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Top Explainer Video Use Cases and Tools You Need

Originally published February 10, 2016  ·  Updated January 31, 2024
Top Explainer Video Use Cases and Tools You Need

Understanding explainer video use cases can help you improve your overall marketing campaigns.

Explainer videos are known for being content whose sole function is to advertise a business’s product or service in an explanatory way.

They also serve another purpose, and they’re pretty much versatile too.

You can use this type of video from the top of your marketing funnel all the way to the bottom.

Attracting more audiences? Those endearing animated characters can tell a great, memorable story.

What about generating leads? Oh, those smaller, digestible chunks of information appeal more to audiences.

And making people purchase? Sure. You can always add social proof to the visual of the explainer video.

Here are some of the best explainer video use cases along with the best tools you need to consider using.

Explainer Videos for Brand Awareness

The top of the marketing funnel is where you need to create brand awareness for your company.

Hence, you spread out information about your company and how your products or services can solve your potential customer’s problems.

The main challenge in creating awareness is getting as many views and shares as possible. So, the key to getting easy shares on social media is making an explainer video entertaining.

As many as 76% of users say they would share a branded product/service video with their friends if it was entertaining.

If a video is informative but not entertaining, only 65% of users will share it.

And if you think getting people to share a branded video is difficult, think again. Only 3% of consumers say that they would never share a branded video under any circumstances.

Explainer Videos in the Engagement Stage

Explainer videos are a universal type of video content, but it’s more effective to specifically create different videos for each stage of a buyer’s journey.

In the brand awareness stage, an explainer video should only share information about your company. You also need to describe how your product/service would help potential consumers resolve their issues.

In the engagement stage, the key is to inform and share useful knowledge that centers on your products. This will make your audience stick around longer to hear what you have to say.

They will do that because you’re providing useful information to them.

Explainer Videos for Video Marketing

Explainer videos are short animated or live-action clips that provide a simplified explanation of a product, service, or concept.

They have become a popular tool for video marketing due to their ability to effectively convey information, increase engagement, and improve conversion rates.

Explainer videos are versatile and can be used on a company’s website, social media channels, or in advertising campaigns. They can also be customized to fit a company’s brand and style.

Explainer videos are a cost-effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes and are ideal for communicating complex information to a wide audience.

Explainer Videos for the Lead-Nurturing Stage

The lead-nurturing stage is where you woo your leads with good treatment, friendly emails, and freebies.

On top of building a good rapport with your leads, the nurturing stage also involves answering their question, which is along the lines of:

“Can this product actually solve MY problems?”

The best way to answer this is by showing them how your product works in specific scenarios and how it has benefitted people.

As additional supportive content, you can make a video with social proof, case studies, or other types of testimonials as psychological triggers for brand trust.

Explainer Videos Use Cases in the Purchasing Stage

After you successfully nurture your leads, they are now ready to purchase. An explainer video can help you close the deal, but again, it needs to be made specifically for sales purposes.

A great product demo video is essential.

As many as 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after seeing an app demo video. Place this explainer video right next to the product description copy and add a CTA to purchase.

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These are the three key stages in which explainer videos can help you a lot.

But, you will need much more detail before you can actually put these ideas into practice.

What about the practical, tried-and-true uses of explainer videos?

To answer that question, I have listed the 10 practical explainer videos’ use cases for businesses. Let’s jump right in.

1. Explainer Video Use Cases for Presentations

Going against the mainstream belief that explainer videos are exclusively online content. I dare to prove them wrong. points out that the best presentations have something heart-stopping as the opening bit.

A product explainer video captures your audience’s attention by making the grand entrance right after the intro.

In addition, an explainer video is among the very few types of content that can put surprising facts about yourself in the spotlight.

Also, a well-written explainer video tells stories about your business. This is because human beings are hardwired to respond to stories.

Using a story-heavy video at the beginning of your presentation helps grab your audience’s attention.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to increase the likelihood of your audience engaging in the presentation.

To help you use explainer videos and other media in your presentation flawlessly, here’s a list of tools that you can use:


Prezi, in a nutshell, is a virtual canvas for presentations. You can create and arrange your ideas for presentations on one large zoomable page.

You can easily place your videos, images, and text in a natural flow that would make your presentation smooth.

Having multiple explainer videos for your presentation will not be a problem when you use Prezi.

