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TrueMeals help busy people to stay healthy with their food by providing them with information about nearest home-cooked meal. Each of them have been rated by the locals so they know what to expect.

Visit TrueMeals, and start eating better today!

Explainer Video Script

This is Ellen.

Like most of us, she’s busy with a career and raising a family, and she doesn’t have time to make home cooked meals.

But everyone’s tired of fast food, and frozen entrees doesn’t have the nutritional value Ellen knows her family should have.

And, just as bad, she and her family were gaining weight!

Ellen wished there was a way she could offer her family freshly made meals.

Well, Ellen got here wish when she found out about… TRUE MEALS!

“True Meals provides fresh, healthy meals that are locally prepared to help you achieve your diet and fitness goals. Whilst saving you time and energy.”

Simply go to truemeals.com, enter your location, and browse meal prep providers near you. All providers have been rated by your neighbors, so you know what to expect.

Place your order by the day, week, or month, have it delivered or pick it up, and never experience eating tasteless, non-nutritious food again.”

Ellen became part of a healthier community.

And you can too… getting fit and eating healthier… together.

“Visit TrueMeals, and start eating better today!”