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How to Choose Animated Explainer Video Production Companies

Originally published April 1, 2013  ·  Updated January 30, 2024
How to Choose Animated Explainer Video Production Companies

Want to create a custom animated explainer video for your startup? Confused with too many choices of animated video production companies?

Well, explainer videos are a popular video marketing content for start-ups in 2017. They are short, simple, and engaging startup videos that can increase brand awareness and sales by telling a story and how well your potential clients understand your product by including important information about it.

From the content marketing perspective, explainers can be used in many ways depending on how creative you are. They are typically short, so you can upload them to almost every social media and it’s easy for your followers to view them..

The tricky part is not every creative production studio knows what their clients’ customers want. That’s why choosing the right animation studio is very important.

Video Production: Aspects To Consider

There are several aspects that you should consider before choosing the right explainer production company for your business.

1. Affordability

Startups need to learn how to spend their money efficiently. It is necessary to choose an explainer video production company that offers their services at reasonable rates.

Making a full explainer video should only cost less than half of your marketing budget, so you can spend the rest to plan the strategy for other marketing campaigns.

It’s completely within your rights to spend more than what you have reserved to create a video with the best graphics, but that’s not advised.

Many people think that you get what you paid for, but that’s not quite true in this scenario. Customers from around the world are different, some might find simple animation is enough, and some might demand the best of the best. Your job is to provide content that is right for your target audience.

That’s why low cost doesn’t always mean bad for you. There are many reasons why an explainer video company can give you a less expensive price for your marketing video.

Our clients are mostly startups, and they often question how we’re able to charge what we’re charging for the quality we offer. There are many reasons that factor into pricing. In our case, where we’re located contributes a lot to our prices.

Video genre specialty

Not every video production company has the specialty to make animations, much fewer motion graphics. Writing an explainer video script is also a challenge for those who aren’t experts.

Take an example a photographer. An expert nature photographer has a different photography sense and a different way to learn from a beauty photographer. The same thing to making a cartoon and an animated explainer video.

Animation production is a learned process that needs time for perfecting. Most of the time, only companies that have been around in the industry can make the reliable choice to produce an explainer video. Check for portfolios on their website, it will help with seeing through their video’s quality.


Digital content increases in number rapidly. In order to stand to build your brand with one, you need to stand out. Be sure to hire a company whose works are original and made from scratch, not from stock illustrations that you can get from the internet.

A unique explainer video can give you animated videos that feature a unique visual touch and recognizable styles. Uniqueness will help your customer understand your product/service better.

Explainer videos are, in a way, storytelling made visual. And unique visual aspect is quite important in this kind of animation video.

Distinctive graphics are also simply effective in engaging customers when combined with top-level story ideas. Mix all of them and you’ll give amazing motion graphics that viewers will love.

In addition, here is our blog version of 16 amazing explainers that will make you stand out.


An explainer video production company that has created many videos over the years often already knows which clients they can handle and which clients they can’t be based on experience.

They have worked with many businesses, startups, and professionals — which means a lot of intense training. Editing a corporate video or an animated explainer video is different from editing live-action videos.

The post-production process requires more attention from embedding background music to matching the volume with the whole visual event.

An inexperienced explainer video creator might deliver a final cut that can’t really explain your products that well. Most importantly, they will not be able to differentiate a commercial from an explainer. Brands make commercials to hype up viewers for their products through advertising on tv or billboard — they make explainer videos for proper online marketing.

Why Breadnbeyond?

Breadnbeyond has been working on over 2,000 corporate video projects for various products and services, but surely there are studios that have more experience than us.

If you find any explainer production companies that meet the criteria above, make a list of them. Then choose one that you think works the best for you or a company with a high number of portfolios you like most.

The hardest part of starting an explainer video project is choosing the talent who will make it. It’s the toughest process of all the stages of creating an explainer video — the rest is rather easy for you.

Going straight to big corporate production houses, high-end marketing agencies, or top professional animators might be a good option to speed things up. Their technology and workflow are supposedly seamless. But as crazy as it may sound, it’s highly possible that their video-style productions aren’t really what you want. For all you know, new and small companies might offer what you desperately need for a great bargain.

Watch some of the explainer videos on the web to start collecting ideas as to what styles you think will work for your company. A 2d animation and graphics? 3d animation? Whiteboard? Motion graphic? Don’t rush this selection.

Infographic: Choosing The Best Explainer Video Production

Remember, an effective explainer video is what suits your company and its customer persona as well as is capable of delivering your message to them. To choose the best video production company, ask this question: “Can they bring your brilliant idea to life and present it to the market in an extraordinary manner?”

If the animation studios of your choice already meet those criteria above, I am pretty sure that their design works will satisfy you and increase your sales. If you already know a production house that you trust, contact them immediately to see what they’ve got to offer.

Below is the complete insider’s guide to choosing the best explainer video production company. The embed code for this infographic can be found at the bottom of this page.

Explainer Video Production Company Infographic

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