You’ll just need to click and drag to arrange those videos or spread them to fit your intended presentation flow.

Prezi works with multiple formats: cloud (web), desktop, and iOS. Once you sign up for an account, you’ll get 100MB of free storage.Prezi



I include SlideDog in this list because it supports a vast range of video formats.

By all means, whatever format your explainer videos are in, chances are good that SlideDog will be able to play them.

SlideDog is a neat-looking and versatile presentation program. It helps you broadcast your presentation to the Internet for any online meetings you might have.

There is also a chat room in which your audience can engage with you.

SlideDog - Startup Stash

From my point of view, SlideDog is designed specifically for active presenters who need to walk around the room as they speak.

You can control the entire presentation from a mobile device. This means you can have your laptop idling in your desk as you roam around the room. so if you’re one of those presenters, SlideDog is for you.

SlideDog can also use presentation files made on Prezi.

There is a downside, though: SlideDog can be installed only on Windows OS.

2. Explainer Video Use Cases for Conventions

Trade shows are naturally crowded with all the participating companies (plus their crews), visitors, and committees. It’s not an easy task to be the one booth that stands out from the crowd.

You can do a few things to make your booth more appealing to passersby at trade shows. Ultimately, having a great display is one of those things.

Thus, putting up some videos on a loop is a great way to catch visitors’ attention from all the noise that is happening at the convention venue.

A common misconception is that any video–whether a short corporate promo, an installation piece, or a product knowledge clip–is perfect fodder for trade show viewing.

In reality, an explainer video is its own animal and needs to be approached as such.

Exhibitors need video content that gets their message across quickly: “This is who we are; this is what we do or what we make.”

Trade shows are often noisy, and people are sometimes twenty feet away when they see your large screen display. They can’t hear what’s being said in a video, and they don’t usually start watching it from the beginning.

That said, relying on an audio element isn’t the best option.

But an animated explainer video is designed to have eye-catching and colorful. They aim to grab the attention of passersby even if they only have a glance.

At a tradeshow, you will need a solid media player to play your videos over and over so you don’t have to keep pressing play.


VLC is a great all-around media player that can play almost any kind of video you throw at it. Looping videos using VLC is as easy as pie. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Open the video you want to loop using the VLC player. If you want to loop multiple video files, add them to the playlist.

Step 2: To loop the video, go to the loop button and click on it. If you want to loop multiple files, toggle the button to either loop one or all and toggle until you reach your desired result.

How to loop a video - Animaker

Subtitle Workshop

In explainer videos, captions or subtitles are considered distractions from the visuals. However, they could come in handy for conventions.

There is going to be a lot of noise at the convention. It’s almost impossible for your audiences to get your messages without any text overlays.

You can use Subtitle Horse to add captions or subtitles.

Subtitle Horse is a simple, easy-to-use software for creating, converting, and editing subtitles.

Not only that, but it can also include real-time validation and an interactive timeline.

Make Your Video Content Accessible: 12 Best Sites For Captioning Videos |

3. Explainer Video Use Cases for Landing Pages

Explainer videos are a powerful weapon for your landing pages.

EyeView, a video marketing agency, has documented that landing pages with videos see a spike in conversion rates by up to 86%.

Explainer videos are among the few types of content that have a positive impact overall on CRO.

Landing page explainer videos make every bit of essential information about your product much more accessible to your visitors. This is so helpful when your business offers a sophisticated product,

DesignBoost implemented shorter copies on its landing page in 2012 when its website was brand-new.

They generated a 13% increase in their sign-up rate.

To put it another way, your website is a novel, and an explainer video is a prologue that shows your offers in a short and value-packed way to save visitors’ time.

Basically, landing page explainer videos serve as visual copy that grants ease of access to necessary information about your product so visitors can better understand why they would want it.

In order to place and track an explainer video’s performance on a landing page, you’ll need several different tools.

Wistia or YouTube?

Everyone’s go-to video hosting platform is YouTube. It’s free, and everyone else is using it. Technical-wise, embedding a YouTube player onto your landing page source code should be super simple.

However, know this: YouTube is designed for content creators (who look to monetize their videos) and big-brand-building advertising campaigns.

If you look at your company’s future plans and see large-scale brand advertising or video monetization, using YouTube from the start is a good choice.

Wistia, on the other hand, is designed exclusively to serve companies using video on their websites for marketing, support, and sales. Wistia is a paid service–and you’ll reap what you sow.

