud-based server and repository provider that will help IT managers to store their ever increasing volume of data. Continue reading

chuteplus dryer vents cleaning

ChutePlus Dryer

ChutePlus gives you the perfect dryer cleaning service to prevent your buildings from catching fire form clogged dryer vents. Continue reading

startup threads

Startup Threads

StartupThreads is the fastest and most practical way to get custom merch in Shopify store. Continue reading

Gsnap gainsight

GSnap by Gainsight

Gsnap is an easy and snappy way to make customer communications personal again. Continue reading

HOA express

HOA Express

HOA Express is a simple and user-friendly tool to create homeowners’ association website without any coding necessary.
Continue reading

mediazone pro demo video

MediaZone Pro

MediaZone Pro by Keywest Technology is a tool to increase customer engagement and sales with digital signage. Continue reading

Somnapure ad

Somnapure Ad: Friends

Somnapure is the alternative of melatonin that you’ve been looking for to better your sleep. Continue reading

Somnapure Ad: Force Field

Somnapure is a formula that helps you sleep better without a prescription. Continue reading

Probioslim Ad

ProbioSlim is a supplement to help you lose those extra pounds and boost your body metabolism. Continue reading

Abacus 2

ABACUS is your solution to get the best time-to-value ratio from an enterprise road mapping tool. Continue reading

Monsoon Strategy


OptimumHQ is the workflow automation tool for any kind of business you have. Continue reading


Bizzmine is a tool for your business to channel and distribute information to the right people in an organized way. Continue reading

KC clean

KC Cleans specializes in using steam cleaning techniques that are more effective and safe than chemical cleaning. Continue reading

Serve Your City

Serve Your City is the platform that helps the community to improve food and beverage industry. Continue reading

nextpond business


Nextpond is the technology that makes your small business running like a giant corporation. Continue reading

Deanta Lanstad


Lanstad from Deanta is a publishing platform that features a collaborative project management workplace. Continue reading

Tribr free app


Tribr is a free app that makes group activities fast and easy for everyone so you can get more fun and less hassle Continue reading

bath tub coating

Perma Safety Tub

Perma Safety Tub is your solution to solve slippery bathtub surface without going through major renovations. Continue reading

escort service

Red24 User Journey

red24 is a risk management company delivering a range of products and services to businesses, organisations and individuals around the world. Continue reading

property manager service

BlueFrog Property

BlueFrog is a service that manages and maintains your properties for you. Continue reading

Health Meal Shop

True Meals

True Meals provides fresh, healthy meals that are locally prepared to help you achieve your diet and fitness goals while saving you time and energy. Continue reading

GPO Display

GPO display is a state-of-the-art commercial display provider that will help you increase your employees productivity. Continue reading



TrustWorks by BMS is a robust case administration and banking platform for fiduciaries who oversee liquidations and bankruptcy proceedings. Continue reading

chameleon snippet


Chameleon is an easy snippet editor that you can use to demo your product to get more user onboarding.
Continue reading



Taxhub helps you to file secure tax returns easier with the assistance of a CPA, from the comfort of your own home. Continue reading


EDIS is an intelligent way to use data, assessments and interventions at every level: from classrooms, to schools, districts, regions, even at home. Continue reading


LiveZilla is a customer support software that helps webmasters to communicate with their website visitors easily, effectively and comfortably. Continue reading

Web Community Creator

Web Community Creator is an all-in one tool that brings your discussion into the social media age. Continue reading

BPR shattuck plaza hotels

Hotel Shattuck Plaza

Hotel Shattuck Plaza wants you to follow safety protocols, take pride in your job as well as LEARN, GROW and HAVE FUN! Continue reading

Local Party

LocalWineEvents provides you with delicious local food and drink events, tasting, dinners, and more.
Continue reading

Armada Power Explainer Video

Armada Power

Armada Power’s FleetCommander™ will help you generate extra income from your commercial electric devices at home.
Continue reading

BountyBuddy Explainer Video


BountyBuddy is an online platform that gives you what you deserve – a ton of cash for referring your friends for a gig. Continue reading

Great Voice Explainer Video

The Great Voice Company

Great Voice is a reliable, proven, production services partner specializing in voice talent for any language, any media.
Continue reading

