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Tribr allows you to plan, schedule, and manage group activities in one app! Best of all, your friends don’t have to download Tribr to receive the invitations you send them.

With Tribr, you can send detailed invitation, arrange group payment, share pictures from the event, and make a lists of events you want to attend together in minutes!

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Explainer Video Script

Love spending time with your friends?

Like watching the big game or playing sports, catching a concert, taking a weekend trip, or simply sharing a great meal?

These are some of the most enjoyable experiences of our lives.

But making these activities actually happen? Not so enjoyable.

Trying to get everyone to agree on a date and time, or tracking shared expenses and getting paid back, or just collecting all the event pictures in one private album, just to name a few!

Coordinating an event with friends is complex, time consuming, and filled with frustrations from start to finish.

It doesn’t have to be this way!  

tribr is a free app that makes coordinating activities simpler and easier for everyone in your tribe, so you can focus on making more memorable moments and less on the logistics.   

And your friends don’t even have to download the app or sign up!  

tribr is the one app that makes any activity with friends better.

Download tribr now and start having more fun with less hassles!