Wistia provides clearer and deeper data about how your landing page video is performing and more insights into visitor interaction with your landing page explainer video.

You can get an aggregated view of a video’s performance with engagement graphs, or you can drill down to see how individual viewers are watching your videos with heatmaps.

You can also attribute specific viewing activity to a viewer’s email address.

In short, Wistia has the upper hand if you are looking for a business video hosting service. Take a look at this Wistia vs YouTube infographic:

Youtube vs Wistia

<div style="clear:both"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img src="" class="img-embed" title="Top Explainer Video Use Cases and Tools You Need" alt="Top Explainer Video Use Cases and Tools You Need" width="640" height="1800" border="0"/></a></div><div>Courtesy of: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Breadnbeyond</a></div>


Whether you use Wistia or YouTube, one thing is clear: you have to create a custom thumbnail to stand out.

An interesting thumbnail is one of the factors that determine whether or not your video will be watched and (therefore) will pique viewers’ interest.

Between you and me, most of the time, I decide to watch a landing page video simply because the snippet of it just promising.

Wistia provides you with a DIY thumbnail feature.

Meanwhile, YouTube only provides you with three options for your thumbnail, and most of the time, they’re not the frames you want as a thumbnail.

If you need a more creative option, Canva can help you out.

This online graphic tool provides you with dozens of ready-to-use templates you can repurpose to your own liking.

In this tool, you can always find the best style of thumbnail for your landing page explainer video– regardless of your industry and brand image.

Free Online Youtube Thumbnail Maker: Design Your Own - Canva

4. Explainer Video Use Cases for Email Marketing Campaigns

Explainer video and email together make a communication tool that stands out from others.

The advantage of sending video emails is that it hooks viewers and speeds up engagement with them.

An explainer video in an email is an effective way to impress, inform, engage, and even entertain recipients.

You might dread this but think about your next dental appointment.

As responsible as you may be about having healthy teeth, you already dread the thought of having them drilled and poked.

But you just have to do it because it’s the right thing to do–or at least that’s what dentists make you believe!

What do you think would happen if your dentist sent you a personal reminder email for your next appointment along with a video about the advantages of having healthy teeth, plus a 20%-off coupon for whitening at your next visit?

You are now a patient who has received a personalized reminder with a special offer and who is likely to return to the same dentist.

Benefits of Videos in Email

Below are additional benefits of sending an explainer video in email:

Deliver Messages Easily

Explainer videos are significant for your overall marketing plans as they draw the attention of viewers while at the same time delivering necessary information about your product(s).

Your email subscribers find them more interesting and active in comparison to plain text.

Therefore, a video email is very likely to have a greater impact on recipients.

Saves Time

An explainer video in email saves both your time and your subscribers’ time.

It provides information on a product or service in significantly less time than reading requires, and it makes complex subjects easier to understand.

Penetrates Marketing Barrier

Video content has a higher chance of quickly going viral than other forms of content. Explainer videos also have an impressive way of saying things and delivering messages. The majority of viewers respond more positively to a product after a video about it.

Fresh SEO Juice

The technical benefit of having an explainer video in email marketing is improved Google search ranking.

An online video can attract more attention and be more popular. It can lead to more shares on social media and, therefore, a larger scale of exposure to the brand.

Now, moving on to the tools you can use for email video marketing: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of email marketing tools out there. Below I’ve listed the best ones that offer free plans.


I’ve been using MailChimp for more than two years, and it’s still a solid email marketing platform that suits my every need.

The sleek user interface and simple campaign management are what I like best about MailChimp.

Since not all email clients support in-app video playing, MailChimp can automatically strip the video out of the email and replace it with a thumbnail image that directs the recipient to a new tab to watch the video.

And the best thing is that Mailchimp offers a free plan that you can use to try out the basic features before deciding to go ahead and pay for the full unlocked features.


SendInBlue is another email marketing tool that offers a free plan.

Its free plan essentially works as a feature-constrained free trial without a timeout period. Moreover, it does not require credit.SendinBlue Pricing, Features & Reviews 2022 - Free Demo

5. Explainer Video Use Cases for Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook is one of the strongest and most popular social media platforms today.

Mark Zuckerberg’s team doesn’t seem to stop growing anytime soon. You should ride the wave for your own benefit.

One of our clients, TruLocal, has published its explainer video on Facebook as one of its distribution channels.

