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YouTube Trends 2024: 16 Video Styles to Dominate the Future

Originally published January 2, 2024  ·  Updated January 30, 2024
YouTube Trends 2024: 16 Video Styles to Dominate the Future

When it comes to social media, trends come and go—what’s in the spotlight today may slip away tomorrow.

We’ve diligently examined the pulse of YouTube throughout this year and found several videos rising as trends.

Here’s a sneak peek into the upcoming YouTube trends expected to dominate 2024.

Understanding these video trends in advance can greatly benefit content creators and digital marketers in developing the next year’s strategy.

If you want to discover a more extended version of the trends, get ready to set sail on the list!

Here are 16 YouTube trends in 2024 that you should look forward to.

1. Reaction Videos 


Reaction videos are one of the most produced content by global creators. 

This content shows creators’ reactions as they watch various videos, like movie clips, trailers, music videos, or other content.

Creators film themselves reacting in real-time, capturing their genuine emotions, laughter, shock, or surprise as they watch the material. 

They often express their opinions and comments about the content, adding educational and entertainment value.

There are plenty of reasons why this content is hype among creators.

One significant advantage is its ability to attract a broader audience, encompassing viewers from different countries and age groups. 

This opportunity will likely come true when YouTubers react to culturally or demographically specific content.

Other than that, reaction videos also foster engagement and community interaction through shared experiences.

2. Commentary or Essay Videos 


As the name suggests, commentary videos convey creators’ comments, insights, or analytics on specific topics.

Commonly commented topics include trending issues, viral events, cultural phenomena, or niche interests.

These videos typically involve a person or more delivering their thoughts, often with a scripted or structured format.

They spell out in-depth analyses, arguments, or critiques of the topic. 

They aim to inform or spark discussions among viewers by delving deep into the subject matter. 

Commentary videos often showcase the creator’s personality, expertise, or unique perspectives.

This type of content often caters to audiences seeking informative and thought-provoking content.

3. Viewer Picks 


Viewer picks refer to content created based on suggestions, requests, or recommendations from the audience. 

If you see titles like “Subscribers Choose What I Wear in a Day” or “My Followers Decide My Activity,” these are viewer picks content.

This type of content can vary widely, from choosing video themes, challenges, Q&A sessions, or content that directly responds to viewer queries.

In many cases, YouTubers use social media, commonly Instagram, to do polls and gather audience preferences.

Many YouTubers create viewer-pick content to build a deeper connection with audiences. 

It also fosters a stronger sense of community involvement and engagement. 

4. Silent Videos 

Silent videos don’t mean you won’t hear any sound within the content.

You may hear background music or natural sounds produced by objects in the setting.

However, silent videos mostly rely on visuals, text overlays, subtitles, or captions to convey a message or story.

This content is commonly used in marketing, where brands deliver their messages through striking visuals and concise text.

You may also notice that silent videos often highlight personal experiences, social issues, human emotions, or global topics.

They can evoke empathy and understanding without verbal explanation by showcasing powerful visuals.

5. Random Acts of Kindness 


Have you seen heartwarming videos where YouTubers go out to make someone’s day brighter? 

You might have seen videos where YouTubers give laptops to college students, pay for others’ groceries, or help homeless people cut their hair.

These videos have gained popularity as they can evoke emotions and inspire viewers.

Random act of kindness content captures spontaneous or planned acts of generosity, compassion, and goodwill towards others.

It often features individuals or groups engaging in unexpected acts of kindness toward strangers or communities.

This content aims to spread positivity by highlighting the impact of small acts of kindness on people’s lives.

One of the reasons random act of kindness content gets so popular is its shareability.

People tend to share heartwarming content, leading to a broader reach and influencing more individuals.

6. Try-It-Out or Challenge Videos


In a highly competitive platform, YouTubers must get creative and offer new experiences to attract more viewers.

Try-it-out videos have become popular among content creators and users.

This content often showcases individuals or groups trying products, challenges, or activities.