TeamWorks Explainer Video


MyTeamWorks is an online tool that helps school administrators manage their school’s fundraising activities.
Continue reading

Communify Explainer Video


Communify instantly turns your site into a full-featured, online community ready to handle user-generated content through discussions, reviews, feedback, and more.
Continue reading

PrizeRebel Explainer Video


PrizeRebel is one of the most trusted survey website with over 5.5 millions member and has paid out over $6 million for its members.
Continue reading

Xona Software Explainer Video

Situate™ by Xona Software

Situate by Xona Software is an automation app designed for IT Departments to easily automate their workflow. Continue reading

AxS Health Explainer Video

AxS Health

AxS Health is an app that gives patients the freedom to book same day or priority appointments with top quality doctors in their area.
Continue reading

SMILE Interactive

SMILE Interactive

Seruni Mobile provides mobile enterprise solution for large companies with aggregated mobile data from their customer. Continue reading

CloudSmartNow explainer video


CloudSmartNow gives your IT the power to deliver the right service at the right time.
Continue reading

UtilityScore Explainer Video


UtilityScore is a service that helps you estimate your utility costs and ownership costs so you stay within your monthly budget.
Continue reading

Yurbi Explainer VIdeo


Yurbi is the ultimate service to keep your IT department stress-free by connecting your employees and the data they need to run business smoothly.
Continue reading

WeWorked Video


WeWorked is a web-based timesheet manager that help you and your staff to meet schedule and deadlines better.
Continue reading video is specifically designed for dancers and actors to help decorate, update and customize their website with ease while showing their talents.
Continue reading

BeautyProLink explainer video


BeautyProLink give your beauty professional business an engaging way to keep your clients and potential clients updated. Continue reading

BizXPro Explainer Video


BizXpro is an automated software that can provide you with trusted IT providers for your IT project needs.
Continue reading



Abridge Self-Service Business Intelligence enables business users to build dynamic reports to answer business questions and free up IT department’s time in data management.
Continue reading



If you are an all day worker, and online shopper you might have a problem taking package deliveries. LastMile is the solution you are looking for.
Continue reading



Keeps is an item organizer app to help you memorize where you placed your easy-to-miss belongings.
Continue reading

What is Fluencia


Fluencia is a Spanish language learning app that provides you with personalized materials that will actually be used in conversational situations.
Continue reading



For[CME] by forMD is a service that helps Doctors to earn AMA PRA Category 1 with much easier way.
Continue reading



Framestr blurs the line between Buyer and Seller and allows users to be financially rewarded for sharing products. Continue reading

iinsight explainer video


iinsights™ is a real-life visitor analytics platform that changes the way you do business.
Continue reading



Ellingson drainage is engineered with a special method to protect your crops from heavy rainfall and excessive soil moisture.
Continue reading



Digimetrik is an affordable cloud-based service which helps employers in finding the best candidates for a job.
Continue reading



DashBurst puts all of your favorite websites, artists, or anyone and anything else you follow into one place. Continue reading

Lending Stars

Lending Star

Lending Star is an online platform for business owners and investors, enabling them to meet each other in a simple, fast and practical way. Continue reading



KooBits helps primary school children building their math skills at a fair pace with games. Continue reading

cartful solutions

Cartful Solutions

Cartful Solutions provides sporting goods brands with a fast and informative product recommendation solution. Continue reading

BMJ Masterclasses

BMJ Masterclasses

Keeping up with the latest clinical developments is easy now with BMJ Masterclasses webinars. Continue reading


Access MD

AccessMD provide concierge medicine at an affordable price. Continue reading


1 Cent Candy

1 Cent Candy is a sugar charged marketplace that brings together merchants and causes and allows them to negotiate incentives for cross promotional campaigns. Continue reading

Coding for Kids

Coding for Kids

Coding for Kids introduces you to the basic concepts of coding and then takes you step by step through the process. Continue reading



Cravatier tie is a 2-in-1 solution for dirty glasses and business attire. Continue reading


Cloud Select

CloudSelect is a one-stop-shop for procurement and management of cloud services. Continue reading

Breeze Digital Signage

Breeze Digital Signage

Creating digital signage is now a Breeze with Breeze Digital Signage. Continue reading