They know that millions of people are on Facebook daily. This shows how powerful it is if you use video on Facebook ads.

Take a quick survey of your office or group of friends about their Facebook use, and you’ll be able to deduce the general result.

By being present on Facebook alone, you have put your business under the noses of everyone.

Adding visual components such as an explainer video and infographics makes you much more discoverable. Facebook videos are also easily searchable on Google.

Similar to YouTube videos, Facebook videos also appear on search engine results pages (SERPs).

To gain the exposure you need, you’ll need to invest more time in promoting your social media videos and fan pages.

You might as well spend less time making updates that will probably drown in people’s newsfeeds within hours.

There are social media management tools that allow you to easily manage your social media updates:


Buffer is an all-around tool for social media marketing, analytics, and management tools.

Using Buffer allows you to schedule and manage your explainer videos (and all sorts of content) on Facebook. It offers you a 14-day free trial and a business subscription plan starts at $99 per month.

Buffer Screenshot | Business process management, Business management degree, Business management


Like the other two social media tools, Hootsuite offers a content management platform and data analytics.

The unique selling point, according to Hootsuite’s page, is the ability to protect your brand on social media.

They use message approval and permissions workflow to cut internal risks.

Hootsuite Pricing, Features, Reviews & Alternatives | GetApp

6. Explainer Video Use Cases for Instagram Marketing

Technically, Instagram is one of Facebook’s sub-companies. Many features between the two have been synchronized.

However, the crowd on Instagram is a completely different group of people with 180-degree differences in the content they want to find.

On Facebook, you can find any kind of content you would possibly want to see on the Internet: photos, status updates, articles (or notes), videos, songs, check-in places, company pages – you name it.

In short, Facebook is like a big bowl where many kinds of content can be found.

Instagram, on the other hand, specifically serves your videos and photos.

Short explainer videos like the one we made for Command Center 112 Surabaya here is a perfect example of Instagram marketing content.

A visual-based platform means a whole new hunting ground if you have an explainer video. If you are still planning to make one, be sure to put Instagram on your funnel list.

Beware: There’s a thin line between tastefully promoting your company on social media and spamming.

Most marketers tend to give off a pushy vibe when using social media as a marketing ground.

That doesn’t fly on Instagram. It doesn’t even stand a chance against the high content marketing standard on Instagram.

Unlike other large social networking sites that are crowded with businesses and marketers, Instagram is still packed with casual users.

That means a business-to-business approach is still a hard task.

Explainer videos are an awesome type of content to have on Instagram*.

Notice the * mark there? Let me explain the T&C.

As long as your explainer video doesn’t focus on your product alone, there is a chance it will do well on Instagram.

Instead of creating a video about your product and how it is the “best product on the market,” you have to get creative.

The key is to make your product a piece of the video, not the entirety of it.

There are tools that you can use to manage and monitor your video’s performance on Instagram.


The three things that you will get from Iconosquare are management, analysis, and engagement. You can pre-schedule your Instagram posts.

Essentially, upload your content and draft some captions and hashtags, and Iconosquare will post them when you want them to be posted.

Iconosquare Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

You will get all the data that you’ll ever need to grow your Instagram account, starting from basic data like follower growth to detailed data like followers’ locations.

With Iconosquare, you will be able to sort your posts based on performance, and from there, you will also get recommendations about the best time to post your videos and images.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an Instagram analytic tool that provides in-depth data for your Instagram account.

It’s a powerful tool to improve productivity for social media managers.

Sprout IG Hashtag Analytics

It is an awesome all-rounder tool to monitor engagement, follower growth, and interactions in your Instagram accounts.

These are the key features of Sprout Social:

  • Best Time to Post. Quickly see the best time to post based on history and the engagement rate of your previous posts.
  • Robust Analytical Data Points. There are robust analytical data points that are tremendously useful for your future decision-making. For example, followers count, post engagement rate from minimum, average, and minimum, most engaging filters, and more.

7. Explainer Videos Use Cases for E-Commerce Product Showcases

Shopping online is a convenient way to get everything you need to be delivered right to your doorstep.

However, I’m pretty sure that at some point, you’ve felt something is not quite the same between online shopping and shopping at a physical store.

The problem with shopping for a physical product online is the lack of first-hand experience with the product itself.

That may not be the case for a digital product such as software, an app, music, or other digital services.

