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Need Help With Your Youtube Channel?

There are tons of essentials you need to pay attention to start a YouTube channel.

From creating eye-catching thumbnails to providing high-quality content, you can undoubtedly attract more and more viewers to visit your channel.

However, there’s one of the most often overlooked YouTube channel essentials that’s often overlooked at: animated intro and outro for the videos.

Adding a captivating, unique intro (and outro) clip in your YouTube videos can recall your personal brand, making it easier for viewers to be reminded of your channel.

That’s how you get more eyeballs and turn them into your subscribers.

A Quick Introduction to Breadnbeyond

Breadnbeyond has been around for more than a decade, creating high-converting animated explainer videos.

Specializing in creating and producing animations, Breadnbeyond are heavily focusing on quality in both storyline and design.

With an experienced team and all the in-house knowledge to bring ideas to life, you can rely on Breadnbeyond to grow your YouTube channel and pull more viewers in, with the help of a catchy animated YouTube intro for your videos.

From simple to more professional ones, we're ready to help you make your videos and stand out from the crowd.

Yes, we need your help and expertise!

Want a Professional Looking YouTube Channel?

Watch video of Singular
Watch video of Vero

"Why do I need these kinds of intro clips?"

A YouTube intro clip like those two above is a showcase to your brand, as well as a solid icebreaker for the viewers before they’re deep in to the video.

It's necessary since they're currently bombarded by too much information at the same time just before they click on your video.

It sets the tone and level of professionalism, especially for every new visitor, as well as a very powerful visual reminder to your Youtube Channel.

Okay, I’m In. What's Next?

It's not an easy work, but we're here to help you.

There is a bunch of software that can assist you in creating your own intro or outro clip. But is it really cheaper?

Let’s dive in.

Let’s say a free subscription to a DIY software may provide you with free basic features and templates. Obviously, those aren't enough to create a professional-looking animated intro.

Then, you decided to spend $79 a month for the premium version, and get more features, so you don't create boring and dull-looking clips.

Now, you have to spend hours (or even days, if you often procrastinated) to get used to the software and develop your design skills. How much does that really cost you?

Is it really cheaper?

It cost you only $200 to get an animated introduction from Breadnbeyond.

With our expertise, you’ll get this done in less than a week. A professional touch on the appearance, and definitely less hassle.

This is exactly why you need to invest in a professional animation team.

Here's What You Can Do to Get Started:

Before you get the ball rolling, there are some things you need to prepare to make it work:

Establish Brand Identity

Whenever viewers interact with your brand, they involuntarily memorize and recall some of its elements. These are usually the repetitive and consistent ones, such as the logo, brand's name, jargon, the brand's visual style, unique voice, and main color scheme. That's why it's essential to establish your brand identity before deciding to create a customized intro clip.

A Defined Target Audience

Defining your target viewers and subscribers makes it much easier for you to choose the concept of your intro or outro clips. For example, if you want to appeal to pre-teens or young adults, it's better to create a colorful intro with cute animated characters-- than those formal style ones.

Yes, we need your help and expertise!


Make sure you are ready to stay consistent with the intro and outro you're going to create. By showing up consistently, it helps build positive expectations from your brand. This naturally translates to trust in due course of time to form a solid subscriber base.

Understand the Goals

To create a high-performing intro and outro, you also need to understand the goals. Ask yourself: what they're created for? A professional and experienced animation team usually help you to narrow down those goals into more specific ones. So the intro and outro can bring you better results.

Sounds easy! Let's do this!

How Much Does It Cost For a Consultation and Creating Youtube Intro and Outro?

We are ready to help you create a tailor-made intro and outro clips for your YouTube videos from scratch.

Let Breadnbeyond takes care of every step of production, from the concept design to background music.

Whether it comes to object-oriented 2D animation, 3D animation, or even live-action & animation combined, we have all the in-house knowledge.

Sounds easy! Let's do this!

Let Us Help Your Youtube Channel Grow.

Adding a well-crafted intro and outro to your YouTube videos can easily build a consistent brand your fans will recognize. Create YouTube intros with Breadnbeyond today and get ready to rise above your intro-less competition.