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10 Thought-Provoking Recruitment Videos and What Can You Learn From It

Originally published April 9, 2020  ·  Updated January 31, 2024
10 Thought-Provoking Recruitment Videos and What Can You Learn From It

Dealing with a shortage of skilled workers is one of every companies’ biggest concerns, whether they’re a small company or a large corporation.

In this video-first era, recruitment videos come as the elixir for every company that wants to be successful at attracting and hiring the best talents.

If you’re an employer who’s currently looking for a candidate and curious about jumping into recruitment videos, then you are on the right page.

I’ll break down the top 10 recruitment videos to inspire your recruitment campaign and make informed decisions.

Why Recruitment Video Works

Now that technology fuels the talent marketplace, the recruiting process has changed for many companies over the past few years.

Considering video content is dominating global internet traffic, more and more companies have begun using recruitment videos to attract new talent.

Unsurprisingly, recruitment videos quickly become a necessity for companies in a recruitment campaign.

Integrating recruitment videos into your recruitment campaign can help your business to impress the candidates’ attention in a matter of seconds, present your employer brand in a captivating way, and increase your application rate.

The main goal? None other than to reach more potential candidates that will grow your business.

Now you might be wondering, “Why and how does it work?”

The five reasons below demonstrate the perks of using recruitment videos:

You Reach a Larger Audience

First things first, internet users love videos.

According to the latest statistics, at least 92% of mobile internet users share videos on their social networks. 

Not to mention that videos generate a whopping 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

That is why posting recruitment videos gives you a higher possibility of reaching a significantly greater number of candidates.

You Stay Competitive

In today’s candidate-driven market, job seekers have more and more job opportunities waiting for them. 

To hire the best candidates, you need to differentiate your recruitment campaigns to draw their attention.

Using a recruitment video is a unique way to showcase your company’s culture and value propositions seamlessly so you can rise above the clutter.

Don’t take my word for it. A survey from CareerBuilder shows that companies that include a recruitment video in their job posting get viewed 12% more than text-based job postings.

You Appeal to Newer Generations

Asking Millenials to live without the internet is like asking the sun to leave the sky.

As the second largest search engine, YouTube is dominated by newer generation (Gen Z and Millenials) users.

More than 40% of the newer generation say that they would use YouTube to do some research about the company they want to work for.

It’s reasonable that a recruitment video can also be your go-to tool to attract a new generation of talent. 

You Save Money

Do you think that using a recruitment video means expanding recruitment costs?

If you do, then you’re wrong.

Crafting a recruitment video helps you to save some money for your recruitment campaign.

You don’t need to spend millions just to get a high-quality recruitment video. All that matters is the message you deliver to the viewers.

Not to mention that video is incredibly accessible to share, you don’t have to spend such big bucks on other promotions just to get a sustainable number of job candidates in your hiring funnel.

You Find a Fit Candidate

Let’s do the theory. The more your recruitment video gets shared, the more applicants you’ll get. With more applicants, you can get more options to find a candidate that’s a perfect fit for your company.

Best Recruitment Videos


As the world’s largest search engine company, Google creates a recruitment video that doesn’t show them as a prestigious corporation but as a family-like community. This recruitment video tells you what it is like to work at the office and build your second family. 

From watching this video, you’d be able to tell yourself whether you’re the candidate they’re searching for or not.


Apple, one of the biggest technology companies, highlights its uniqueness from other companies by showcasing its innovative and forward-facing workflow. 

This recruitment video shows that they’re experts at whatever they do, convincing only the savvy to apply.


This interesting recruitment video by Dropbox shows you that you don’t need to be all-serious in telling your company profile. 

With muppet-inspired dolls as characters, Dropbox shows its work culture by highlighting its employees’ experience at work and how they come together as a team. 


Zendesk is a customer service software company based in San Francisco. In its recruitment video, Zendesk pokes fun at the shots of fancy offices, the teams, the CEO, and even the Golden Gate Bridge. 

With a fun, story-driven script, this recruitment video seamlessly shows Zendesk’s unique perks and work culture through an exclusive brand of off-beat humor.