Buy Now Give Now

Buy Now Give Now helps you collect payments and donations quickly and easily! Continue reading

Angel Raise

Angel Raise

AngelRaise is a unique web platform for creating surveys that increases survey response rates by making a direct impact on the community. Continue reading



Find projects and build your reputation for providing quality work in digital services on Continue reading

apollo tutor

Apollo Tutors

Apollo Tutors provides individualized tutoring for students of all ages. Continue reading

alchemy tech solution

Alchemy Tech Solutions

AlchemyTechSolutions is an insured and trusted U.S.-based company offering web development and IT staff augmentation solutions. Continue reading

agent pro link


AgentProLink is a service specific to real estate professionals. Continue reading


There’s a new way to shop for a new car that puts you in the driver’s seat with CarHagg. Continue reading


Make informed, integrated, and intelligent decisions in real-time, all the time, with BoldIQ. Continue reading

tiket 2


Temukan harga terbaik untuk segala tujuan penerbangan di Tiket2! Continue reading

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte is an all in-one-app designed just for writing! Continue reading


COREGRID adalah teknologi penyimpan arus listrik yang dapat menyalurkannya ketika listrik padam. Continue reading

Immigration Solutions

Immigration Solutions help you achieve up to 90% approval for your Singapore PR application. Continue reading

Pupuk Asnita

Pupuk Asnita

Pupuk Asnita membuat tanaman lebih cepat hijau dan menghasilkan anakan padi yang lebih banyak. Continue reading



A content reader that saves you valuable time, enter Inoreader. Continue reading



Startuprr ToolBox is an extremely powerful toolbox for wordpress that helps enterpreneurs save time, money, and resources. Continue reading


Scooterino connects people who need a ride to scooter drivers heading in the same direction. Continue reading



Easily create invoices, packing slips, over 100 size address labels, then send email confirmations with OrderlyPrint. Continue reading



NanaWall products contribute to health, safety, and welfare in architecture. Continue reading

Lunch Pro Office Manager

LunchPro 2 Office Manager

LunchPro serves the unique needs between pharmaceutical reps and the medical offices they call on. Continue reading

Lunch Pro Sales

LunchPro Sales Rep

LunchPro is the best way to make sure your next lunch is just what the doctor ordered. Continue reading



Get real-time visibility into your supply chain and turn insights into action today with Hive! Continue reading


The Greenlid

The Greenlid is a container you use in your kitchen to collect food waste, so you never have to clean your compost bin again! Continue reading



FluentU is a natural way to learn a language and helps you learn a language with real-world videos. Continue reading



Find out the connection between unresolved worry, dreaming, and depression. Continue reading


DataWhere 3

With Datawhere, you can easily find files anywhere and share files in real time! Continue reading



The Abacus toolset is designed to help you find ways to stay one step ahead, manage change, and plan for the future. Continue reading


Create professional and attractive SMS at low cost with Click2Open. Continue reading

work relay

Work Relay

Work-Relay transforms your business and give you a significant and sustainable competitive edge. Continue reading

website rocket

Website Rocket

Promote your business online with Website Rocket. Continue reading

spokeo meme guy

Spokeo “Meme Guy”

Search a phone number, email, or username on to uncover cheaters. Continue reading

spokeo dating gurl

Spokeo “Dating Gurl”

Date better. Search a blind date’s information on to avoid unwanted surprises. Continue reading


Quality Time

Monitor and get real-time reports on how much time you spend on your smartphone! Continue reading

Parking Disrupted

Stop wasting money and time, and find vacant spot easily and create a parking killer experience with parking disrupted. Continue reading



Lexercise helps children out of frustration and overcome their reading, spelling, and writing problems. Continue reading


Hypnosis Download

Control our unconscious mind and fix unhelpful patterns to get the very best from ourselves through hypnosis. Continue reading

Home Happy Team 3

HomeHappy shows you how to take advantage of today’s super low rates and pay-off all of your debts sooner. Continue reading

Homehappy 2

Home Happy Team 2

Understand all the details and make the right decision. Don’t just buy the cheapest stuff on the market. Continue reading


