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Yurbi is more than just a software. You get a team of business intelligence and Yurbi experts at no additional cost. Yurbi also has mobile interface friendly for users on the go. You get everything for less cost than any other business intelligence resources.

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If you are responsible for expanding a business, then you need Data Analytics to keep it growing.

But, with everyone going to IT to get data, the department gets stressed and employee workflow becomes disrupted.

Well, now you don’t have to staff up IT, waste time or money to get the fast, targeted Business Intelligence you need.
Introducing Yurbi.

Unlike other services that focus only on one area of data analytics, Yurbi provides a complete set of tools… Dashboards, Report building, Alerts, and a Mobile Interface for users on the go! Plus Yurbi supports embedding and white label options.

And with Yurbi you get more than just software, you get a team of BI and Yurbi experts who become a part of your team, at no additional cost.

Simply stated: You get more for less cost than any other business intelligence resource.

Yurbi is web-based, yet hosted on your servers so there’s no need to copy your data to the Cloud and there’s no coding or programming needed.

Yurbi connects the two biggest assets in your company, the data you have on hand, with the employees who need access to it.
Seeing is believing.

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