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4 Benefits of Creating a Videographic For Your Brand

Originally published May 7, 2020  ·  Updated February 3, 2023
4 Benefits of Creating a Videographic For Your Brand

Do you often feel overwhelmed with all the text-based statistics you have to read to get the information you’re looking for?

Or, do you find it hard to retain all of the unstoppable information that the internet gladly offers to you?

That’s where videographic steps in to make your life much more comfortable.

Videographic has now become one of the most worth considering types of videos that businesses use.

The allure of videographic is quite simple: in this era where the internet is flooded with tons of information, seeing a video that provides concise information in such an elegant, natural way gives meaningful information.

This article will take you on a quick walkthrough of videographic from the basic definition to must-see examples.

Let’s geek out, shall we?

What is a Videographic?

Most people know and call videographic motion graphics, and they’re not wrong at all.

Since videographic is a “marriage” of graphic design, motion animation, and sound, it makes sense that the name “motion graphic” is much more used.

However, videography is effectively used for telling the story by borrowing the concept of videography, illustration, and typography to create a visually rich composition so the viewers can digest the message quickly.

Think of it as a combination between a video and an infographic.

The message in videography can be delivered in some animation styles, like kinetic text, animated images, or both. And it can be in 2D or 3D animation.

Since the latter is too tedious when done manually, you can apply the skills you learned after taking a Python online course to automate the process.

This highly-engaging type of video is a must-use for businesses with a techy explanation for their brand and who want to convey crucial information without overwhelming their customers.

By making the information easier to digest, boosting the website traffic can be achieved pretty much quicker.

Simply put, videographic is a potent marketing tool that can easily engage and appeal to audiences of all ages- from younger to older crowds by offering crucial, statistical information simply and straightforwardly.

How Is It Made?

Just like any other type of video, creating a compelling videographic can be quite tricky as it mostly has a lot of moving parts.

Many elements go into videographic production, from scripting and audio to design and animation.

One thing you should be mindful of is that you have to make sure to deliver crucial information as concisely as possible without abandoning the core message.

To help you out, here are some handy steps to create a stunning videographic:

  • Write a powerful script that tells a story. First thing first, you need to start with an idea through a compelling story to deliver your message. Here, simplicity and clarity are essential.
  • Storyboarding. After deciding what your videographic is all about, the next step is to put it all together in a storyboard. This is where the script and visuals and start to see the final product take shape.
  • Take the storyboard into the design. The next step is translating your storyboards into actual designs. In this step, you need to get the details right, from the style to the color.
  • Bring design to life with animation. The last step is bringing everything together. You need to make sure that animation style, music, and timing, are all well-balanced.

If you’ve done an excellent job and gotten sign-off on each step, you’ll undoubtedly have a compelling videographic you’re proud of.

Different Uses

Considering that videographic is an extremely versatile tool in the creative industries, this type of video can be applied to a range of sectors, from classic design and education to marketing.

Here are some industries that might find videographic a perfect fit for their growth.

  • Original Research

Since videographic are mainly created for delivering crucial information, it can greatly help research sources.

Even the complex information can be simply explained with videographic, making it easier for researchers as they don’t have to deal with heavy, bulky text on articles.

  • Visual Aid for Education

Now that you know videographic is a potent tool to break down complicated, complex ideas, it also relies heavily on accurate data.

So, it’s safe to say that videographic is such an effective medium for educational purposes.

From depicting procedural illustrations to displaying virtual sets that require critical thinking and decision-making skills, videographic seamlessly presents academic content in a fun, engaging way.

  • Storytelling

This is probably one of the main reasons where you can’t afford to miss videographic: its ability to deliver information in a riveting story.

Unlike any other animated videos that mostly use character-driven, cartoony story, videographic focuses on motion animation and mainly relies on kinetic typography or voice-over to deliver the information.

  • Shareable Videos

Another thing that differentiates videographic from other types of animated videos is that it doesn’t need a voice-over or any audio to convey the message- making it incredibly shareable.

You can seamlessly share your videographic on social media (where users mostly play video on mute), your website, landing pages, or any other digital channels. This is a powerful way to drive more website traffics.

