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SaaS Explainer Videos: The Bridge Between SaaS and the Customer

Originally published April 19, 2016  ·  Updated January 31, 2024
SaaS Explainer Videos: The Bridge Between SaaS and the Customer

You’ve gathered a team of computer engineers from MIT to develop a SaaS solution.

They are highly skilled, and they develop functional, smooth, and gorgeous software for you.

But the crowd isn’t cheering for you after the final product launch. There isn’t even a pair of hands clapping to welcome your SaaS product to the market.

And you’re wondering… why did you get no customers? What has gone wrong in the production and my marketing funnel?

Because nobody understands how it works, what it does, and what good it will do should one decide to use it.

That’s the dilemma of being a SaaS (Software as a service) company. You may have the best software on the market, but nobody uses it because they have no idea what it actually does.

You have to explain it to your audience. Otherwise, they will hesitate to even give it a try. Or worse, they won’t even know it exists.

That’s where the explainer video functions as a bridge between you and your audience. Some also use explainers to create product videos or customer onboarding videos

Let’s learn more about SaaS explainer videos and how they can bridge your product and target customers. 

1. An Explainer Video Uses Casual Language

As a SaaS company, not everyone knows how your tool works or why they would need it in the first place.

Even if you have a similar product to existing SaaS companies, you must have several features to make your software better than your competitors.

An explainer video commonly uses casual language that’s easier for most people to understand instead of the technical jargon you likely use when talking to fellow developers.

You can also delightfully explain the product’s benefits and features through typography or a voiceover narrator. This strategy can help you enhance audience engagement and improve brand awareness.

Thus, SaaS explainers are marketing videos that connect your company to your audience (who presumably don’t understand your lingo).

2. A SaaS Explainer is Suitable for Product Videos

Generally, people tend to avoid any kind of advertising video. As soon as that “skip this ad” button appears on YouTube, they click it. (I know you do, too.)

Compared to common marketing, which usually only brags about how good a product or service is, SaaS explainer videos are more informative and valuable.

An explainer video for a SaaS company should have fundamental information so that whoever watches it will have an adequate understanding of the software.

Consider a tutorial SaaS video or simply an explanation of why the audience will need a particular product or service. These kinds of videos provide more value to your audience, even though, in fact, they are promotional content.

For example, take a look at this explainer video that explains depression and provides a strategy to help you cope with it in under 2 minutes:

For SaaS companies, an explainer video is versatile and time-saving content that can be used in multiple channels, like your website’s landing page, Facebook page, or YouTube channel.

With attractive style, cutting-edge animations, illustrations, graphics, and other visual elements, a SaaS explainer video can give a sprinkle of color to your previously dull-looking fan pages. 

They can also leave a positive impression about your product and contribute to your website’s SEO.

In order to get the most out of YouTube’s potential, you might want to check out our quick YouTube thumbnail tips article.

You need to be wary, though. Sharing your personalized explainer video with the wrong crowd may have adverse effects on your company.

Check out our DIY social media sharing tricks for more insight on this.

3. A SaaS Video is Time-Saving Content

SaaS users want to know why they should use your SaaS solution and how to do so.

Instead of reading a 10-step tutorial on how to use the software, an explainer video uses engaging animation and visuals to elaborate on your SaaS product.

SaaS companies are usually innovative and tend to create new or unusual concepts for their products.

For this very reason, an explainer video is highly favorable in comparison to other content.

Researchers have proven that 90% of the information our brains pick up is visual. The human brain is hardwired to process visual information 60 thousand times faster than text.

Research has also proven that an explainer video improves learning results. If video is not the most viable and effective way to introduce a new product to the public, I don’t know what is.

To SaaS companies that emerge with a new and innovative concept for software, an explainer video is a cornerstone for pitching a product or service to the market.

Let’s take NextGlass as an example. They developed an app that can tell you which brand of wine you should try next.

Explaining that concept would be a bit complicated, don’t you think? But try watching this video:

The above explainer video helps you study the product easier, right?

As easy and casual as it may sound, producing a SaaS explainer video (particularly like the animated one above) isn’t a cakewalk. 

You still have to decide on the video production, which animation style suits your brand concept, and whether or not you have forbidden content in your video.

You can get many inspirations by scrolling through similar video content on YouTube or other video platforms. Consider studying your competitors’ channels to know how they introduce a new product and how they optimize marketing content.

4. Explainer Videos Enhance SaaS Marketing

As a SaaS company, you’ve got to have a strong brand presence.

An explainer video effectively enhances your SaaS marketing, including determining your website’s ranking in search engines and exposing your product to a broader audience. 

Your video’s thumbnail in search engine results is more likely to get people’s attention.

Search Engine Watch, in one of their articles: The Rise of Video, puts videos as:

As part of a media mix on a site, evidence of quality content helps send signals to search engines that your page or site contains rich media relevant to search requests.

According to research by Backlinko, 80% of the top volume keywords now have rich media in their search results.

It also shows that search results with rich media elements (not necessarily video) outperform results without rich media.

In short, using an explainer video for marketing can drive more views and clicks to your domain, making it stronger regarding ranking and authority.

5. Invest in SaaS Explainer Videos Today

With a quick video production process, creating an explainer video can be a profitable investment. Besides, it is suitable for today’s audiences who are expert skimmers. So here it goes:

  • An explainer video is simple, and it speaks a common language.
  • An explainer video is a double agent: advertising and education.
  • An explainer video enhances your website’s SEO.

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