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Explainer Videos and the Sales Funnel – When to Launch Your Videos

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Explainer Videos and the Sales Funnel – When to Launch Your Videos

Explainer videos – they’re the modern version of a how-to manual and a staple method of communication and instruction. Instead of throwing videos around the net at random intervals, treat your video launches as you would any other part of your marketing campaigns; in a methodical, logical and organized fashion.

Join us as we take a look at what stages of the sales funnel you should launch different types of explainer videos.

What is The Sales Funnel?

If you’re involved in marketing, either for your own business or someone else’s, chances are you’ve heard of the sales funnel. In short, the sales funnel consists of different stages of your buyer’s journey. Your job is to guide your potential customers through the sales funnel and out the other side.

The sales funnel can be represented in different ways and with different amounts of stages. For our purposes, we are using a 6-stage funnel, which are:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase

It’s worth noting here that not everyone who enters the sales funnel makes it to the bitter end. Expect around a 50% drop off at each stage. Every stage of the sales funnel has its own purpose and your marketing techniques should alter for each stage, including what videos to launch.

Awareness and Interest

Awareness and interest are the first two stages. They consist of people who are are being introduced to your brand or product for the first time. These types of explainer videos are intended to draw in a new audience and as such you need to concentrate on those who don’t already know about your what you have to offer.

Your videos at this point should consist of broader information to bridge the gap between awareness and interest. Highlight the benefits of using your product or services and how they can help your audience get past a particular pain point or problem. You are effectively offering a solution.

Call-to-actions in these first two stages need to steer your audience towards the next stages of the sales funnel. Use phrases like “watch [next video] to learn more”, or “click here to see how it works”.

When to launch: Launch these types of videos when you are working on building brand-awareness or are launching a new product or service.

Where to launch: These videos should be launched as video ads for the likes of Google and social media channels.

Consideration and Intent

The middle two stages are for those already passed through the awareness and interest phases. Those people are already interested and considering purchasing, before moving through to intent. You need to include videos that are specific with their information.

Videos showing how to use your product (product demo) will be useful here. Your video needs showcase everything great about a specific product in a specific way.

Call-to-actions in these videos should be encouraging your audience to take an action such as ordering a free sample, downloading a free e-book, or signing up for a free trial or newsletter.

When to launch:When you’ve built up a following.

Where to launch: Place these videos on your social media channels in front of your followers and on your blog posts. Additionally, create video ads to retarget those who have already shown an interest in your brand.

Evaluation and Purchase

The last two stages are where the magic happens. These are where your focus should be on selling. After passing through the first four stages, you should already have contact information like an email address.

Use the opportunity to email the explainer videos in the form of FAQs and testimonials to relieve any last minute doubts your audience may have before purchasing. You can also invite them to ask any questions they might have.

Call-to-actions at this point should be to make the all-important purchase, such as “Click here to purchase”, or “Here’s where you can buy one for yourself”.

When to launch: When your audience has given you their personal information.

Where to launch: Send these videos through emails as part of your email marketing campaigns.

What About Videos on Your Homepage?

Videos on Homepage

It’s a great idea to add videos to your website’s homepage, and this can be done quite easily with many website builders. Adding an explainer video to your homepage encourage people stay on your site longer, thus reducing your bounce rate and increasing your SEO.

However, as it’s a static page, you wouldn’t necessarily have a video “launch” as such, and you can’t assume where in the sales funnel every visitor will be. So what type of explainer video is appropriate to add to your homepage?

Your homepage video should be a broad one, explaining in simple terms what you have to offer. Make it an overview of your company, services or your product range, while briefly highlighting the benefits of it/them. It’s a similar concept to marketing to those in the first two stages of the sales funnel, but a bit broader.

For example, if you’re offering website hosting services, you can explain how your visitors can benefit from your services and sign up in 3/4 easy steps. Make sure to include a call-to-action at the end.

Guide Your Audience

When your audience enters the sales funnel, you are guiding them on a customer journey. Don’t assume that each person who sees your product is going to jump from one step to another seamlessly. Your call-to-actions are important so you can guide your audience through each stage.

One possible journey could go as follows:

  • You launch a video ad highlighting the benefits of your company and/or product. You invite your audience to learn more about it.
  • Through your call-to-action, you guide your audience to a video that shows them specifically how to use a product. You then invite them to sign up for a free e-book, trial or newsletter for further learning. This builds trust and enables you to gain their email address.
  • Send your audience an email containing a video that will answer any questions they may still have about your product or service. Include testimonials from existing customers to reinforce your claims. You can now encourage viewers to make a purchase.

Lastly, ensure your ordering and check-out process is smooth and easy to minimise shopping cart abandonments!


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