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Web Community Creator provides participants with user interface that looks like their favorite social media. Attaching images or videos in Web Community Creator from any device is just a snap.

Web Community Creator also shows the discussion real-time, making it easier to win any job you are proposing to your client.

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Would you like to create online discussions that achieve awesome levels of engagement?

Would you love participants to be super productive, even on mobile devices?

Would you win more jobs if you could show clients a discussion in action before they commit?
We hope so.

Because this means you are going to love Web Community Creator.

Web Community Creator brings your discussions into the social media age.

With Web Community Creator, participants enter their comments in an interface that is as
familiar as their favourite social network.

It’s a snap to add images or videos from any device.

Comments are shown in a comment box that features quick access to likes & dislikes, a photo
set showing multiple images that can be clicked on to view in full size, and a quick reply box
that makes responding to a comment easy.

Notifications immediately highlight replies and moderator comments are shown in a distinct
colour to ensure they are not missed.

Automated Emails ensure participants are notified even when they are not online.

The entire interface is designed to work beautifully on big screens, small screens, tablets, and

Your clients are going to love Web Community Creator as much as you do.

Create discussions for free to demonstrate to your clients as part of a proposal.

Show the discussion in action, making it much easier to win the job, while helping to ensure
you give them exactly what they are after.

In fact, everything is free except for the period of time that the discussion is open to real

Analysis is quick an easy through the use of word clouds, text highlighting, tagging and

The discussion transcript can be exported to Excel or Word, in a high quality client-ready

And if you just want to grab images, they can be exported in high resolution, and categorized
by topic and participant.

This is just a glimpse of the future… to see more, get your free account for Web Community
Creator today.