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What Is The Optimal Facebook Ad Frequency?

Originally published May 11, 2021  ·  Updated May 3, 2024
What Is The Optimal Facebook Ad Frequency?

There may be one thing worse than not advertising your product or services. Advertising them too much. We’re now talking about ads on the most popular social media: Facebook.

As of 2021, Facebook Marketplace including ads has reached 1.1 billion users and has helped many businesses to promote their products, services, and even job posting.

Just think about it — how would you react if you kept seeing the same ad way too many times on your Facebook newsfeed? 

Most likely, you would hide it or even report it. And you already know that’s bad for your budget and your overall ad performance.

So, what’s the optimal Facebook ad frequency, anyway? What is a good frequency for Facebook ads?

This article will help you determine what numbers you should aim for.

A Vital Part of Campaign Planning

Facebook ad frequency isn’t something you should neglect when planning your next Facebook campaign. You may have heard that you need to expose your audience to your ad many times before purchasing. While this will undoubtedly change their behavior, the change can be both positive or negative. So, it’s critical to find a balance.

And where’s that balance?

Well, it may not be the same for you as for somebody else.

Research suggests that your optimal frequency depends on several groups of factors. Here are the top 3 you should pay attention to.

#1. Message Factors

If the ad you’re running isn’t too complex and an existing ad or campaign, you may get better results with lower ad frequency. The same goes for highly unique messages.

But if you want to convey a new and more complex message, although it doesn’t need to be particularly unique, you can expect a better outcome with higher ad frequency.

#2. Media Factors

If you’re planning a longer campaign on multiple media channels during low season, you’re better off with low-frequency ads.

But if you’re only advertising on Facebook and you’re doing it during high season, your short campaigns will pay off if you aim for a higher ad frequency.

#3. Market Factors

Are you advertising an established brand? Well-known brands with a high market share and longer buying cycles can aim for a lower frequency of Facebook ads. Also, if you’re advertising a product or a service that isn’t used quite often, your campaign can perform well with lower ad frequency.

On the other hand, newer brands with a low share of voice and shorter purchase cycles, whose products or services are used more often, should go for higher ad frequency to reach the full potential of their ad campaigns.

So, with all this in mind, let’s give you an example.

Say you’re a well-known brand. You have a high share of voice, and you’re running a long campaign with unique messages. However, it’s low season, and you’re advertising on multiple channels. What’s the best strategy for you? A low-frequency one – it’ll be the most cost-effective and convenient for your brand.

And if you want us to give you a specific number, here it is.

According to one of our polls, the ideal Facebook ads frequency can be anywhere between three and eight. At least that’s what most Facebook marketing pros will tell you.

Facebook Video Ads

Here’s a sample of video ads that you can put on Facebook.

Is Your Ad Frequency on Point?

We hope that you now have a clearer picture of what the optimal Facebook ad frequency is. As mentioned, there isn’t one answer that will fit everyone, but if you rely on the factors we’ve talked about above, you should be able to identify the right balance with ease.

And if you’ve just realized you haven’t been doing it quite right, no worries. You can always adjust your ads to get better results before the campaign is over. According to Databox research, it’s best to monitor your ads at least on a weekly basis.

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