Home Happy Team

Understand how real estate market works with Home Happy. Continue reading

Giraffe Baby


Non-toxic, more safe and more environment-friendly baby products. Continue reading



Aqarfunder is a secure crowdfunding investment platform, which specializes in financing commercial real estate Continue reading



Build better relationships with your customers through your receipt with Receiptful. Continue reading



MeetJune is a new travel platform that bridges the gap between travellers and locals. Continue reading


LenderProLink is a specific service to mortgage loan professionals. Continue reading


Now, home buying process can be simpler, more efficient, and less expensive. Continue reading



Send home your dollars without paying remittance fees. Continue reading



TempBuddy is a revolutionary temporary recruitment management solution. Continue reading



SwarmIQ makes your professional lives easier. You can use SwarmIQ to keep on top of the latest news and shares interesting content with your followers. Continue reading



Now you can capture every goal and super play, in any sport, and share it in real time with SportStar. Continue reading



Now you can change meeting room signs instantly using SignWave digital door signs. Continue reading

Marked Clothing

Marked Clothing

Marked Clothing is an innovative concept, where consumers can purchase custom-printed clothing using exclusive designs by artists who are members of the company. Continue reading



SmartSend helps you convert more prospect and increase customer loyalty. Continue reading



Save thousands of dollars, spend more time on your practice, and easily earn the credits you need with forCME. Continue reading



BlastOut adds a real dimension to your social events and helps make real life connections. Continue reading

Video Creation Process

Video Creation Process

We just released our latest unique animated video production process to help online startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises learn more about our world of animated explainer videos. Continue reading

Pinterest web

Say Hello to Messages on Pinterest

Connect, discover, share, and collaborate with other pinners through pinterest messages. Continue reading



Kenzibox saves you time and delivers an exciting new way for children to have quality fun with family or friends. Continue reading



Ropazi lets you shop for all your favorite brands for kids in one place. Continue reading

SatPhoneCity Web


SatPhoneCity is a satellite phone that will cover you everywhere on the planet, from pole to pole!! Continue reading

Nimbus web


Protect your client’s data and avoid losing confidential information with Nimbus!! Continue reading

cloud cruiser web

Cloud Cruiser

Cloud Cruiser delivers cloud financial management for enterprises and cloud service providers migrating to the cloud. Continue reading

Caselink web

Caselink Web

Be more efficient with CaseLink Web’s reinvented workflows. Continue reading

Bubble makes brainstorming simple and fun!! Continue reading

Run a Shop

Run a Shop

Get paid per click, drive more traffic, and boost your earnings with Run a Shop!! Continue reading



Get a gorgeous website up in minutes with little effort and less cost. Continue reading

Hair Free Laser Center

Hair Free Laser Center

The Hair Free Laser Center remove unwanted facial and body hair in long term result. Continue reading



Need more storage outside the home? Itizimit is your solution. Continue reading



Durabase is a superior portable matting solution for your temporary access and staging needs. Continue reading


1 Realty Partners

1 Realty Partners offers a one stop solution for all of your real estate needs. Continue reading



Learn all of your auto loan options in just minutes with Guaranteed Auto Approvals. Continue reading



Easily create and broadcast emails with GTC. Continue reading



Nama is a modern project management for your entire organization. Continue reading

Pay Raise

Pay Raise

Turn your debt into a raise with the help of Pay Raise Professor. Continue reading



Send targeted messages to all app users without any hassle with Sogamo. Continue reading



Engage your visitors and increase ROI with UNXBD Product Recommendations. Continue reading



Speak to your client over the Internet without a phone with WebCall. Continue reading

The Grape

The Grape

People who love wine are meeting up at Continue reading

Story Shelter

Story Shelter

StoryShelter is the only place online where you can easily write and share stories from your life Continue reading



Create your own online store and grow your business with Maxistore. Continue reading

Clear Cloud

Clear Cloud

Clear Cloud helped countless businesses and charities leverage the benefits of the cloud. Continue reading



Ardoq is a lightweight, cloud-based that standardise all system documentations. Continue reading



Get paid to download free apps with Apps4Gold! Continue reading



Adomee GUARANTEES real-time apartments listing with real pictures. Continue reading

Outside In

Outside In

Read Outside In, a deep an entertaining novel by Doug Cooper. Continue reading



ForMD is a simple way to communicate to your community more efficiently. Continue reading



