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Tokipot.com‘s patented game Live Fantasy is the first interactive fantasy esports in the market. The game offers esports fans a chance to use their knowledge of the game to play alongside professional athletes. Its unique feature allows the participants to pick and edit their lineups during a live match while watching the platform’s streaming.

Explainer Video Script

Do you feel bored just watching pros?

Use your skills and knowledge to win while watching a live match with Tokipot Live Fantasy-World’s first interactive match-level fantasy game, designed to take your fandom to the next level.
Get started in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 Register for a Contest

● Visit Tokipot.com. Select a sports or esports contest under the upcoming section in the lobby.
● Each Contest has a guaranteed prize pool, and gameplay starts when the actual live match begins.
● Submit an Entry to register for the Contest.

Step 2 Your Goal

● Your goal is to gain the highest Points in the Contest using the 100 Resources assigned to you.

Step 3 Gameplay

● Start by watching the performance of the Athletes in the live match.
● Use your Resource to add Athletes to your Roster.
● Gain Points whenever an Athlete in your Roster achieves a Milestone in real-life and unlock more Resource as you gain more Points!
● You can add an Athlete multiple times or remove Athletes from your Roster to maximize your Points.
● Athletes’ costs change with their live performance, so be sure to manage your Roster like a boss.

Finally, check your Rank at the end of the Contest and collect your LOOT!

Welcome to the new age of Fantasy -Tokipot Live Fantasy!