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What is Explainer Video

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What is Explainer Video

There are a lot of tools to increase conversion rates, and one of the most effective is explainer video.

Explainer video is a short animated video that explains what your business does, offer, and produce. Their main purpose is to make people clearly understand what you do and persuade them to buy your product or services.

The usage of explainer video also increases significantly from time to time. There are a lots of startup that use explainer on their landing page today. An article on techcrunch also wrote about it. Even big companies such as Google, Facebook, Nokia, and Microsoft also use it to introduce their new products. It shows that it is becoming a marketing trend today.

Here is an example how Google use explainer video to explain their new product:

Why Explainer Video?

Visual cues and audios are much more powerful than text, and VIDEO is a combination from both of them. People also loves to watch video rather than reading long boring texts. Online video is also the fastest growing ad type on the internet and an online ad trend in 2012 based on eMarketer research.

It also explains a product or service better than any other media since the best way to describe something is by using video. It is also more cost efficient rather than you printing a large number of pamphlet or brochure.

It also can be used to gain wider audience. Everything is digital nowadays, and we can easily share videos through many social media networks. It increases the chance to get more attention from worldwide audience.

Explainer Video and Conversion

Every online marketer understands that the keys to conversion are good landing page, great copywriting, and the latest trend, which is explainer video.

When it’s done properly, an explainer video can increase conversion rates from 20% – 75%. Visitors would be more likely to purchase a product after watching it because they know better about what they get when they buy it, and thus – the explainer video have done the work.

According to internet retailer, 52% people feels more confident to buy a product after watching an explainer video.

Another fact is that people always compelled to do a research before buying a product. They will compare between one product to the others, and they will buy a product from  seller that can convince them the most, and explainer video is a secret weapon to convince people to buy a product.

Explainer Video and SEO

With the increasing difficulties to gett a higher SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) on Google today, Google still evolve and update its algorithm. Since Google Penguin and Panda update, it started to decrease page rank of a website that doesn’t have a certain quality structure or content.

That’s why we need videos on our web page.

A website that has video on their landing page has more possibility to be appearing on the first page of SERP. Google is more likely to place a website with videos in higher rank position. Google also include YouTube video search on its search result. By having video on our website we can double our opportunity to be found by internet users faster.

Effective Explainer Video

A video can be called as effective when the viewer can understand the message conveyed completely. Creating an effective video is very important. It is the key point on a video marketing campaign success.

Keep it simple. An effective explainer video is around 45 seconds – 90 seconds. A long video that goes past audience’s attention span is not going to work well.

Another idea is to keep the important stuff first to make sure the audience won’t miss the important thing. Try to get important message explained in the first 30 seconds of the script.

An explainer video must contain “call to action” on the video. So, the audiences know what to do after watching the video. If the audiences have to visit a website address, make sure to write the web address clearly at the end of the video.


Explainer video is a powerful internet marketing tool and it is became a new trend in the online marketing world. It can boost website performance in both conversion and SEO. A lot of startup companies started to use it on their marketing campaign.

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