It could range from trying new foods, testing out gadgets, attempting new hobbies, or exploring different places. 

They document personal experiences and share their reactions, thoughts, and reviews with viewers.

Moreover, this content generally includes trending products, places, or other topics to create a sense of connection with audiences.

Creators keep audiences engaged and informed by offering firsthand experiences and opinions.

7. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are versatile content popular among marketers as a tool to promote brands and products.

In business, this content is a captivating form of visual communication suitable for promoting products.

Motion graphics are videos with layers of elements like animation, text, and various designs to convey information, deliver a message, or tell a story. 

You can find extensive use of motion graphics in digital marketing, advertising, and explainer videos due to their ability to engage audiences effectively. 

Crucial elements in motion graphics include animation, typography, shapes, and seamless transitions.

Moreover, compelling narratives are often essential to convey complex messages. 

Their versatility ranges from sleek and corporate to fun and quirky, making them suitable for various purposes and audiences.

8. Augmented and Virtual 3D Graphic 


YouTube has incorporated the VR feature, signaling that virtual reality will be the future trend.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are innovative technologies that make immersive and interactive digital experiences.

AR improves the real-world experience by adding virtual visuals on top of real experience, whereas Virtual Reality (VR) offers completely simulated environments.

An example of the application is when VR gaming offers deeply immersive experiences by transporting users to fantastical worlds. 

On the flip side, AR overlays digital elements onto the real world, like Pokémon GO.

Both have found applications across multiple industries, from entertainment and gaming to healthcare, education, and marketing.

9. Book Reviews 


YouTube has enabled book addicts around the world to create a community.

Even though book content is less popular than other entertaining content, it has garnered loyal audiences. 

Besides, this content is less competitive, meaning the possibility of getting subscribers is usually higher than more saturated content niches.

Content like book reviews have become valuable guides for readers by offering insights and critiques on literary works. 

These reviews inform audiences about a book’s content, writing style, themes, and overall quality.

They also aid book lovers in decision-making when selecting reading material.

10. Rural Life 


More and more creators make content about their rural life, somewhere far away from the city vibes.

Rural life content showcases the lifestyle in rural areas, often including farming practices, traditions, and the natural beauty of countryside living. 

This genre offers a window into a slower-paced, nature-centric way of life. 

Rural life videos have gained popularity as they resonate deeply with audiences seeking authenticity or a connection to nature and simpler living.

11. Voiceover Shorts 


Voiceover shorts are bite-sized videos where a narrator provides commentary or storytelling over visual content. 

Many YouTubers gain popularity by conveying stories, anecdotes, or information in a concise and engaging format. 

These videos often use captivating visuals, animations, existing footage, and a compelling voiceover to convey a narrative or message. 

Voiceover shorts are versatile, catering to various genres—from educational content to entertainment or emotional storytelling. 

They allow creators to showcase their storytelling abilities and captivate audiences through powerful narration and visuals.

12. Storytelling Content


Storytelling content aims to engage, entertain, or inform audiences through compelling stories.

It can span different genres and themes, including fiction, personal anecdotes, historical narratives, myths, or viral news. 

It also often focuses on eliciting emotional responses and delivering meaningful messages. 

You may have seen YouTubers telling stories about famous unsolved criminal cases or other attention-grabbing news and stories.

Creators use their storytelling content to build engagement in immersive narratives while informing and resonating with audiences personally or emotionally. 

13. Podcast Videos


Podcasts are widely recognized as audio content available across various platforms.

Yet, creators often enhance the podcast experience by recording video sessions.

Podcast videos primarily focus on speakers engaging in discussions or conversations, typically captured from one or two camera angles.

While the emphasis remains on the conversation, the visual element adds a new layer of engagement, capturing facial expressions and body language.

Additionally, podcast videos present rich information tailored to niche audiences with specific interests.

14. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Content


Sustainability and eco-friendliness are having a moment on YouTube! 