But, it unnerves some people to shop online for a physical product.

For some people, seeing a stock photo of a product instead of the product they will buy can be a deal-breaker.

After all, they always want to make sure they make a good purchase.

That’s why they want to know as much information about the product before proceeding to the checkout.

Explainer videos excel at providing that missing first-hand experience in online shopping.

Take a look at the 3D video we made for shaker fuel. It showcases the features of a bottle, a physical product, in 3D style animation to give the full hands-on experience for online shoppers.

Unlike written descriptions that (most of the time) include only general information about the product.

Explainer videos focus on providing more information about the product you’re selling — information that one can’t get through the text.

Explainer videos can showcase your product with audio and visual elements that build an online experience to make visitors fall in love with the products.

Combined with other elements of an e-commerce website, an explainer video can complete an online shopping experience that is emotional, guided, and almost realistic-feeling.

In fact, our quick research shows that shoppers who view videos are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers.

These are the tools that will be useful for e-commerce owners in utilizing the best of their product explainer videos.


Shopify is the go-to platform for beginners in e-commerce with conventional requirements.

Shopify has earned this title since it has everything in terms of an easy setup, with a handy dashboard and customization tools you’ll need accessible just a click away.

shopify dashboard

With over 100 store templates to choose from, you will be able to choose which one shapes your visitors’ online shopping experience most compellingly.

Having many templates to choose from means you have more options to mix and match your product explainer video (in terms of color, mood, etc.) with your store’s general look and feel.

A subscription to Shopify is $9 per month. But that’s nothing given what you’ll get in return as an e-commerce business.


BigCommerce is a tad more costly than Shopify in terms of the subscription price.

Next to Shopify, BigCommerce has the cleanest dashboard and clearest directions for getting your site built within a few minutes.

In fact, the dashboard looks surprisingly similar to Shopify’s, with modules for accepting credit cards, customizing your store, and more.

bigcommerce-dashboard |

The monthly fee on BigCommerce is $29.99. The massive gap in pricing is due perhaps to the difference in the target user persona between Shopify and BigCommerce.

8. Explainer Video Use Cases for Content Marketing Enrichment

An explainer video has the potential to add more ammunition to your content marketing arsenal.

When your content armory is close to empty, an explainer video can be turned into many kinds of different, smaller content pieces.

Thus, you can use them for other occasions and funnels.

Repurposing your explainer video content creates opportunities.

It opens new windows that can eventually:

  • Improve your website’s SEO ranking
  • Build a stronger relationship with audiences
  • Distribute different and refined content to reach new audiences
  • Support content marketing consistency.

Break it down to GIFs

It’s unlikely you’ll keep someone’s attention for all 2 minutes of your explainer video. Especially if you’re using social media channels to promote it.

Break down long videos into several short videos or animated GIFs as an additional attachment to catch the attention of social media newsfeed scrollers.

Magnificent, don’t you think?

It’s made from an entire animated explainer video simply converted and compressed into a single GIF.

We did this because a GIF is much faster to load and smoother when featured in emails.

So, if you’re doing an email campaign, an animated GIF could brighten the mood of your emails.

In other words, nothing could go wrong if you make animated GIFs from your explainer video.


Those images from your thumbnail selection attempt can be added to your web content as an animated GIF.

Well, we can say that an animated GIF for an article is like what ketchup is for a cheeseburger: they’re tastier together (at least to me!).

GIFMaker is a free web-based tool to make an animated GIF from a series of images.

You can customize the size and animation speed with this free and adware-clean website.


GIPHY is an easy way to make GIFs from pre-existing YouTube videos.

That said, the quality of an exported GIF will not be as good as one manually made from more advanced software like Adobe Photoshop.

The upside of GIPHY is that you can upload and share your GIF with everyone else on GIPHY. It’s like a whole universe of GIFs on one website.


Other than YouTube, no online GIF maker tool supported other popular video hosting sites like Vimeo or Daily Motion.

Someone else had to do it, so Gyfcat did. The only downside is that the GIFs are not the same quality as those created by paid software like Photoshop or RecordIt.

9. Explainer Video Use Cases for Online Advertising Campaign

Consumers are gradually cutting down their interest in traditional media. They turn to digital online videos for discovery, entertainment, and brand awareness.

According to the latest IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, the year 2016 was an all-time high for digital video advertising revenue at $3.9 billion (including mobile and desktop).