Politofund is a thriving online community for POLITICAL candidates and their supporters. Continue reading



Mojn magically linking website visitors with their emails using the power of big-data. Continue reading



EduPow is an online learning platform, featuring multimedia courses taught by the absolute best in their fields. Continue reading

techno review

The State of Technology in 2015

Ever wonder how the future will look like with the current state of technology and trends? Continue reading

2013 in review

2013 Year in Review

Contemplate what we have done in 2013, and be responsible for the upcoming 2014. Continue reading



Choose your experience now at Continue reading

Great Soft

GreatSoft Tax Suite

GreatSoft Tax Suite make the calculation and submission of Individuals’ and companies’ tax more simple. Continue reading



Experience the happiness Olark chat can give you and your customers. Continue reading

My Direct Deals

My Direct Dealz

My Direct Dealz is an easy and affordable shared mail publication. Continue reading

My diet coach

My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach is a mobile app that created to motivate your diet program. Continue reading



Get your computer fixed right now at Boxaid!! Continue reading



AIMS for BizTalk is the next generation Application Performance Monitoring tool. Continue reading

Agent Base


AgentBase is an all-in-one cloud-based real estate business resource. Continue reading



PeekInToo is a technological breakthrough that enables you to instantly gather live videos on request. Continue reading

Mobile Dev

Mobile Dev HQ

Improve your visibility and reduce your acquisition cost with Mobile Dev’s analytics, insights, and hands-on service. Continue reading


Nexus is a cloud-based online system that takes care everything you need. Continue reading

Liber Canvas

Liber Canvas

LiberCanvas is a drawing and recording app to create simple animations to show-and-tell. Continue reading

Kudos Korner

KudosKorner is the best way to give and receive recognition, to build your brand, and market “you”. Continue reading

Ivory Group

Ivory Group is an Architecture, Engineering and Construction specialist recruitment company. Continue reading


House to House

House to House is the largest publication among churches of Christ. Continue reading



Betterhood is a local online community where neighbors can get in touch to solve daily needs and benefit from each other. Continue reading

Attractive Nomad

Attractive Nomad

Attractive Nomad connects models looking for agents in particular markets with agencies located in those markets. Continue reading


Mindfeud is a mobile game that combine lines in same symbols or colors. Continue reading


WORK[etc] brings sales, support, projects and management together under the single software platform for growing businesses. Continue reading

Magrath Global’s iCheck

Magrath Global’s iCheck is a mobile app that provides the latest information on visa requirements for travellers. Continue reading


Carvoyant enables any car on the road built after 1996 to become a connected car. Continue reading

Gourmet Marketing

Gourmet Marketing is an online marketing specialist that convert online visitors into real customers. Continue reading

Automatic Backlinks

Automatic Backlinks is a free and easy solution that automatically exchanges links between their members’ sites. Continue reading

Wexer Virtual

Add 100 virtual classes or more per studio every week for less than a dollar per class with Wexer Virtual. Continue reading

Athlete Watch

Athlete Watch is a social network built exclusively for athletes to keep your friends, family, fans and coaches up to date with your athletic achievements. Continue reading

Chain Disk

Chain Disk is a distributed storage software designed for virtualization using a powerful chain replication algorithm. Continue reading


Enjoy super fast broadband Internet connection without paying super expensive prices and have a landline without paying any line rental!. Continue reading

Giant Waste

Giant Waste will put your waste needs out to bid, and you’ll get the best deal in the industry. Continue reading

iBeam it

Share your content on your favorite service and your family, friends, work mates decide where they want to have it pushed to. Continue reading


Plugzu is a platform that allows small business owners to be constantly connected with their customers and send them information about new products, services or deals. Continue reading


Transmodus is a technology platform provider that offers a complete solution for credit card and ACH payments. Continue reading


Now you can offer one-to-one Video Agent sales assistance across your website through Whisbi’s technology. Continue reading

Web Site Builder

Website Builder is a Salesforce app that enables you to quickly and easily create personalized web sites. Continue reading


Shipllama is a service that makes sending your shipments surprisingly easy! Continue reading