Even though it still relies on traditional talking-head videos, HubSpot tells you the perks you can get while working at its office, like unlimited vacation, games, a no-door policy, free snacks, and more.

It also gives you details of how the work environment can push your potential so that you can work effectively shoulder-to-shoulder with the team. 

By highlighting the unique perks of the office, this kind of recruitment video can spark potential candidates’ interest in applying.


A well-known coffee company, Starbucks, created its first recruitment video in 2012 by highlighting its interns’ experiences.

Backed by inviting background music and clips of exciting documentaries, this type of recruitment video is enticing for fresh graduates to start their early careers at Starbucks.


This recruitment video made by Glassdoor definitely does the job of making Shopify look like a fantastic place to work.

It also shows the office perks by asking some of the employees about what they like about working in the company. With their honest, informal, and unscripted opinions, this recruitment video did it right for convincing more potential candidates to apply.


As one of the juggernauts company, Facebook creates its recruitment video with an inspiring narration supported by uplifting background music.

This entire recruitment video is most likely created to encourage potential candidates out there to join the team without second-guessing too much about themselves. In this way, the candidates feel most welcome and get more confident to apply.


Sometimes, you need to exaggerate things to be remembered– like what Intel just did with its recruitment video. 

Only within 30 seconds (with a lot of slow-motion scenes), you can tell that joining the company gives you a massive opportunity to work with famous investors like Ajay Bhatt, a co-inventor of USB.


This Ikea recruitment video is an excellent example of a simple, effortless, yet compelling recruitment video.

Even with no voice-over, IKEA points out its uniqueness in running a recruitment campaign.

By inserting the career instructions into every IKEA flat pack (so that the customer can deliver it for themselves or their family and friends), the company spends zero dollars for media promotion and reaches more than 4,000 applications.

Tips For an Engaging Recruitment Video

As you look at those best examples of recruitment videos, you learn that an engaging recruitment video isn’t only attracting candidates, but it’s also augmenting a company’s image.

Now, we’re going to dive into five tips to make your next recruitment video more engaging and appealing for your potential candidates out there:  

Highlight Questions

Highlighting the frequently asked questions is the key to making a clear, engaging recruitment video. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the viewers and ask yourself what you would like to know about the recruitment campaign.

  • What are you looking for in candidates?
  • What can your company do for them?
  • What is it like to work at your company?
  • What should the viewers do to apply?

Listing essential questions like those above is a smart way to help the candidates understand the requirements and the company’s expectations. 

Keep Your Video Short

You should optimize your explainer video length. The shorter your recruitment video is, the more viewers retain the message. Keep your message tight and on point. Tell the viewers what are your company’s values, goals and visions are.

You don’t need to focus on what you want to say. Remember, all the viewers want to know is the only answer to: “Is this job perfect for me?.”

Keep It Genuine and Fun

Creating a personal, fun recruitment video is a smart move to grab viewers’ attention from the get-go. Speak to the viewers just like you speak to your old-time friend. In this case, it will help them to feel more invited and needed. 

Also, keeping all the information genuine is another key to making of a compelling recruitment video. Make sure your new employee(s) gets what they expect, just like what they see in the recruitment video. 

Promote Extensively

Promoting your recruitment video helps you to get more exposure. More exposure means more applicants. And with a large number of applicants, there’s a higher chance of finding your best employee(s).

Putting your recruitment video on social media like LinkedIn or Facebook is a great way to launch your recruitment campaign since those two social media are some of the most popular channels among job-seekers.

Include a Call-to-Action

At the end of the video, it’s essential to put a visible call-to-action (CTA). Don’t leave your viewers hanging and confused. 

Tell them where they can apply, or you can also show them where to find out more details about the recruitment.

Create a Representation of the Company’s Culture

Introducing your company culture in a recruitment video is a wise way to give the viewers a sneak peek of the office and the work environment. Also, it helps your company look more appealing and get them convinced to apply.

The ways of appealing to employees are not much different from attracting customers and giving them a reason to stay with you. At the end of the day, what you need is to get the employees emotionally attached to your company and brand.


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