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Keep Your Video Short and Focused!

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Keep Your Video Short and Focused!

When you are thinking about the explainer video you want to create, your explainer video’s duration is an essential factor that you should consider. Most explainer videos are between 45-90 long. Less than 45 seconds won’t be enough time to get your point across, and any longer than 90 seconds can bore your audience.

Potential customers are watching your video while asking themselves, “Can you solve my problem?

Making this video short is the only thing that matters. You need to have a video to answer this question.

That’s why the most important thing about your explainer video is its power to make your audience stay and watch until the end of the video, read your call to action, and buy your product or service.

Here are a couple of things that you should know about keeping your explainer video sharp and concise.

Carry a Single Amplified Message

Whether you want to introduce your business, explain an idea, or show how your product works – you should include a single statement in your explainer video, with everything in it built to amplify its effect. Don’t even try to cover 20 things in a 60-second video. People will quickly get bored and forget your message. If your video covers only one important message, it is easier for viewers to understand and subconsciously memorize.

Create a Short Story

Always be concise when presenting the main idea of your company’s value. Most explainer videos offer a problem and how a startup can solve it with its product or service. Your video can follow this formula, but it is always better to consult with an expert animator to ensure that you get great advice that meets your expectations.

Breadnbeyond is always eager to help you find what you need to present in your explainer videos. We will assist you in creating a marketing message which accurately targets your potential customers.

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