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UNXBD is a personalized product recommendations. Providing your visitors a unique shopping experience that leads to greater customer engagement and conversions, it helps you create and deploy recommendation using widgets that eliminate the needs for IT support.

Explainer video script:

As an ecommerce site owner, are you worried about
Helping customers discover your products?
Stopping visitors from leaving your site?
And converting the ones that stay?

There is a way you can do it all – Introducing Unbxd’s Personalized Product Recommendations!

Unbxd gives your visitors a unique shopping experience that leads to greater
Customer Engagement and Conversions.
Take Myra, a visitor on your site.

Unbxd tracks what Myra does in real time, like the products she views, the searches she performs, and what she purchases.
Based on this data we create a profile for Myra.
She then sees cross-sell & up-sell recommendations as she browses your site, helping her find products she’ll love.

Unbxd Product Recommendations come with a powerful dashboard to help you create and deploy recommendation widgets without any IT support!
It includes merchandizing control – helping you create business rules to optimize your widget’s performance.

And in-depth analytics to measure performance in real-time and slice data by category, brand, location and more.

So engage your visitors and increase ROI with UNXBD Product Recommendations!
Create Experiences with Unbxd.