That’s a 51% increase from 2015’s $2.1 billion revenue.

Explainer videos were traditionally a piece of content that you put on your website as a highlight of your products.

However, the spike in digital video advertising or video ads revenue means that the consumption of digital video has risen.

We can say that it’s a sign for explainer videos to add one more point to their list of tactical benefits.

An online advertising campaign using an animated explainer video is something that most people are afraid to try. Mostly because of the origin as explainer content.

Today’s Internet users expect video advertising to be brief, targeted, and convenient.

Internet content consumers engage with content at a rapid pace, meaning they jump from one to another extraordinarily quickly and frequently.

What does that mean?

That means they scroll away from or skip a video ad that fails to capture their attention at first glance.

Explainer videos for advertising create a break away from the stigma of irrelevant online advertising. They also shape a stimulating environment for consumers by meeting their expectations for content.

They allow brands to inform users with bite-sized information about products and to visually entertain. This generates a conversion-oriented platform when accurately targeted across user behavior patterns.


Nanigans is a multi-channel advertising software with an emphasis on Facebook marketing.

Its software has access to the Facebook Exchange (FBX) for retargeting.

They also provide a plethora of other tools that make targeting more efficient. Nanigans is the tool of choice for companies such as eBay, JackThreads, and Zynga.

Nanigans Feed Specifications | Feedonomics™

Facebook Ads Manager

Ads Manager is Facebook’s own tool for creating and running advertising campaigns.

Facebook is constantly improving its ad platform, and the tool frequently releases new targeting and budgeting features for users.

For marketers just starting out on the paid social front, this is probably the best choice as there is no third-party fee to create and manage your Facebook advertisements.

Facebook Ads Manager [Overview] - Brad Cecil & Associates

Twitter Native Advertising Platform

Twitter is another major network that brands should consider paying to advertise on.

Twitter has some fantastic features for targeting with segmentation functionality.

They target certain keywords. So, whenever someone tweets or engages with a tweet using that keyphrase, they’ll be targeted.
Twitter Ads

10. Explainer Video Use Cases for Internal Company Training

Thus far, we know that explainer videos are very efficient when involving external parties.

For example, introducing your product to the world, creating video advertising, designing a stunning landing page, or adding an attractive element to your business emails.

Internally, an explainer video is also an incredible tool that can help you build a better team.

Using training videos, you can introduce a new process or policy and share knowledge. Even coach your staff in different areas, such as marketing or IT.

Animated explainer videos have a strong knowledge retention rate. The average person only retains 10% of what they hear, while they retain 50% of what they see.

According to Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners.

Read more: Training Videos Best Samples

That means that, in general, there is a greater chance your employees will learn better when visuals are used.

Now, let’s break down how explainer videos can help you build a better team.

Breaking Down IT Gizmos

Technology is moving at a rapid pace. It´s very common to have new versions of software released frequently, or new products announced every month.

And at some point in your business career, you might add one or more pieces of technology.

The reason is to have better productivity in a certain division or even the entire company.

It can be a new, top-of-the-line printer-scanner combo, an automatic time clock system, or a new emergency alarm system.

You can save training costs and time by developing an animated video.

This will certainly help your employees better understand the new tech you just installed, with the use of graphics and animation.

In this context, an animated video can be used to simplify a complex how-to-use process or general safety precautions (if there are any).

Introducing a New Company Policy

Introducing a company’s new policy is usually done by broadcast email or notes on office bulletin boards.

They are efficient, simple, and sometimes good enough. But presenting your new policy in a meeting (or seminar, if your company is huge) with an explainer video is better.

For a new policy or rule to be effective within the entire company, it’s essential that you communicate everything clearly and coherently.

You want to ensure that every single employee understands it perfectly.

At the same time, leveraging an animated video to explain why and how this policy is being implemented will result in better understanding because you (the company’s executive) have shared your point of view on why the new policy is needed.

Closing Thoughts: The Video Production

What do you think of our list? I’m sure explainer videos have a lot more uses out there that I am not aware of.

Explainer videos are an all-rounder tool that is extremely handy and useful for companies, especially startups that are still growing.

With just one explainer video, you will have a tool for many occasions and purposes if you choose to function it so.

Interested in having one for your company? Breadnbeyond to the rescue! Click on the banner below to see the packages we offer and get a free consultation today:

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