Rawaabit is a high speed Internet service provider that provides the speed, reliability, and connectivity that you deserve in Libya. Continue reading


Create photos for your passport, ID card and driver’s license in 3 easy steps with Persofoto. Continue reading


WaterDrills Drain Opener is the environmentally friendly alternative to traditional harsh chemical drain openers. Continue reading

Talent Tap

Talent Tap is a mobile phone app that will give you the best chance to find better job. Continue reading


Linked2pay is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution that gives many ways of accepting credit card and ACH payments in a single and easy-to-use solution. Continue reading


Hypejar allows you to browse all mass consumer products releasing in the future. Continue reading

Venue App

VenueApp packages everything from your wedding venue into a custom branded iPhone application. Continue reading


EZBuyButton widget is the most advanced ‘buy now’ widget for selling books. Continue reading

Meetmehalal is a combination of the best features from a muslim marriage site and a muslim social networking site. Continue reading

DIYChef is an all new revolutionary video recipe website, with video recipes from chefs all around the world. Continue reading

234 Social

Generate leads, grow your fans and followers, amplify your message, extend the reach of your advertising efforts, convert fans and followers into customers with 234social. Continue reading

Zap Tap

Find a reliable source of information easier with ZapTap, and easily get access to the story behind a high-quality product by tapping on your smartphones. Continue reading

Now Shop

NowShop manages all IT-systems and payment solutions, so you can just relax and wait for the additional revenue to come in. Continue reading

Sky Vue

SkyVUE is an efficient and effective way to sell or buy property using technological aid to enhance searches. Continue reading


Kronicles provides a fully managed backup solution that includes double protection with both on-site and off-site backup. Continue reading

Specific Feeds

Specificfeeds is all about providing more specific and relevant news for subscribers, and getting more people to sign up for providers. Continue reading


Partytajm is the biggest online store for party supplies and kids birthday gifts in Sweden. Continue reading


Medclimate is an innovative platform that connects patients with their physicians in a convenient and cost-effective way. Continue reading

Recommendme Someone

Advertise your skills out to people in your own neighbourhood with RecommendMeSomeone Continue reading


Every great people deserve great opportunities. Visit to discover a new opportunity that you deserve. Continue reading

Course Modo

CourseModo is a course engagement tool that let you collect instant feedback from your students through a really simple to use web interface. Continue reading


SmyleSafe is a kid-safe mobile browser and parental control app that can limit Internet and app usage by time. Continue reading

Employee Connect

Gain immediate access to company’s entire intranet right from your iPhone with Employee Connect. Continue reading

Rent Pro

RentPro is a web based assistant system to maintain rental business, including recording rent receipts, to paying landlords and managing maintenance records. Continue reading


The Filibox is a magic box for boys and girls aged 3-8 years which is contain all materials and instructions that required for great craft projects. Continue reading

iRevive Spray

iRevive save your broken phone that caused by liquid damage to save your cellphone from a watery grave by removing corrosion and eliminating moisture. Continue reading

The History of St. Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine was a bishop who lived in the third century in Rome, who became a martyr because of his persistence in marrying lovers against the King. Continue reading

Zen Awake

Wake up naturally, feeling fully refreshed, and ready to start your day with ZenAwake. Continue reading

I3 Investor

I3Investor compiles all stocks and investments information, making it easy for you to make better investment decisions. Continue reading

Kijenga is the place that connect contractors and homeowners to start on new projects. Continue reading

Dr Kellys

Dr Kellys give you a full body check up, so you can carry on chugging along in life or be scheduled for a little repair and maintenance. Continue reading

Non Cam

Noncam help you to remove both iPhone’s cameras or get a brand new ready-to-use iPhone set without cameras from Noncam. Continue reading

Loans tailored your loan process, and take care of your loan as fast as possible. Continue reading


Great reasons why bamboo is great for earth, brought to you by Ettitude. Continue reading


Tourn help advertisers and publishers to connect to each other with minimum administrative hassle. Continue reading


Ales is a powerful, scalable, secure remote access utility that enables controlled execution of service side shell commands or applications via any email platform. Continue reading


Create a collection of personalized wish lists from more than 30 million items which may be found at stores with Shazingle. Continue reading