Creators are all about showing off eco-friendly hacks, sharing tips for greener living, reviewing cool eco-products, and rallying for the environment. 

Some creators also share how to make daily products like homemade soaps from plants and natural ingredients.

This trend reflects a growing global interest in adopting eco-conscious lifestyles.

Not only educational but sustainability and eco-friendly content bring together folks who are passionate about saving the planet and making a real difference.

15. Child-Friendly Content

More and more families turn to digital platforms for entertainment and education. 

With parents seeking safe and engaging content for their children, creators fill this demand by producing various kid-related videos. 

Child-friendly content on YouTube is about making videos that kids love, such as colorful animations, catchy songs, cool crafts, and fun challenges.

Moreover, bright visuals and simple language are other main characteristics of this content to keep things exciting for young viewers.

16. Animated Lyrics Videos

Since YouTube released the YouTube Music App, which has now been downloaded by over 3 million users, music videos have become increasingly popular.

Musicians are aware that whenever they release a song, the audience will search for the lyric video of that song.

As a result, it is not uncommon for both official channels and lyric channels to create animated lyric videos. These range from template lyric videos to high-quality ones.

Why Knowing YouTube Trends Matters

Knowing the current trends is essential for content creators and digital marketers. YouTube trends are a map of where the audience’s interests lie. 

They can reach a broader audience and gather more subscribers by creating content many are interested in.

There are more reasons why YouTube trends matter for content creators and marketers.

From reaching a wider audience to evoking creativity, we’ve curated several points on why YouTube trends matter. 

1. Tapping a Wider Audience

YouTube trends reflect what captures audiences’ attention and interest at any given time. 

Understanding popular videos enables content creators and marketers to understand what the current audience is seeking.

They can also gain insights into the evolving preferences and behaviors of global viewers.

It’s a strategy to reach the untapped audience, organically draw in new subscribers, and foster engagement.

On top of that, identifying emerging niches and exploring new spaces help content creators and marketers resonate with viewers authentically.

2. Increasing Engagement

Trendy content tends to generate higher levels of engagement. 

When creators produce videos that tap into ongoing trends, they naturally attract more attention. 

Viewers are more inclined to engage with videos touching subjects or formats they find appealing or relevant. 

Consequently, this engagement translates into higher likes, comments, shares, and overall interaction with the content. 

Additionally, as viewers engage more with the content, YouTube’s algorithms take notice, potentially boosting the video’s visibility and reach. 

3. Algorithmic Preference

YouTube’s algorithm loves content that gets people engaged. 

The algorithm takes notice when videos ride the wave of popular trends and spark a lot of interaction among viewers. 

Strong engagement signals to YouTube that people are really into this content. 

As a result, YouTube tends to promote these videos to a larger audience. 

This algorithmic boost can make a huge difference in how well a video does—it can show up more often in searches.

Your content may also appear in the suggested videos section and on users’ homepages, bringing in more views and exposure.

4. Gaining Competitive Edge

Keeping an eye on YouTube trends gives creators and marketers a competitive advantage. 

Staying informed about what’s popular helps them position themselves strategically within their niche or industry. 

When they create content aligned with current trends, they can stand out from others who might not be as quick to catch on. 

This proactive approach can attract more subscribers and viewers, helping them carve a distinct space in the industry.

5. Encouraging Innovation and Creativity

Trends act as a springboard for innovation and creativity. 

While following the crowd, creators can also use their ideas and put unique twists on existing ones. 

Encouraging a creative mind can foster an environment of experimentation and originality. 

This push for innovation keeps content fresh and intriguing, offering a unique perspective or approach to trending topics. 

Ultimately, innovations can set content apart and captivate audiences in new and exciting ways.

Closing Thought

As we look ahead to YouTube’s trends in 2024, it’s clear that the content game is evolving fast.

From short and fast-paced storytelling to lengthy podcast videos and child-friendly content, these trends are gold for creators and marketers.

If you plan to leverage YouTube for marketing, the above trends can help you spark creativity and stay competitive on the platform.

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