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Selling is easier done when you are face-to-face with your potential buyers. VidMail brings around the good ol’ fashioned selling method that makes your relationship with buyers more personal by sending them sales email, but with a video of you.

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For most of you selling a product or service, you achieve better results when you are face to face. With all the technology in today’s society, it’s making the selling process less and less personal.

VidMail brings your personality back into the sales process, whether you are following up a new sales prospect, or just confirming an appointment.

Seeing you in person gains trust, and builds a stronger business relationship with your clients.

Recording simple videos with VidMail is easy. Either on your desktop, tablet or smart phone, or by using your existing CRM to tap into our API. Our animated previews will make you stand out, as they will see your face in their crowded inbox.

When sending through VidMail, your video is not an attachment, so your video will actually be delivered. With our tracking software, you will be able to see who opened your VidMail, and also most importantly, who watched it.

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