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Getting views for your online videos is not an easy task, and waach is the tool that makes it easier.

With its one-stop analytics data, waach lets you know how your videos perform on across different platforms.

Explainer Video Script

What are you watching right now?

A video.

As are millions of other people – especially millennials.

But, getting people to watch your videos has become complex.

They watch videos on the go, at home, at work, wherever.

Even on social and messaging platforms.

Have you wished for an easier way to get your videos in front of all these people and build loyalty?

Introducing waach!

A one-stop online video management solution that helps you upload, publish, share and track your videos on multiple online video platforms and social networks.

Just one click publishes your videos to the most popular online video platforms and reaches millions of viewers.
Want to build your social following? Waach lets you share videos on social media networks and manage comments, keeping your finger on the pulse.

Want to find out how your videos are performing?

Instead of wasting time figuring out how each platform processes & displays its analytics

Let Waach do the hard work for you! Analytics are consolidated across all video platforms and social networks in a simple, easy-to-understand interface so you’ll have all the insights you need to optimise your videos.

Best of all, Waach brings all of these features and more into a single easy-to-use platform so you can concentrate on producing videos that engage

Waach… give your videos maximum reach with minimum effort.