PayPal Buyer Protection

PayPal secure payment method help buyers with total security and simple payment method. Serving worldwide transaction, PayPal enables you to withdraw your funds to any bank in the world. Continue reading

Crazy Chins

Make your own hilarious upside-down chin movies and share them online with Crazy Chins! Continue reading

Accel Global

Make your application to your dream university count, under the guidance of experienced coaches, with Accel Global. Continue reading


Start building muscle and get fit today by following the roadmap from BuiltFit! Continue reading


Actualize your amazing idea today and get supports from people all around the world. ToGather.Asia is a preferred crowdfunding platform for creative individuals like you! Continue reading


Improve your business management now, with a leading Business Process Outsourcing platform. SupportMax helps to grow your business with no stress. Continue reading


Convert all incoming phone, fax, and e-mail orders to digital files and manage your business better with VendorMax. Continue reading

How to use Pinterest?

An explainer video for Pinterest. Organize and share things you love: images, videos, recipes, and many more. ‘Pin’ it today, with Pinterest! Continue reading

Royal Pioneers

Royal Pioneers helps you to grow your business by connecting you with experienced product suppliers from all around the world – safe and affordable. Continue reading


Webrino combines Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management to simplify your business management. Continue reading

Sober Living by the Sea

Sober Living by the Sea offers the best solution for your alcohol, drugs or eating problem. Continue reading

Oracle Translations

Oracle Translation not just translating your documents, it helps your business grow! Continue reading

Roof Resolve

Use Roof Resolve today to resolve your roof cleanliness problem before changing your roof is the only choice. Continue reading

Join A Game

Find the right partner to play your favorite sport with Join a Game. Continue reading


Give away your old stuffs and decide the best person who can get it on Grnflea! Continue reading

Caza Development

Want to sell your property, hassle-free and accomplished in only 10 days? Work with Caza Development! Continue reading

Canadian Home Buyers Academy

Purchase or sell your home and get cash back with The Canadian Home Buyer Academy! Continue reading

Warlock Media

Looking for an immediate way to repair your online reputation? Warlock Media is the answer! Continue reading


Looking for a social network for 6-11 years old kids? Sign up to ScuttlePad and have million of fun. Continue reading


Run the business from everywhere and sound professional with Connexin internet phone system. Continue reading

IQ Engage

IQ Engage helps you to communicate smarter, by providing automatic updates so your clients can access the information they need. Continue reading

Tint Direct

Tint Direct can help you to have window tinting as easy as 1-2-3. Continue reading

Daily Delivery

Need a break from your daily activities? Just delegate your duties to Mr. Daily Delivery! Continue reading

Very Simple Ads

What is Very Simple Ads? It’s a way to promote your business with a video! Easy to grasp and fun to watch! A video we made for Very Simple Ads. Continue reading

Cloud Web

An introduction, yet entertaining video we made for Cloud Continue reading

Moving Permit

Find out how you can receive help from PERMIT PULLER for your big day. Look at Jane, how busy she is managing her moving day, you would want to avoid that, I assure you. Find out how PERMIT PULLER can help you. Continue reading


A video we made for Tee Daily, a global company running t-shirt competitions and prints limited edition t-shirt. Tee Daily runs daily competitions for t-shirt and boast their slogan ‘A shirt a day keeps the boredom away’. Continue reading


Manage your business with WORKetc. Continue reading


Legiant commissioned us to create a video that can explain the benefits of using their software to prospective customers, and we create them 2 minutes of witty animated video. Continue reading

Better Boo

Find the best present for your Boo at Continue reading

Flexi Property

With Flexi Property, say goodbye to your property manager. Continue reading


Imagine if you are having a trip to a beach with your family, you are having a great time with all of your family members. Wait! Do you still remember what color of the shirt your father was wearing? The spicy food your grandmother was eating? Continue reading

Restaurant SMS Pro

Restaurant SMS Pro – the exclusive SMS marketing System for your restaurant guaranteed to increase your customer base. Bring more customer to your restaurant with Restaurant SMS Pro! Continue reading

Network Clean

Sometimes you wrote something that you don’t want to share to the public, most notably those who work with you, or would hire you. Is it possible to filter all those embarrassing past life that you don’t want your current friends to know? Continue reading

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