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UtilityScore provides you with an accurate estimation of your utility costs and ownership costs to help you manage your income and outcome.

UtilityScore also helps you to find the most efficient and top rated model product with the best rebate around you.

Explainer Video Script

Meet Dave, over the course of his life, he will spend 250 thousand dollars on utility bills. Fortunately, UtilityScore is here to help him make smart purchase decisions in real estate and home improvement.

Dave first starts paying utility bills after he graduates college, and for his first apartment, he turns to UtilityScore to estimate his monthly costs so he can stay within budget.

Later on, Dave marries Cindy, and they decide to buy their first home. As they start house hunting, they find a real estate agent and use UtilityScore to determine the true monthly cost of home ownership.

Soon, with a new baby on the way, Dave and Cindy realize they’ll need a new washing machine. UtilityScore shows them efficient, top-rated models and finds local rebates and incentives for their new product.

Life is full of surprises. Dave and Cindy are having twins and will need more room.

UtilityScore connects Dave and Cindy with rebates, clean energy financing options, and a trusted professional for their home improvement project.

As the years pass, with their children grown, Dave and Cindy buy a condo. Once again, UtilityScore helps them budget for their real estate purchase.

To build lasting relationship with customers like Dave and Cindy, put UtilityScore to work for your business.


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    Craig Rees
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    Ramin Parsi, Bid Boldly
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    Katie F
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    Kris Gordon, Mobiz Inc.
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    Todd Matia

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