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Can 90-Second Explainer Videos Effectively Sell?

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Can 90-Second Explainer Videos Effectively Sell?

Explainer videos are commonly used by companies to quickly and easily reach out to their audience when telling their stories, what they do, and what their business is all about. This type of method has been so effective that it has now become a standard for companies to use.

If your company wants to join in and create videos to promote your business, too, you might ask, “How long should our video be for it to stand out?”

The average human attention span has alarmingly changed throughout the years. From 12 seconds to 8 seconds- it is now shorter than the average attention span of a goldfish. Because of this, video marketing has been evolving and shifting to cater to our needs.

So, the question now lies in the length of explainer videos.  How long should it be for it to effectively sell and reach out across audiences? There have been many debates over which explainer video length is better. Read on as we discuss and help guide you to make a better decision.

Why 90 Seconds?

When it comes to creating an explainer video for your new product or service, a 90-second explainer video will suit you best.

You may ask why when there are shorter explainer videos out there that do it for less than 90 seconds. The reason for this is you are not just trying to sell your product or service to your audience, you’re also trying to gain their trust.

The critical point in creating an explainer video for your product or service is to connect to your audience. You start by showing your audience a common problem or a standard dilemma in an industry your company specializes in. This creates trust between your brand and your audience.

Video Length Vs. Audience Engagement

Human attention span is not only a reference to determine a video’s length, but it also plays a significant role in the industry of video marketing, too.

According to Wistia, the average video length should be no more than 2 minutes. Anything more than that and the audience loses engagement with your video. This could be one of the reasons why Ahrefs and Zendesk have such successful explainer videos.

Keys to Making your Videos Effective

Making your videos effective doesn’t merely rely on its length. Here are key elements on how you can make your explainer videos compelling.

It’s All About the Story

A key to making your audience interested throughout your video is making sure your story is well-written. Try to research more on how to write a story that sends a unique message and gets your audience hooked on the spot. If you don’t know where to begin, look at your competitors and start from there.

Remember to order your story properly. Keep it simple and refrain from using jargon that wouldn’t make sense to your audience.  It’s essential that you find the right tone and, whenever appropriate, try to use humor in your video.

Plan the Visuals and Voice-Over

One concept that companies assume is animated visuals and storytelling work in a combined manner. Although this is true, the precise relationship between these two is that they work as companions. One simply cannot work without the other.

Animated visuals will illustrate the story you need, but to make an exceptional video, you will need the overall tone of the story. A poorly-written text will create a lackluster of a video.

When it comes to selecting the right voice-over talent, you can’t choose solely on who has the most glowing reviews or the most experience in their industry. Find the right balance on how they can complement your story and still hold the attention of your audience without sounding too salesy.

Plan for the Video Launch

You have a compelling story and an animated video that makes your test audience want to share it with their contacts. You may think you’re all set, but one aspect of creating an effective video is to plan how you launch it.

This is where marketing comes into play. You can’t just post your video and expect the numbers to start coming in. There’s a specific day in a week and time in a day when you can gain the highest number of views for your video. Do proper research in your industry and learn from there.

Once you have your video launched, share it on social media, create an email blast or post it on your website to get as much exposure as possible. A well thought out plan with proper research will gain you better benefits in the future.

Hitting the Sweet Spot

In the end, what matters in creating an effective video is being able to convey the most valuable information in the shortest amount of time. Hitting your audiences’ ‘sweet spot’, as they say, is the most vital component to any video.

Paying attention to your users’ retention rate is key in creating an effective video. The length of your video should match the attention span of your target audience. This way, you get the chance to deliver valuable information while enabling your audience to retain most of it.

If your video length goes beyond your audiences’ attention span, the worst-case scenario would be your audience entirely abandoning your video. They won’t be able to see or click through your call-to-action at the end and user engagement will have completely failed.

Here at Breadnbeyond, an effective video isn’t limited to 90 seconds. We can also create 60-second videos that gain just as many results. Don’t hastily create a video just because everyone else is launching theirs and you need to keep up with the trends. Remember that an explainer video should embody your brand and your company’s values.


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