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Explainer video script:

Hey, meet Luke. See Luke’s enormous over-exaggerated toothy grin? That’s because Luke’s finally got his web on with Web Africa.

Before Luke discovered Web Africa’s nifty all-in-one website design service, two things had kept his site off the web and on his to-do list. Time and money.

That all changed two short weeks ago.

Today, his one-of-a-kind website is live and already bringing in new customers. And the best part about it is that for a monthly fee of just R399, Web Africa’s team of trusty web-makers design, host and manage Luke’s site for him and even report back to him on how his site is performing.

Luke loved the personal attention he got from the Web Africa design team, the wide selection of design options available and the fact that the end result looked great and worked perfectly, first time.

Luke’s site sports an easy to use content management system that allows him to update his products, prices and other text and images quickly and easily from wherever he finds himself.

What got Luke really excited though, was Web Africa’s all-inclusive monthly service: a free domain, web hosting, reporting, monthly content updates and personal email accounts are all part of the deal. And the monthly subscription even includes an annual design refresh so Luke’s site always looks current.

Luke’s new site is optimized for search engines like Google and he got a free Google Adwords voucher so his site appears at the top of the search results.

Needless to say, Luke’s friends are impressed, his competitors are not and business is booming.

Luke’s wife, Sarah, was so inspired that she’s also getting her web on and using Web Africa’s game-changing website design service to set up her baking blog.

Now it’s your turn to join Luke, Sarah and other smart Web Africans. Get your web on from just R399 a month. No contracts and no hidden costs.

Whether you’re just looking to post selfies to yourname.com or to build an online empire, discover just how easy and affordable your new website can be at webafrica.com.