  • Content Marketing

If you’ve been dabbling in the video marketing industry for a while, you must’ve noticed that videographic is one of the most must-have videos on marketers’ arsenal.

Videographic is such a useful type of video to build awareness and to call prospective customers to action.

It also has a high chance to go viral as a stimulating and shareable video that will create great word-of-mouth buzz.

Benefits Of a Videographic

With all the benefits I’ve said about videographic above, all the right things just don’t stop there.

Marketers and other people in several industries created videographics not because it’s such a shiny new trend, but because of its tons of perks and benefits.

Here are some reasons why videographics should be in your toolbox for any campaign.

Content Is Easier to Digest and Remember

Videographic is most-well known for its simplicity and elegance. It delivers crucial information as straightforwardly as possible, getting straight to the point.

The captivating yet straightforward motion design helps the audience to stay focused and engaged during the video.

That way, they can digest and retain all the information with a little effort.

Imagine understanding all the messages within just a few minutes with only sit, watch, and listen. Pretty intriguing, isn’t it?

Makes Your Video Standout

Other marketers may rely on stale text-based content, while some others depend on talking head videos for their marketing campaigns. 

They’re great and all, but it has now become old school and outdated. It means that your content has a higher chance of getting lost among the crowd.

Videographic can be a solution to make your video stand out, staying ahead of the game.

With a single video, you can catch your audiences’ attention, captivate, inform, explain, or inspire them.

Increases Shareability

Well, videographic is short and straightforward, making it a perfect medium to share all around your digital channels.

It quickly becomes some of the most viral content when executed well.

Videographics fit in almost digital platforms. It offers the audiences an easy-to-digest valuable content in the most consumable way possible.

The video serves them what they want on a platter and cuts it up into bite-size chunks.

The more video is shared, the higher website traffics you drive.

Effective Storytelling

Your audience loves stories. Especially stories with useful information in it.

Providing a valuable, informative story in your campaigns is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience.

That’s where you need to tap into videographic for the end-to-end solution.

Videographics are built to be engaging, informative, and easy to watch.

The video gives you a massive opportunity to effectively tell your story or message ‘in simple motion’ and offer the audiences a slice of entertainment as well.

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Examples Used by Businesses

To shed some light on what stunning videographics should look like, here are some inspiring examples used by businesses: 

In the example above, you can see how Energy Feeds captivatingly introduces the process of the use of biofuels as a replacement for fossil-based fuel with an enchanting videographic.

The easy-to-listen voice-over makes it easier for the audience to learn faster and retain more. Also, the motion design feeds them the information both visually and aurally.

  • Cosire Graphic Animation

Cosire kept the explanation and the design of its videographic all simple. And it works pretty well. 

The voice-over matches with the visuals, reinforcing an idea you’ve illustrated and giving it more power to keep the audience engaged and retain all the crucial information. It also helps the “flow” and builds excitement.

  • Shell Energy Animated Graphic

As you watch the video above, it just shows that videographics are undoubtedly the solution to make complex information simply explained in under three minutes.

With the help of well-executed videographics, Shell nails the explanation about Energy for the future, which could take pages if you try to put it in a text-based description.

  • Tuned Global Motion Graphics Video

In the videographic above, Tuned Global has done an excellent job of introducing its business with valuable, data-driven narration. 

It doesn’t only provides the audience with useful information, but also improves the business credibility and builds the customers’ trust.

  • Biotraps Motion Graphics Video

Biotraps shows some data to spread awareness about diseases caused by mosquitos and how the company offers a cost-effective solution for it. The short and sweet videographic here makes it easier for the audience to take a solid grasp on what the video is all about.

By providing exciting facts about the power of technology and healthcare industries, Cisco is empowering innovation for healthcare organizations across the globe.

Enhance Your Website Content

Videographic pretty much has the potential for reaching and engaging a broad audience. This highly-performing type of video is also versatile so that you can share it on all your digital channels- from your social network profiles to your website. 

If you can execute it well, you’ll be able to seamlessly reap all the benefits and the limelight you deserve from your video marketing efforts.

You can check out our Motion Graphic Showreel to find some other inspirations for your videographics:

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