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6 Benefits of Using Explainer Videos in the Healthcare Industry

Originally published July 16, 2020  ·  Updated January 31, 2024
6 Benefits of Using Explainer Videos in the Healthcare Industry

Explainer videos have now become a staple tool in most savvy business marketing campaigns from various industries. 

The healthcare industry is no exception. 

If you’re a healthcare provider, you surely need to crystallize your message and cut through all the noise that’s out there these days. 

This post will take you on a quick walkthrough of how the healthcare industry benefits from using explainer videos. 

Let’s dive in!

1. Increases Engagement

One of the most apparent advantages of explainer videos for your healthcare business is to increase engagement.

Explainer videos can help you form a personal connection and establish a stable relationship with your viewers. 

Take a look at the example we created for ClearlyDerm below:

The video above shows that the slick, lively, and top-quality animation characters help you focus on the content of the video.

The narrative-driven story is also an effective way of highlighting the viewers’ pain points, making it more relatable.

2. Clarifies Complex Concepts

Explainer videos are designed to transform the complexity of your healthcare business into clarity while telling your story in a concise and captivating way. 

And most of the time, explainer videos use animation to make the explanation even more understandable. 

Here’s an excellent example from AmTrust :

The fine-tuned script makes it easier for the viewers to understand the content, and the motion graphic animation helps with holding their attention.

3. Closes The Gap With the General Public

The healthcare industry is such a crowded market where companies are constantly competing to get viewers’ attention and convert them. 

In this situation, explainer videos won’t only be able to differentiate your brand from others but also craft a distinct sense of personality within your content. 

Here are some popular ways explainer videos close the gap with the general public:

Demonstrating New Ideas

The combination of high-quality audio and highly-engaging visuals helps the viewers to retain crucial information quickly, so they get a solid grasp of the idea you present to them.

Below is the example from HealMate:

With a little touch of 3D elements, the video offers engaging visuals to help the viewers better understand the service it provides.

Educating the Public

With explainer videos, even the most complicated topics can be broken down into smaller chunks, making them a thousand times easier for the viewers to digest.  

That’s what makes an explainer video an excellent tool to educate your viewers about your healthcare business.

The video from Luxe Herbal below shows how the cartoon characters can make the video very light and enjoyable:

Introducing New Services

A well-crafted explainer video provides the viewers with information that is beneficial and informative to your viewers in a visually appealing way that plain, stale text-based content can’t.

Therefore, explainer videos are one of the handiest methods when it comes to introducing a new service.

It helps even the viewers that aren’t familiar with your brand before to know more about you.

Through explainer videos, you can show how your service works to a broader audience.

This comes in handy for healthcare providers who need to reach audiences of all ages–  kids, teens, and even adults. 

Look how Finalytics and AccessMD have nailed the introduction of their new services using the explainer videos below:



4. Efficiently Markets Services

Another excellent quality of explainer video for your healthcare business is its highly-shareability. 

You can share them across your digital channels to expand your reach, drive more website traffic, and get maximum exposure.

In turn, it can lead to efficient overall marketing results.

To Patients

A convincing explainer video can help you appeal to patients by giving them concise, straightforward solutions that can solve their problems.

AmTrust Claim shows you the rope with this well-crafted explainer video below:

To Investors

Medical explainer videos play a significant role in trust-building with investors.

It can show the investors why they should care about a specific medical project or service, giving them a valid reason to be a part of it. 

Have a look at this stunning explainer video from CNBio:

To Medical Professionals

Explainer videos can be a great medium to pitch new services or medical equipment to medical professionals.

These astounding explainer videos below can give you an idea:

  • Chartered Scientific
  • Twiage
  • Recovery Rehabs

5. Conveniently Educates Broad Scopes

As it says on the tin, explainer videos are the best when it comes to explaining things.

In other words, it can be an effective way to conveniently educate broad scopes of the healthcare industry.

The following methods below show how an explainer video can make it easier for audiences to learn about healthcare products or services.

Explaining a Range of Topics to Students

Explainer videos are typically packed full of information about specific topics without shoving every detail down the viewers’ throats. 

It makes sense it has become a great tool for explaining a range of medical topics to students.

For example, take a look at the explainer video from Telemediclinic Academy below:

Demonstrating Medical Procedures

Animation is the best in its class when it comes to creating environments in a way real-live cameras can’t. 

Therefore, it comes in handy to demonstrate any medical procedures, especially to the patients– helping them prepare for their treatment.

Speeding Up Training

Explainer videos are all about sending crucial messages as concisely as possible, accelerating the medical training process. 

In essence, it sums up your story in the most impactful yet straightforward way that makes the training process about healthcare-related topics.

6. Creates Brand Visibility

With a compelling, high-performing explainer video, you’ll deliver your message in a unique way that drives results for your individual needs– including a strong online presence and more unique website traffic.

The video, in general, is unique content that most search engine crawlers value. Creating an explainer video gives your healthcare business more chances to sit on the top pages of search engine results.

Take a look at this delightfully-crafted explainer video we created for AxS Health:

These kinds of videos will make your healthcare business stand out among the crowd and will eventually make a search engine crawler begin to take notice.

Maintain Consistent Branding

Explainer videos made explaining healthcare easy. The high-quality visuals are far from those intimidating ads which are boring and sometimes convey too much information.

With explainer videos, companies in the healthcare industry can create consistent branding that still connects with the general public and healthcare professionals. 

So, what are you waiting for? Create an explainer video today and get your healthcare business off the ground!

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